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Interaction with Worldwide Universities

Since re-establishment in 1985, the School of Management has been relentlessly pursuing its policy of internationalization. For that purpose, the School has established substantial exchanges and communication in a variety of ways with dozens of universities and research organizations from more than 20 countries and regions, including USA, Australia, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Britain, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Japan, Republic of Korea, Canada, and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, among others. Every year, dozens of management experts and scholars from overseas are invited for academic exchanges and short-term teaching at the School, and currently more than 30 world-famous management scholars have been entitled honorary professors or adjunct professors by the School.
Additionally, the School accepts approximately 100 international students (including degree candidates and exchange students), and more than 50 School students are sent overseas for exchange purposes on a yearly basis. There are more than 40 famous business schools from abroad who have built up a close cooperation with the School. In October of 2006, the School was successfully entitled to join in the organization of Partnership in International Management (or PIM), lifting the School to a new level of international student exchange.
The School has various kinds of international exchange programs, mainly referring to cooperative degree-awarding programs, cooperative research programs, exchange of visits by professors, students exchange programs, one-way or double-way faculty training programs, as well as training programs for senior managers. Those programs have helped to greatly improve the image and reputation the School enjoys in the global scale, in addition to upgrading the knowledge of management for students, professors and senior managers involved in the programs.