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Yao Zhiyong

Associate Professor
Department of Industrial Economics
Room 236, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory and Contract Theory, Industrial Organization, and Political Economy

Educational Background
Ph.D, Economics, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Master, Economics, Peking University
Bachelor, Economics, Peking University

Academic Background
2015.08--2015.12, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA

Journal Papers
1. Zhiyong Yao, Dingwei Gu, and Yongmin Chen2017Rating deflation versus inflation: On procyclical credit ratingsPacific-Basin Finance Journal 41 46-64 
2. Zhiyong Yao and Bingyong Zheng2016R&D cooperation between impatient rivalsBulletin of Economic Research 68(4) 396-413 
3. Zhiyong Yao2015Immediate settlement or enduring a strike: The choice of signalsBulletin of Economic Research 67(4) 324-335 
4. Zhiyong Yao and Wen Zhou2015Vertical or horizontal: Endogenous merger waves in vertically related industriesThe B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 15(3) 1237-1262 
5. Yanli Zhang and Zhiyong Yao2015Challenges in organizational control: The economic and management perspectivesInternational Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations 5(3) 33-44 
6. Zhiyong Yao and Bingyong Zheng2014Feasibility, stability, and multiple research joint venturesScottish Journal of Political Economy 61(2) 196-210 
7. Zhiyong Yao and Zhiguo Xiao2013A note on sequential auctions with multi-unit demandMathematical Social Sciences 66(3) 276-281 
8. Yao, Zhiyong2012Bargaining over incentive contractsJournal of Mathematical Economics 48(2) 98-106 
9. Yao, Zhiyong2011Bribe to cooperateManagerial and Decision Economics 32(8) 535-544 
10. Zhiyong Yao2015China deposit insurance act is incentive compatibleTSINGHUA Financial Review (5) 41-43(in Chinese) 
11. Denghui Li and Zhiyong Yao2015Estimation for China's optimal unemployment insurance benefit levelReview of Industrial Economics 14(1) 59-72(in Chinese) 
12. Lei Zhang and Zhiyong Yao2013Unemployment insurance design: An analysis based on moral hazard and adverse selectionReview of Industrial Economics 12(2) 72-83(in Chinese) 
13. Xia, Fan and Zhiyong Yao2013Rating overestimation vs. underestimation: The international credit rating agency's procyclical behaviorJournal of Financial Research (2) 184-193(in Chinese) 
14. Yao, Zhiyong and Fan Xia2012Optimal deposit insurance design: International experiences & theoretical analysisJournal of Financial Research (7) 98-111(in Chinese) 
15. Yao, Zhiyong2012The logic of financial crisis Economy of China (104) 42-51(in Chinese) 

Papers in Books
Yao, Zhiyong.The institutional foundation for a honest society: An analysis based on repeated game.In .Fudan Industrial Economic Review.(4),2009(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2017.06—2017.07, Principal Investigator, Vegetable Market Survey and Market Entry Strategy in Shanghai, Program of Jiangshan Xingcai Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
2013.01—2016.12, Principal Investigator, Reputation, Rating Cycle, and Business Cycle: Studies on the Behaviors of International Credit Rating Agencies and the Development of China's Credit Rating Industry, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2012.02—2015.02, Principal Investigator, Horizontal Merger, Vertical Merger and Endogenous Market Structure: On Iron Ore-Rare Earth Dilemma and Its Policy Implications, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Program
2011.06—2011.10, Principal Investigator, Merger Waves in Vertically Related Industries, NET Institute
2011.01—2013.12, Principal Investigator, R&D Cooperation between Asymmetric Firms: Analysis Based on Repeated Game Theory, The Ph.D. Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of China
2011.01—2013.12, Principal Investigator, Information Cost, Random Matching and Endogenous Information System: Analysis Based on Repeated Game Theory, Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry
2009.09—2011.08, Principal Investigator, Information Cost and Endogenous Information System: Develop China's Personal Credit System, Shanghai Pujiang Program

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