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Introduction of Alumni Center

The Alumni Center of School of Management, Fudan University was established in 2002. The center’s philosophy is "FDSM, the big family" and has been offering platform between the alumni, the School, and the society ever since. It serves to help the alumni to improve their comprehensive ability, obtain more space to grow.

The Alumni Center stands as a service center accessible to all alumni ofSchoolofManagement. The center has gradually established a complete and safe alumni database during recent years, aiming to facilitate smooth communication between the alumni and the School and provide various services for over 28,000 alumni around the world. The center holds regular activities annually, such as “Alumni Reunion”, “Alumni health run” and “Alumni Dragon Boat Race”, in the hope that more alumni come back to the School. The alumni can talk about the good old days, witness the School’s latest development and feel the close bond between alumni value and School reputation. The Alumni Center also tries its best to facilitate the alumni’s daily communication by using various methods, such as updating exclusive alumni network, sending weekly email and monthly newsletter, providing lifelong learning resources and career development platform as well as holding various types of alumni club activities, salons and building alumni representative offices.

School of Management, Fudan University has always been a place of excellence. Since its rebuilding, it has cultivated tens of thousands of talents and management elites from all walks of life. Their steps have covered every corner of the world, making outstanding contributions to economic development and human progress. They use their wisdom and dedication to win career success, while they still keep their alma mater in mind, and express their strong wish to involve themselves in the future development of the School.

The Alumni Center, a bridge to connect the alumni and the School, is also the most credible platform to enhance the alumni value and their sense of belonging to the School, thus to promote the development of the School in the long term.

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Contact Info of Alumni Center

Address: 504, Li Dasan Building, 670 Guoshun Road (200433)
Tel.: (021) 2501 1367  2501 1369
Fax: (021) 65102346


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