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Interaction with Enterprises

In addition to its continuous effort on teaching and academic research, the School has paid a lot of attention in cementing ties with leading enterprises in all kinds of industries, seeking opportunities of cooperation on an extensive scale. According to an incomplete calculation, nearly 12,000 senior managers from enterprises and governmental departments have attended the training of business management in a systematic way by the School. In return, the business community supports the School's development in various ways.

Enterprises which provide scholarships for School faculty and students are:

  • MasterCard International
  • Merrill Lynch
  • SVB
  • Nielsen
  • RGE
  • ChinaPacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Johnson Controls
  • Emerson Electric Co.
  • Lufthansa German Airlines
  • Allard Partners
  • Sinotrust
  • Shanghai Ai Jian Co. Ltd.
  • Citigroup/Citibank
  • Alcatel Shanghai Bell Company Ltd.
  • MONTBLANC International

Enterprises which provide financial support to School's facilities reconstruction for teaching and academic research are:

  • ChinaMobile's Shanghai Company
  • Royal Philips Electronics (Shanghai)
  • Hong KongSharp-Roxy Corp.
  • Anheuser-Busch Cos.
  • Emerson Electric Co.
  • Starr Foundation
  • Shanghai Construction Group
  • Citigroup
  • Taicang Zhenxing Real Estate Company
  • SCG

Internationally well-known enterprises have joined the School to offer courses, such as:

  • Fudan - Citibank Course of Financial Practice
  • Fudan - Standard Chartered Course of Financial Practice
  • Fudan - IBM Course of Practice
  • Fudan - Intel Joint Course of Innovation
  • Fudan - Lotus Course of Practice


Enterprises which provide internships for MBA students are:

  • Accenture Management ConsultingCo.
  • MSD
  • RGE
  • Siemens Business Communication Systems Ltd.
  • ShellChina
  • Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited
  • IBM Business Consulting Services
  • Pepsi Co Inc. (GreaterChina)
  • Philips LightingChina
  • China International Fund Management Co., Ltd.
  • Lehman BrothersAsia. 

EDP enjoys the advantages of Fudan University with a humanistic heritage and tradition, and highly competitive EMBA/MBA faculty forces at School of Management,Fudan University. It closely tracks transformation and development in current economic and management fields, and offers management talents in business circles, social organizations and governmental units with a package of management training solutions and consultation services, which include various types of open programs, customized programs, as well as senior management training programs in partnership with the world’s top-class business schools.

The past years have witnessed a total of over 200 domestic and multinational companies, governments, and social organizations which have been provided training and consultation services by EDP, with the students topping24,000 innumber.

Program Categories:

       Open programs

       Entrepreneurs’ Innovative Leadership Learning Program

       Advanced Executive Program

       Mini-MBA for Senior Managers

       Law and Practice Program for Executives

       Financial Management Program for Executives

       Senior Production and Operations Officer Certificate Program

       Psychology Learning Program for Executives

       International programs

       Cisco-Fudan-Stanford Supply Chain Leadership Institute

       Harvard-Fudan Executive Training Programs

       Customized programs

Programs tailor-made to meet practical and specific needs of enterprises and organizations, with a track record of more than 200 well-known companies from home and abroad which have been cooperated with EDP programs.

Please log onto the EDP website for more details about other EDP programs.


Consultation Projects:


The Fudan Business Consulting Co., Ltd established in 1992 and was composed of an experienced team of full-time professional staff and theSchoolofManagement’s faculty members. The School of Management’s professors are involved in some of the major steps of project launches, executive interviews and solution concept drafting, as well as facilitating discussions to assist the senior managers of the consulted enterprises in order to increase knowledge and improve management capabilities. The projects covered corporate strategy, corporate governance, payment structures and marketing, etc.


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