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The School of Management hosts a variety of seminars and forums along with various industries to share the latest research and ideas in business management science. Forums typically invite senior managers of leading enterprises, well-known economics and government officials. The forums become the major extracurricular activities for students. Each forum has its respective mission and characteristics, many of which receive naming sponsorships from companies. 

Forum of Management Masters

As the highest-level management forum at School of Management,Fudan University, Fudan SVB Forum of Management Masters has witnessed the gatherings of many senior government officials, renowned business leaders, and distinguished scholars since it was founded. 

In 2006,School of Management ,Fudan University signed the agreement with China Business News (CBN) taking it as the major media partner, so as to raise the image of the forum. 

In 2009,the forum was sponsored by Silicon Valley Financial Group and the Forum is titled as Fudan SVB Forum of Management Master. 

The Forum is aimed at becoming the most authoritative, influential and popular forum with a rich cultural trait at School of Management,Fudan University. 

Fudan Thought Leadership Forum

Fudan Thought Leadership Forum aims to share latest thought progress and discoveries made by well-known scholars and professionals from both home and abroad.The forum is built to be a platform of cooperation between academicians and industry and political circles, and to promote the dissemination of advanced management theories and practices. Government officials, academic elites and industry leaders, who are playing critical roles in economic development and business management, are invited to the forum for thought sharing.

With its goal fully recognized, the forum was title-sponsored by AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund Management during the 2010-2011 period, with the purpose of creating social influence of larger scale and moving forward the development of management ideas and theories. 

Fudan Join Forum

Initiated by 2001 graduates of Fudan University- MIT IMBA Program under the support of the School, the forum aims to become a higher-level international business forum for Chinese top-tier universities. It invites presidents from globally famous enterprises, domestically influential entrepreneurs and management elites, to talk to MBA students and postgraduates of economics and management majors, with topics ranging from domestic to international business events. It has worked to widely open the eyes of Fudan students who, by sitting down face-to-face with Chinese most famous entrepreneurs, and internationally well-known senior managers, have learned how to organize and manage a business from the entrepreneurial point of view; they have also been broadened of their vision by studying real-world cases of corporate management. 
From 2001 to 2009, the forum was title-sponsored by the Standard Chartered Bank. 

Fudan HR Club

This public-service organization is fully supported by the School of Management at Fudan University and aims to build into a bridge for the communication among human resources professionals. In form of forums and saloons, the activities held by the organization witness the participation of professors, entrepreneurs and senior managers from industries, who will accompany you on an impressive knowledge-sharing trip.