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复旦大学管理学院职业发展中心成立于1999年10月,是中国大陆大学商学院中第一家专职的MBA职业发展中心。2004年,中心更名为“复旦大学管理学院职业发展中心”,服务于所有管理学院在读的学生,包括本科、研究生、博士生和MBA学生等。 通过提供高质的服务和资源,中心旨在使学生明确自己的职业发展方向,提高求职技巧和职业竞争力。同时,中心也致力于为招聘企业提供多样化的招聘服务,使企业的招聘更有效的进行。中心也通过建立各种渠道来加强学生与企业间的交流与沟通。

The Career Development Office (CDO), founded in October of 1999, is among the first in China mainland’s universities to be dedicated to career development services for MBA students. In 2004, it was renamed as “Career Development Office in School of Management at Fudan University,” purposed to expand its services to cover all students from bachelors to PhD students, and MBA students as well. CDO is committed to providing quality services and abundant resources to students, enabling them to realize their career vision, enhance their career competitiveness and improve their job-seeking skills. Meanwhile, CDO strives to provide multiple levels of recruitment services which have facilitated employers in making their recruiting process easier and more efficiently. To do the above, CDO has employed various methods to foster the exchanges and communications between students and their employers in prospect.


Career Development Office, School of Management, Fudan University
Tel:+86-21-25011000-4090 Fax:(8621)-55664762
Add: Room 701, Li Dasan Building, 670 Guoshun Road (200433)