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About visits:

The corporate visit programs were born to cope with the needs created along the development of management education. From the perspective of overseas students attending the visits, it is a first-hand opportunity to understand Chinese corporate operations, as well as a melting pot of their theory learning and real-world practice.

While from the perspective of visited companies, they also benefit from fresh visions and solutions brought along by visiting students on corporate development and innovation issues.

Visiting students:

Both overseas students and domestic students of the school are named into the visiting students’ list.

Visits by overseas students:

Overseas students from more than 30 nations who are partnering with the school in management education, are able to join in the corporate visit plans. A lot of efforts have been allocated to encourage those students to visit Chinese big-name enterprises and economic parks, which plays a major part of the bilateral educational exchanges.

The partnering schools are like Harvard University Student Group, the UCLA EMBA Group, IE Business School, ESADE Business School of EMBA Group, Stockholm School of Economics EMBA Group, BOCCONI University of MBA Group, London Business School, University Vienna EMBA Group, etc.

Visits by domestic students:

Domestic students are grouped by the school to enter the workshops, the offices of top executives to gain a full-size picture of corporate development strategies and operation process.

Visiting process:

  1. On-site visit
  2. Top management presents the company introduction
  3. Bilateral talks.

Samples of visited companies:

  • Finance:ShanghaiFutures Exchange,ShanghaiStock Exchange,ShanghaiGold Exchange  …
  • Manufacturing: China Longgong Group Holdings Limited, Panasonic,ShanghaiGM, Philips, MSD,KOHLER …
  • High-tech: Oerlikon, IBM, Intel, Siemens …


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