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SU Dongshui,
Professor, supervisor for Ph.D. candidates in Department of Industrial Economics, also entitled Fudan University's Chief Professor. Previously a Xiamen University graduate. As founder of Oriental Management theory, Professor SU is one of the forerunners in domestic academic research fields of Oriental Management, Labor Science and Managerial Psychology.
Fully dedicated to his field of teaching and research for many years, Professor SU has excelled in his area and achieved much success, including dozens of top prizes awarded by the international academic circle as well as state-level and provincial-level awards. He has written more than 80 academic works which are an outstanding contribution to research fields of Management, Economics and Psychology. In 1999, he established the Oriental Management Research Center of Fudan University, and joined hands with academic elites both home and abroad to carry out research in oriental management philosophy, so as to create a specialized research field of oriental management.

LI Ruoshan
Professor, supervisor for Ph.D. candidates in Department of Finance. A Xiamen University graduate with a Ph.D. degree. He focuses on accounting and auditing theories in his research. He is also China's first Ph.D. degree holder in auditing.
Professor LI nicknames himself a "teacher man," spending many years telling of the responsibility and true meaning of being a teacher. "It is hard to make clear the abstract knowledge, it is harder to speak the knowledge with ease, and it is hardest to explain why it is knowledge." Hard as it is, Professor LI claims it is what he exactly wants to pursue. "To teach a class is like acting and drama on stage, I intend to magnify my behavior in the class, like I am dancing, in order to leave my students sensationally engaged with the skills and knowledge they have been learning."

RUI Mingjie
Professor, supervisor for Ph.D. candidates in Department of Industrial Economics. A Fudan University graduate with a Ph.D. degree. He focuses on business management theory and innovation, business development and strategy, industry and business development in his research.
As an academic pioneer of nationally key discipline of Industrial Economics, Professor RUI, like his team members, is dedicated to climbing to new heights in academic research, which not only conform to global trends but herald the achievements in the research field.
"You have to discover something unique in the research context, and have your own approaches, methodologies and theories to support the research. It is an advantage if you are publicly recognized. It seems difficult now for researchers to discover their own specialties in different disciplines. Seemingly similar are the ways we are doing research compared with others. The fact remains that it is an extensive research scale, and we should be aware of the particular areas in which we are able to be successful, and then, teach your skills to others.”

Professor HUANG is a supervisor for Ph.D. candidates in Department of Information Management and Information Systems. A Fudan University graduate with a Ph.D. degree, she focuses on e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, and business process re-engineering.
As evidence of going ‘beyond her call of duty’, Dr. HUANG was promoted to associate professor at 31 years of age and professor three years later. Recently becoming a supervisor for Ph.D. candidates in 2001, she is the youngest of her kind among all at the Fudan University faculty. She said that all her achievements are deeply rooted in individual diligence. "I'm only one step ahead of others, and my diligent work has made me like today."
"I take up teaching as my career, and I engage myself in scientific research as my obligation." She repeatedly calls for persistent involvements in down-to-earth practice. "Attach importance to practice, closely watch academic developments, and never stop thinking.”

LV Changjiang
Professor, supervisor for Ph.D. candidates in Department of Accounting. A Jilin University graduate with a Ph.D. degree. He focuses on accounting and capital market, managerial accounting.
Professor LV is chair of Department of Accounting, associate editor-in-chief of China Accounting Review, and member of experts' group of China Accounting Standards Committee under the Ministry of Finance of China. "You never succeed without persistence," he said. "The further the economy develops, the more important accounting becomes." As the Chinese economy is on the fast track of development, accounting is playing an increasingly crucial role in helping to calculate this economic growth.

XUE Qiuzhi
Professor, supervisor for Ph.D. candidates in Department of Business Administration. A graduate from l'Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, with a Ph.D. degree. Professor Qiuzhi focuses on corporate international management, management in multinational companies, and transformation in large-sized companies in his research.
Professor XUE, who identifies himself with "patriotic" sentiment, chose to settle in Fudan University upon returning from overseas study on China’s expansion. He has skillfully applied theories and practice of economics into management research projects. "Mix local features with alien features, Chinese with Western, adapt both upwards and downwards and merge diverse cultural pursuits with a specialized research focus."
With this identity, he has claimed success in his field of academic research.

FAN Longzhen
Professor, supervisor for master-level students in Department of Finance. A Huazhong University of Science and Technology graduate with a Ph.D. degree. He focuses on fixed income securities, asset pricing theory, and empirical study of capital markets.
As a typical Fudan Ren, Professor Fan impresses people around him with a sincere scholarly attitude and an earnest teaching manner. He proudly represents the Fudan University's school motto:

“With your goals clearly in mind, become rich in knowledge and broaden your perspectives. Always question the truth for yourself and you will continue to grow, develop and learn.”

"If you want to do academic research, firstly you should aim high; secondly, you should explore every corner of your potential and thirdly, you should remain interested. If you lose interest you are likely to fall short of your potential. Whilst teaching, Professor Fan demands high standards for his students. "The basic finance knowledge, especially basic theories and methods, should be mixed up with China's market reality before being delivered to our students.”

As an Associate Professor in Department of Management Science, professor DAI Graduated from North Carolina State University, USA, with a Ph.D. degree. She focuses on supply chain management, yield management, logistics management, game theory, and inventory control in her research.
As one of the youngest faculty staff in the School of Management who returned home from overseas study, Prof. DAI is embraced with outstanding Chinese values in both teaching and academic research, that is, diligence, carefulness, and persistence. "Others might say that an academic researcher is the one who is diligent and intelligent. But it is not all, and one should be ready for hardships to emerge in research." "If I weren't full of enthusiasm and interest in academic research, I can't imagine that I would have chosen such a job, which surprisingly needs so much mental and physical work."