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Professor LU Xiongwen: DeanProfessor HUANG Lihua: Associate DeanProfessor XUE Qiuzhi: Associate DeanProfessor ZHOU Jian: Associate DeanProfessor YU Yihong: Associate DeanProfessor SUN Yimin: Associate DeanProfessor YIN Zhiwen: Associate DeanProfessor YE Yaohua: Associate DeanProfessor YAO Kai: Associate Dean


LU Xiongwen, Dean, leading comprehensive administrative work of the School and particularly the School’s development, endowment and donation affairs.

HUANG Lihua, Deputy Dean, guiding the School’s CPC Committee in its overall work.

ZHOU Jian, Executive Associate Dean, Assisting the Dean in directing the daily operation of the School, taking charge of finance and administration, EDP programs, consulting projects and significant construction and carrying out specific tasks entrusted by the Dean.

XUE Qiuzhi, Associate Dean, in charge of academic research and discipline development, including mobile stations for post-doctoral research.

SUN Yimin, Associate Dean, in charge of brand image & promotion, student career development, corporate relations, alumni relations, knowledge innovation & case development and special events.

YIN Zhiwen, Associate Dean , in charge of professional degree programs and international affairs.

LV Changjiang, Associate Dean, faculty development, including recruitment training and evaluation of faculty members as well as the undergraduate, master of science and phD education..

YE Yaohua,Associate Dean, in charge of the development of CPC organization at School level, Labor Union affairs and administrative work related to retired faculty and staff.

ZHAO Weitao, Associate Dean, in charge of student affairs.


School Advisors:Zheng Zukang,WU Lipeng ,YE Yiming