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The Career Development Office (CDO), School of Management, Fudan University was founded in October of 1999, and was the first professional CDO for MBA students in China mainland’s universities. In 2004, CDO expanded its
scale of services to all students of School of Management (undergraduates, graduates, PhD students and MBA

CDO is committed to providing quality services and abundant resources to students, enabling them to realize
their career vision, enhance career competitiveness and improve job search skills. Meanwhile, CDO strives to provide
multiple recruiting approaches to employers to make their employment as efficient as possible. CDO also employs
various methods to foster communications between students and companies.

Job & Internship Resources  
  Job Posting

CDO will post and update information about full-time jobs and internship opportunities on CDO website promptly. You can get access to the postings by visiting

You are required to register and activate your on-line account first.

  Activate Your On-line Account

Register at  Click on “Student Registration”, and follow the related instructions. Please read the “Notice” before your registration.          

Online Resume Center / Resume Books / Resume CDs

You can upload your resumes on CDO website: which will be searched and read online by employers. CDO will make MBA students resume books and resume CDs, provide and post to employers. 

Campus Presentation

Employers will make a presentation to introduce companies and job vacancies. It is a good opportunity to talk
with employers face-to-face to learn more about the company and market yourself to the representatives of the
company. Information about campus presentation is available on the CDO website: 

Job Fair

It is worth to attend the job fairs if you are looking for a full time job. The open house format makes it easy to talk directly to the representatives from your targeted companies. CDO organizes 2 Job Fairs and 1 Intern Job Fair every
year. The job fair in March/May targets MBA students who are going to graduate within the year, while the job fair in
November covers a broader range, from undergraduates, graduates, to PhD students and MBA students of School of
Management, Fudan University.          

Career Counseling

CDO’s staff provides customized advice to help you to find out your career preference and interests, explore career options, develop career planning, strategize job search and prepare for new jobs. An individual counseling
session usually lasts 45-minute in every Tuesday and Thursday’s afternoon. Please contact CDO staff first to make
reservations for this service. 

One-on-one counseling services given by seasoned professionals, industrial experts and senior executives are
also provided by CDO to our students on a regular basis every month. 

Career Assessment

You can utilize professional assessment tool to learn more about your unique career interests, values and
abilities, explore and develop your own career paths. Please contact CDO staff for more details. 

Career Education

CDO organizes different career seminars, workshops to assist your career development. Professionals, industrial experts and alumni will be invited to deliver their knowledge on career development, share and exchange work
experience and lessons. 

The seminars and workshops are framed by different modules: Self awareness, Industry exploration, Career
competency workshop and Job search workshop. The contents cover career planning, industry analysis, business
etiquette, interpersonal skills, resume writing, interview skills and mock interview. 

Career Library

You can log in Vault online career library to read vast career guides, company profiles, career advice articles. You are welcomed to visit CDO to borrow the collection of many renowned companies’ brochures. 

Open hours                                                     

Monday - Friday  9:00am-11:00am   1:30pm-5:00pm                             

Weekend appointments are available upon request.  

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