The program confers master degrees.

Research areas, content and supervisors

No.Research AreasResearch ContentSupervisors
1Business technological innovation managementStrategic management in business technological innovation, project management in technological development, innovative organization and human resources management.Professor SI Chunlin, Professor NING Zhong, Associate Professor ZHAI Li.
2Technological business start-upInternal business start-up in businesses, financing in business start-up, business administration in venture start-up.Professor SI Chunlin, Professor NING Zhong, Associate Professor ZHAI Li.
3Business start-up investmentCapital market for business start-up, technological shifts and brokerage, project management in business start-up investment. Professor SI Chunlin, Professor NING Zhong, Associate Professor ZHAI Li.


  • The students should develop into high-level application-focused talents in technological economy and management. Basic requirements are as following:
  • To command solid theoretical foundation in economics, management, behavioral science.
  • To command abilities of technological management, technological economy analysis, business start-up and its investment management.
  • Be attentive to cultivating abilities of innovation, leadership, teamwork, analysis and summarizing. Be qualified to work in large- and medium-sized enterprises, start-up businesses, investment companies, research institutes, and universities.

Courses, credits:

34 credits in total.

common courses4 courses10 credits
foundation courses4 courses8 credits
core courses3 courses6 credits
elective courses3 courses8 credits
cross-first-level disciplinary course1 course2 credits

Basic requirements for required study sessions:

Basic scopes and forms of academic practice:

  • To direct undergraduates in their academic experiments, or assist in delivering foundation courses to them.
  • To write academic articles and present oral reports, with abilities of summarizing and analyzing the related documents and present oral reports in this regard.
  • To process words, data and information searches via computers.

Basic requirements for involvements in academic events:

  • Academic lectures: no less than 10 times that students should attend the academic reports annually by scholars and experts from home and abroad. File-and-document reports: students should report the latest progress in research fields, present a written version of report summaries, and attend to the similar reports by other students. Academic reports in university’s ceremonious events: students are highly recommended to take part in such events. Academic conferences home and abroad: students should be teamed up to attend academic conference both home and abroad.
  • Assessments and basic demands: each of students should attend academic reports for at least 8 times every year, and take part in file-and-document reports for at least twice every year.

Basic requirements for degree dissertations:

  • The topic selections for the dissertation should focus on key issues in related research fields, and possess certain level of significance toward disciplinary development and management practice.
  • The dissertation should prove that the author has broad-range knowledge in fundamental knowledge of technological economy and management, and systematic professional knowledge in related field.
  • The dissertation should point to a close follow-up with latest progress in related research field, and state clearly the issues which need to be resolved.
  • The dissertation should have a new and meaningful conclusion, with scientifically sound methodology involved in the papers.
  • The dissertation should be clearly stated and logically structured.

Basic requirements for scientific research qualifications:

  • To command an understanding of latest progress in related research fields, and be familiar with related documents and files.
  • To fluently read academic articles in one foreign language (normally English), and possess preliminary skills of writing articles in the foreign language.
  • To command skills of discovering, analyzing and resolving problems.
  • To command skills of processing words, data and information searches via computers.

List of books and periodicals:

No.Books and PeriodicalsAuthor/publisherNote
6Management ScienceINFOMSRequired
7R&D ManagementBlackwellRequired
8Journal of Product Innovation ManagementBlackwellOptional
9Journal of engineering and technology managementElsevierOptional
10Journal of high technology management researchElsevierOptional
11Research technology managementIndustrial Research InstituteOptional
12International Journal of technology managementINDERSCIENCEOptional
13Technological analysis and strategic managementElsevierOptional
15Strategic Management of Technology and InnovationMcgraw-HillOptional
16Wharton on Managing Emerging TechnologiesJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.Optional
17企业创新空间与技术管理 清华大学出版社Optional

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