Making the Right Move to Yale and Meet a Better Self

ZHAO Zheng used to work at an international company for many years. As portfolio compliance and QA manager of the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region, Zheng has encountered many challenges along his career path and knows very well the power of continue learning. Inspired by his outstanding superiors and colleagues, Zheng joined a part-time MBA program at Fudan and got a master’s degree in 2017. Thanks to a collaborative program launched by Fudan and Yale, Zheng went on to study at Yale School of Management to pursue his second degree.

Studying with the greatest minds from all over the world, Zheng’s study at Yale was exciting and full of challenges. He had to put in long hours taking classes and writing papers and could only sleep for a few hours a day. However, Zheng perceived the hardship in a quite positive way and spared no effort in pushing his limits. Through productive engagement with Yale faculty and fellow students, Zheng greatly improved his thinking process and broadened his perspective, and that was exactly what Zheng was looking to achieve at Yale.

On the other hand, Zheng tried his best to contribute to the Yale community as well. He said almost every professor would talk about China in their class and Zheng was happy to share insights on the most discussed issues. Curious classmates would always approach him for various questions about China and he was more than pleased to answer. He wanted to make himself an ambassador to help the world better understand China’s economy, society and culture.

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