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Lu Xiao

Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing
Room 610, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Consumer Behavior, Luxury Brand Management, International Marketing, Selective Retailing

Educational Background
Ph.D, Marketing, ESSEC, Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales
Master, Management, University of International Business and Economics
Bachelor, Economy, University of International Business and Economics

Academic Background
2012.01--2012.06, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA

Awards on Research
2016.04, Best Paper Award, Monaco Symposium on Luxury
2010.03, Shanghai Social Science Research in Sports and Goverment Decision Making Advisory Project Adward, Third Prize Shanghai Sports Bureau

Awards on Teaching
2010.06, Third Prize of Fudan University Teaching Award, Fudan University
2017.01, Fudan University Excellent Teaching Award for Courses in English, Fudan University
2017.01, Fudan University Excellent Teaching Award for Courses in English , 复旦大学
2017.12, Shanghai College Oversea Students English teaching demonstration course 2017—Marketing in China, 上海市教育委员会

Journal Papers
1. Joseph A. Sy-Changco, Ramendra Singh, Rizalito L. Gregorio, Pierre-Xiao Lu, and Geon-Cheol Shin2016Impact of sales call adaptiveness, and customer willingness on sales call length: A cross-country study of India, China, Korea, and PhilippinesJournal of Global Marketing 29(3) 128-138 
2. Zhongli Wu, Xiao Lu, James Chiang, Michel Plaisent, and Prosper Bernard2015Study on the successful mechanism of new foreign brands entering the emerging marketsInternational Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences 3(5) 296-298 
3. Pierre Xiao Lu2013Luxury is a necessity in People’s Republic of China: Social rejection of new wealth in the socialist market economyThe European Business Review  34-37 
4. Pierre Xiao LU and Bernard Pras 2011Profiling mass affluent luxury goods consumers in China: A psychographic approachThunderbird International Business Review 53(4) 435-456 
5. Pierre Xiao Lu2010Luxury Consumer Behavior in Mainland China: What Exists behind the Facade of New Wealth?The European Business Review September-October 2010 53-56 
6. Xiao Lu2010Luxury Brand Management in ChinaChamber Eye 2010 Spring Summer Edition 4-6 
7. Xiao Lu2009The Main Five Factors of Chinese Luxury Brand ManagementHarvard Business Review China 2009 Luxury Marketing Section 14-20 
8. Xiao Lu2003Consumption and ambivalent attitudes of Chinese young elite towards occidental luxury goods (an exploratory study)2004 AMA Winter Educators' Conference Scottsdale, Arizona 1-11 
9. Xiao Lu2014Impact of online and offline integration retail model driven by social media marketing upon luxury brand assets: A theoretical model to be proposedJournal of Beijing Technology and Business University (Social Sciences) 29(3) 33-38(in Chinese) 
10. Lu, Xiao and Phan M C T2013A study on the determinants of success of luxury hotel industry: Based on the case of Hotel Plaza Athenee ParisManagement of Tourism (RUC) (1) 69-76(in Chinese) 
11. Lu, Xiao and Phan M C T2012Research on the success determinants of luxury hospitality service innovation: A case study on Hotel Plaza Athenee ParisR&D Management 24(5) 34-41(in Chinese) 
12. Lu, Xiao2012Market entry strategies of international luxury brands in ChinaFinance & Trade Economics (8) 105-112(in Chinese) 
13. Pierre Xiao LU2012Louis Vuitton or Hermes? Learn from whom?Marketing (RUC) (5) 16-19(in Chinese) 
14. Pierre Xiao Lu, Mingxia Zhu, and Fei Wang2012Impact factors on post-entry changes of International luxury brands in mainland ChinaJournal of Marketing Science 8(1) 110-121(in Chinese) 
15. Pierre Xiao LU2012Louis Vuitton or Hermes? Learn from whom?Tsinghua Business Review (1) 10-13(in Chinese) 
16. Pierre Xiao Lu and Michel C.T. Phan2011Counterfeit luxury goods purchase motivation study: A cross culture perspectiveJournal of Marketing Science 7(4) 29-41(in Chinese) 
17. Pierre Xiao LU2011Correction of the current mentality of brand management for Chinese brandsTsinghua Business Review (5) 46-54(in Chinese) 
18. Lu, Xiao2011Termination of the war of strong luxury brands in China affluent consumer marketHarvard Business Review 2011 Luxury Special Section 53-58(in Chinese) 
19. Xiao Lu2010Pricing System of Luxury BrandsHarvard Business Review 2010 Luxury Special Section 45-50(in Chinese) 
20. Xiao Lu2010An Analysis of the Situation in High-end Retail and Development Strategy for Luxury Brands in ChinaTrade & Economy (3) 47-53(in Chinese) 
21. Xiao Lu2009A Global Perspective on the Purchase Motivations behind Counterfeited Specialty GoodsChinese Retail Research Vol.1(2) 1-16(in Chinese) 
22. Xiao Lu2009 The Situation Analysis of Selective Retailing in China and the Relevant Strategies of Chinese Luxury BrandsChinese Retail Research vol.1(1) 67-76(in Chinese) 
23. Pierre LU Xiao2008In the Globalization, is replacing by Harvard Business Review China 2008 Luxury Marketing Section 28-29(in Chinese) 
24. Pierre LU Xiao2008Fashion's Essence21century Business Review vol.42 88-91(in Chinese) 
25. Pierre LU Xiao20076 Characteristics of Luxury GoodsHarvard Business Review China (6) 31-39(in Chinese) 
26. Pierre LU Xiao2006Different Luxury : Chinese Luxury Consumer StudyHarvard Business Review China (10) 6-13(in Chinese) 

