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Zeng Chenghua

Associate Professor
Department of Business Administration
Room 434, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, International Management

Educational Background
Ph.D, Strategic Management, McGill University, Canada

Journal Papers
1. Tzeng, Cheng-Hua, Paul W. Beamish, and Shih-Fen Chen2011Institutions and entrepreneurship development: High-technology indigenous firms in China and TaiwanAsia Pacific Journal of Management 28(3) 453-481 
2. Tzeng, Cheng-hua2011An evolutionary-institutional framework for the growth of an indigenous technology firms: The case of Lenovo computerTechnology in Society (33) 212-222 
3. Chenghua Tzeng2010Managing Innovation for Economic Development in Greater China: The Origins of Hsinchu and ZhongguancunTechnology in Society 32(2) 110-121 
4. Chenghua Tzeng2009A Review of Contemporary Innovation Literature: A Schumpeterian PerspectiveInnovation: Management, Policy & Practice 11(3) 373-394 
5. Chenghua Zeng2008Developing High-technology Latecomer Firms to Compete Internationally: A Three-sector Growth ModelJournal of International Management Vol.14(2) 190-206 
6. Henry Mintzberg, Rick Molz, Emmanuel Raufflet, Pamela Sloan, Chahrazed Abdallah, Rick Bercuvitz, C. H. Tzeng2005The Invisible World of AssociationLeader to Leader  37-45 
7. C. H. Tzeng2005Understanding Economic Development in Modern China: The Interplay among the State, the Market, and the Social SectorBusiness and Economic History Vol.3 1-25 
8. Chenghua Tzeng2010Competitive Strategy: a Comparison of Nokia, Motorola and SamsungManagement (Renmin University) (1) 52-54(in Chinese) 
9. Chenghua Tzeng2009The Differences between the M&As by Local and Foreign CompaniesEnterprise Management (12) 30-31(in Chinese) 
10. Chenghua Tzeng2009Competitive Strategy: a Comparison of Nokia, Motorola and SamsungEnterprise Management (10) 56-59(in Chinese) 

Conference Proceedings
1. Chenghua Tzeng2008The State, the Social Sector, and the Market in the Making of China's First Entrepreneurial VentureThe 2008 BHC Annual Meeting Vol.6 1-25 

Research Projects
2010.01—2012.12, Member, Vertical Restraints of Multinational Management Consulting Firms to Chinese Customer - From the Perspective of Value Chain, National Nature Science Foundation
2009.01—2011.12, Member, Research on Governance Strategy of Blockholders: Empirical and Experimental Analyses of Blockholders Counterbalance and External Supervision, National Nature Science Foundation
2009.01—2011.12, Project Manager, The Growth Strategy of Chinese Firms in High Technology Industry: The Interplay of the Government, the Market and the Social Sector , National Natural Science Foundation of China
2008.11—2011.12, Principal Investigator, The Growth Strategy of Chinese Firms in Telecommunication Industry, The Ministry of Education, the People's Republic of China
2008.09—2010.09, Principal Investigator, The Growth of Chinese Firms in the Telecommunication Industry, Youth Science Foundation of Fudan University

Academic Posts
2013.09—2013.10, Reviewer, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
2012.07—2012.08, Reviewer, International Journal of Technology Management
2012.06—2012.08, Reviewer, Research Policy
2012.04—2012.05, Reviewer, Long Range Planning
2010.10—2010.10, Jury Member, China Business News Weekly 2010 China Innovative Design Competition
2009.12—2009.12, Discussant, Tongji University, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Management “Seminar of Innovation Strategy and Policy in China”
2009.12—, Reviewer, Journal of Management Studies
2009.11—2010.06, 2010 IACMR LAC Coordinator, 2010 IACMR
2009.10—2009.11, Reviewer, 2010 IACMR Conference
2009.05—, Reviewer, Journal of International Management
2008.05—2008.08, Interactive Paper Session Facilitator, 2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
2008.04—2008.08, Session Chair, 2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
2008.01—2008.02, Reviewer, 2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
2006.07—2006.09, Reviewer, Journal of Business Venturing

Academic Conferences
2011.06—2011.06 The 6th Annual Global Business School Network Conference, Mexico City
2010.06—2010.06 Harvard Business Review-- Advantech CEO Book-Reading Seminar, Antai College, Shanghai JiaoTong University
2009.05—2009.05 2009 Panelist of Harvard Business Review Editors Global Annual Meeting, Shanghai
2008.08—2008.08 2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California

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