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Sun Jinyun

Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration
Room 417, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, SME Strategy

Educational Background
Ph.D, Business Administration, Fudan University
Master, MBA, Fudan University
Bachelor, silicate, Zhejiang University

Journal Papers
1. Stephanie Lu Wang, Yadong Luo, Xiongwen Lu, Jinyun Sun, and Vladislav Maksimov2014Autonomy delegation to foreign subsidiaries: An enabling mechanism for emerging-market multinationalsJournal of International Business Studies 45(2) 111-130 
2. Yadong Luo, Jinyun Sun, and Stephanie Lu Wang2011Comparative strategic management: An emergent field in international managementJournal of International Management 17(3) 190-200 
3. Yadong Luo, Jinyun Sun and Stephanie Lu Wang2011Emerging economy copycats: Capability, environment, and strategyAcademy of Management Perspectives 25(2) 37-56 
4. Yadong Luo and Jinyun Sun2013A new perspective of Chinese corporate strategy: The concept, content and approaches of composition-based viewManagement World (10) 106-117(in Chinese) 
5. Sun, Jinyun2011Research on entrepreneurial orientation, absorptive capacity and performance: From the perspective of innovativeEconomic Management 33(Z2) 344-347(in Chinese) 
6. Sun, Jinyun2011Ambidexterity paradigm: A new perspective of corporate strategyChinese Journal of Management 8(4) 524-530(in Chinese) 
7. Lu, Xiongwen and Jinyun Sun2011A study on core competence and innovation path: From the perspective of emerging economyEconomic Theory and Economic Management (4) 64-71(in Chinese) 
8. Lu, Xiongwen and Jinyun Sun2009A literature review on firm performance measureEconomic Management Journal 31(Z1) 264-268(in Chinese) 

Academic Works
Yu, Yihong, Jinyun Sun, Kemin Wang, Ming Zheng, and Pei Sun. 2013. The Growth Report of Small and Medium Enterprises in Yangtze Delta 2008-2010. Gezhi Press, Shanghai.  (in Chinese)

Research Projects
2014.05—2014.09, Principal Investigator, The Research of Incentive and Compensate System, Shanghai City Investment and Real Estate Group
2013.08—2013.09, Principal Investigator, The Research of Influence from Multi-load in AC to Intelligent Configuration in Grid, National Grid Company
2013.08—2013.09, Principal Investigator, The Research of Private Economy Development in DongGuan ——Garment Industry, DongGuan Small and Medium Size Enterprises Management Bureau
2013.08—2013.08, Principal Investigator, The Research of Small and Medium Size Enterprises Evaluation System in DongGuan, DongGuan Small and Medium Size Enterprises Management Bureau

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