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Hu Qiying

Department of Management Science
Room 516, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Supply Chain Management and Revenue Management, Auction and Online Auction, Dynamic Decision Making and Control, Portfolio and Risk Management

Educational Background
Ph.D, Systems Engineering, Konan University, Japan
Master, Applied Mathematics, Xidian University
Bachelor, Mathematics, Hangzhou University

Academic Background
2008.01--2008.02, Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
2006.12--2007.03, Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, HK
2005.01--2005.02, Visiting Scholar, Konan University, Japan
2004.11--2005.01, Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, HK
2004.07--2004.09, Visiting Scholar, Konan University, Japan
2004.01--2004.02, Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, HK
2003.08--2003.11, Visiting Scholar, Konan University, Japan
2002.04--2002.10, Visiting Professor, City University of Hong Kong, HK
2001.08--2001.08, Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, HK
2000.11--2000.12, Visiting Scholar, City University of Hong Kong, HK
2000.04--2000.04, Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, HK
1998.08--1998.09, Senior Research Fellow, City University of Hong Kong, HK

Awards on Research
1999.01, Ministry of Education Ministry of Education Award for Science and Technology, Third Prize Ministry of Education
1998.03, Shanxi Award for Science and Technology, Second Prize Shanxi Province Government

Title of Honour
2001.01, The State Council Special Allowance, State Council

Journal Papers
1. Yannan Jin, Qiying Hu, Sang Won Kim, and Sean X. Zhou2019Supplier development and integration in competitive supply chainsProduction and Operations Management 28(5) 1256-1271 
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Conference Proceedings
1. Jing Hu and Qiying Hu2017Contract type of complementary product and service with quantity decisionsInternational Conference on Service Systems & Service Management Dalian, China 1-6 

Academic Works
Qiying Hu. 2016. Supply Chain Management and Business Model: Analysis and Design. Tsinghua University Press, Beijing.  (in Chinese)
Qiying Hu,WUYI YUE. 2008. Markov Decision Processes with Their Applications. Springer, USA.  
Qiying Hu, Jianyong Liu. 2000. An Introduction to Markov Decision Processes. Press of Xidian University, Xi'an.  (in Chinese)
Guohua Xu, Qiying Hu. 1996. Supervisory Control for Discrete Event Dynamic Systems. Henan Press of Science & Technology, Zheng Zhou.  (in Chinese)

Translated Works
Putting Auction theory to Work, Putting Auction theory to Work, Beijing, Press of Tsinghua University , 2006.07 (in Chinese)
Qiying Hu, Rong Du, Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations, Beijing, Press of Mechanical Industry, 2002.07 (in Chinese)

Teaching Materials, etc.
Qiying Hu and Yongcai Mao. 2017. Stochastic Processes (Second Edition). Xidian University Press, Xi An(in Chinese)
Hua Li and Qiying Hu. 2012. Forecasting and Decision Making. China Machine Press, Beijing(in Chinese)
Qiying Hu. 2012. Stochastic Operations Research. Tsinghua University Press, Beijing(in Chinese)
Zehui Ge, Zhiqing Meng and Qiying Hu. 2011. Coopetition---Mathematical Models and Supply Chain Management. Science Press, Beijing(in Chinese)
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LI Hua, HU Qiying. 2005. Forecasting and Decision. Press of Xidian University, Xi'an(in Chinese)
XU Yu, HU Qiying. 2001. Operations Research. Shanxi People's Publishing House, Xi'an(in Chinese)
MAO Yongcai, HU Qiying. 1998. Stochastic Processes. Press of Xidian University, Xi'an(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2017.01—2020.12, Principal Investigator, A Study on Supply Chain Management for Smart Products, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2013.01—2016.12, Principal Investigator, R&D Collaboration in Supply Chains, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2010.01—2012.12, Principal Investigator, A Study on Revenue Management with Multi-Period and Supply Chain, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2006.01—2008.12, Principal Investigator, Studies on Some Problems in Revenue Management, Fudan University
2003.01—2005.12, Principal Investigator, Studies on Some Problems in Stochastic Dynamic Decision Making, Xidian University
2000.01—2002.12, Principal Investigator, State Feedback Control for Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Xidian University

Academic Posts
2009.01—2013.12, Regional Editor China, International Journal of Revenue Management
2007.06—2011.06, Member of the Board of Directors, Chinese Society of Decision Sciences, China

Academic Conferences
2009.09—2009.09 The Eighth International Symposium on Operations Research and Its Applications, Zhangjiajie

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