Conference Proceedings
1. Pierre LU Xiao. Michel Phan2007Luxury Counterfeit Purchase Motivations  70-82 

Academic Works
Michel Chevalier and Pierre Xiao LU . 2016. Quand La Chine S'éveille Au Luxe: La Montée En Puissance Des Marques Chinoises. Groupe Eyrolles, Paris.  
Michel Chevalier, Pierre Xiao Lu. 2009. Luxury China:Market Opportunities and Potential. John Wiley & Sons (English version, translated into French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions), Singapore.  
Pierre LU Xiao. 2008. Elite China, Luxury Consumer Behavior in China. John Wiley & Sons, USA.  

Translated Works
Xiao Lu, Luxury Retail Management, Beijing, China Machine Press, 2014.01 (in Chinese)
Pierre LU Xiao (Translation), Luxury Brand Management, Shanghai, Shanghai People's Publishing House, 2008.03 (in Chinese)
Pierre LU Xiao, YU Sili, JIANG Jianping, XU Konghuan (Translation), Music and Life : Conversations with 22 World Pianists, Anhui, China, Anhui Education Publishing House, 2005.05 (in Chinese)
LU Xiao, The Adventures of Tintin, Beijing, China, China Adolescence Publishing House, 2002.04 (in Chinese)

Papers in Books
Xiao Lu.Tradition and modernity: Chinese fashion and luxury consumer market.In M S Raju, Dominique Xaedel.Marketing Mamagement.India,2006
Xiao Lu.Theoretical Research on Exploration System of Creating World First Class Sports and Entertainment Center and Upgrading Openess and Diversification of Sports Industry in Shanghai.In ..,2010(in Chinese)

Chapters in Books
Pierre Xiao Lu, 2011. Social Identity and Conservative Conspicuousness of Luxury Consumption in Emerging Market: The Case of Mainland China etc.. In: Fashion in a Global World, Vida Económica, pp. 97-113, 211-219

Teaching Materials, etc.
Michel Chevalier, Gerald Mazzalovo, and Pierre Xiao Lu. 2015. Luxury Brand Management (2nd Edition). Truth & Wisdom Press, Shanghai(in Chinese)
DAO Tung, Dominque DUSSAUSSOY,Guy Olivier FAURE,LU Xiao,etc.. 2005. La Chine dans la mondialisation. Maisonneuve & Larose, Paris, France

Research Projects
2011.06—2014.09, Principle Investigator, Luxury Brand Management: Theories and Practice, National Social Science Foundation of China
2011.06—2012.01, Principal Investigator, Research on Culture Basis of Service Economy of Shanghai, Research Project of Shanghai Social Science
2009.06—2010.01, Principal Investigator, Research on Immigrants' perception and evaluation of Shanghainese Culture, Research Project of Shanghai Social Science
2009.04—2009.11, Principal Investigator, Strategies for Accelerating Shanghai as High-end Sports Center of China, Sports Bureau of Shanghai
2007.09—2010.09, Principal Investigator, Research on Lifestyle and Consumption of Chinese New Wealth Consumers‎, Beijing Info - town Media and Consulting Ltd.

Academic Posts
2013.10—, Member, The International Observatory of Sports Consumption's Scientific Committee
2012.06—2016.06, Executive Director, China Center for Consumer and Retail Investment Research, UIBE
2009.05—, Editor, China Retail Research Center
2008.03—, Commissioner, Shopping Mall Special Committee in China Federation of Commerce

Academic Conferences
2016.04—2016.04 Monaco Symposium on Luxury, Monaco
2011.11—2011.11 Conference of Management Case Research and Theory Construction in China, Beijing

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