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Sun Pei

Department of Industrial Economics
Room 311, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Corporate Governance, Industrial Organization, Industrial Policy, Strategic Management

Educational Background
Ph.D, Management, University of Cambridge, U.K.
Master, Economics, University of Cambridge, U.K.
Bachelor, International Economics, Peking University

Awards on Research
2018.02, Award of Jiang Yiwei Academic Foundation for Enterprise Reform and Development, Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS
2016.08, CGIO Best Paper in International Corporate Governance, Academy of Management (AOM) International Management Division, the 76th Annual Meeting of AOM, Anaheim, CA
2012.10, Honorable Mention of the Best Conference Paper Prize, 32nd Annual International Conference of Strategic Management Society (SMS)

Awards on Teaching
2012.10, Outstanding MBA Teaching Award for Academic Year 2011-2012, School of Management, Fudan University

Title of Honour
2016.09, Shanghai Shuguang Scolar, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2016.01, Research Exellence Award, School of Management, Fudan University
2011.01, Outstanding Young Faculty Award, School of Management, Fudan University
2010.12, Outstanding Young Faculty Award, School of Management, Fudan University

Journal Papers
1. Helen Wei Hu and Pei Sun2019What Determines the Severity of Tunneling in China?Asia Pacific Journal of Management 36(1) 161–184 
2. Ziliang Deng, Jiayan Yan, and Pei Sun2019Political status and tax haven investment of emerging market firms: Evidence from ChinaJournal of Business Ethics forthcoming 1–20 
3. Pei Sun, Zhe Qu, and Zhixiang Liao2018How and when do subnational institutions matter for R&D investment? Evidence from the Chinese pharmaceutical sectorIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 65(3) 379-391 
4. Pei Sun, Helen W. Hu, and Amy J. Hillman2016The dark side of board political capital: Enabling blockholder rent appropriationAcademy of Management Journal 59(5) 1801-1822 
5. Kamel Mellahi, Jędrzej George Frynas, Pei Sun, and Donald Siegel2016A review of the nonmarket strategy literature: Toward a multi-theoretical integrationJournal of Management 42(1) 143-173 
6. Pei Sun ,Kamel Mellahi ,Mike Wright, and Haoping Xu2015Political tie heterogeneity and the impact of adverse shocks on firm valueJournal of Management Studies 52(8) 1036–1063 
7. Guy S. Liu, John Beirne, and Pei Sun2015The performance impact of firm ownership transformation in China: Mixed ownership vs. fully privatised ownershipJournal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies 13(3) 197-216 
8. Sun, Pei, Kamel Mellahi, and Mike Wright2012The contingent value of corporate political tiesAcademy of Management Perspectives 26(3) 68-82 
9. Sun, Pei, Kamel Mellahi and Guy S. Liu2011Corporate governance failure and contingent political resources in transition economies: A longitudinal case studyAsia Pacific Journal of Management 28(4) 853-879 
10. Sun, Pei, Haoping Xu, and Jian Zhou2011The value of local political capital in transition ChinaEconomics Letters 110(3) 189-192 
11. Pei Sun, Kamel Mellahi, Eric Thun2010The Dynamic Value of MNE Political Embeddedness: The Case of the Chinese Automobile IndustryJournal of International Business Studies 41(7) 1161-1182 
12. Pei Sun, Mike Wright, Kamel Mellahi2010Is Entrepreneur-Politician Alliance Sustainable during Transition? The Case of Management Buyouts in ChinaManagement and Organization Review vol.6(1) 101-121 
13. Pei Sun2008Book Review: John HASSARD, Jackie SHEEHAN, Meixiang ZHOU, Jane TERPOSTRA-TONG, and Jonathan MORRIS, Chinese State Enterprise Reform: From Marx to the MarketChina Information 22 151-153 
14. SUN Pei2007Is the state-led industrial restructuring effective in transition China? Evidence from the steel sectorCambridge Journal of Economics 31(4) 601-624 
15. Guy S. Liu, SUN Pei,Wing Thye Woo2007What motivates and constrains politicians to privatize? The case of ChinaEconomics Letters 97(1) 81-86 
16. GUY S. LIU, Pei Sun, Wing Thye Woo2006The Political Economy of Chinese-Style Privatization: Motives and ConstraintsWorld Development 34(12) 2016–2033 
17. SUN Pei2005Industrial Policy, Corporate Governance, and the Competitiveness of China's National Champions: The Case of Shanghai Baosteel GroupJournal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies Vol.3(2) 173-192 
18. Guy S. Liu and Pei Sun2005The Class of Shareholdings and its Impacts on Corporate Performance: a case of state shareholding composition in Chinese public corporationsCorporate Governance: An International Review 13(1) 46-59 
19. Yadan Xing and Pei Sun2014Business growth versus governance reform in Chinese private enterprises: A case study of control contest between founder and venture capitalist at NVC LightingEconomic Management Journal 36(7) 50-60(in Chinese) 
20. Shaojia Liu, Pei Sun, and Naiquan Liu2003Ultimate ownership, shareholding structure and corporate performanceEconomic Research Journal (4) 51-61(in Chinese) 

Academic Works
Yu, Yihong, Jinyun Sun, Kemin Wang, Ming Zheng, and Pei Sun. 2013. The Growth Report of Small and Medium Enterprises in Yangtze Delta 2008-2010. Gezhi Press, Shanghai.  (in Chinese)

Papers in Books
Pei Sun.Rent allocation and industrial policy efficacy in the steel industry.In .Rent Seeking in China.Routledge,2009
Pei Sun.Industrial Catch-up during Transition and Globalization: Evolution of Competitiveness in the Chinese Steel Sector.In .Fudan Industry Review, Vol. 3.(3),2008(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2017.01—2020.12, Principal Investigator, Determinants and Consequences of Independent Director Composition in Chinese Public Corporations: Institutional Pressures, Strategic Choice, and Social Exchange, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2016.10—2019.06, Principal Investigator, The Effectiveness of Board Independence in Chinese Listed Companies, Shanghai Shuguang Project
2012.01—2014.04, Principal Investigator, The Impacts of Multinational R&D Activities on the Innovation of Chinese Firms, One Branch of the-985-project, Phase Ⅲ
2012.01—2014.12, Principal Investigator, The Strategic Value of Corporate Political Embeddedness during Institutional Transition in China: Contingency and Dynamic Perspectives, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2011.10—2014.12, Sub-Project Leader, Research on the Theory and Policy of Modern Industry System Development, National Philosophy and Social Sciences Project
2011.07—2013.12, Principal Investigator of Sub-project, Construction Research of Industrial System in China after the Financial Crisis, One Branch of the-985-project, Phase Ⅲ
2010.05—2012.05, Principal Investigator, The Evolution of International Competitiveness of the Chinese Steel Industry, Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry
2009.09—2011.08, Principal Investigator, The Catch-up Mechanism of Chinese Manufacturing Firms during Global Industrial Restructuring:The Case of Steel and Automobile Sectors , Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program

Academic Posts
2017.04—, Associate Editor, British Journal of Management
2017.01—2018.12, Member, International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) Research Committee
2017.01—, Member of Editorial Review Board, Journal of International Business Studies
2014.11—, Memeber of Editorial Board, Journal of World Business
2010.01—, Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

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