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"Heavenly light shines day after day.”

Fudan, literally meaning “(heavenly light shines) day after day”, is derived from Shangshu Dazhuan, the hermeneutic version of the earliest historical book in China. The name signifies Fudan University’s perpetual pursuit of excellence since the moment of its foundation. Education, as a promising and sustainable cause, requires our unremitting endeavor year after year before any glorious goal can be achieved. For more than one hundred years, generations of Fudan people have kept such a belief, and commitment, which led to the university’s brilliance and glory, and cast upon the university’s brand its spiritual core and cultural basis.

"A concentrated study leads to career success, a good virtue benefits the personal growth.”

Since its reestablishment in 1985, School of Management at Fudan University (FDSM) has grown along with the magnificent process of reform and opening-up inChina. Driven by the glorious mission of "advancing both academic and applied research and sharing innovative ideas and thoughts as well developing professional managers, elite scholars and social leaders with global perspectives and local insights", we have not only promoted our teaching and research strength in an all-round way, but also cultivated large numbers of outstanding professional managers for China’s economic development with the unremitting joint efforts of all faculty and staff.

Our persistent efforts in the last 25 years have consolidated our foundation for further development and prepared the strength for future breakthrough. FDSM has been successively accredited by EQUIS and AACSB in December 2009 and April 2010, respectively. We are leading the world by acquiring the two leading international business school accreditations within only two years, which is the recognition of our long-term devotion to scientific research, talent cultivation and social contribution. The two accreditations represent a milestone on our pathway to building a top-tier business school in the world.

To achieve the ambitious goal of becoming a world-class business school, we have to put continuous endeavor and make unremitting exploration in order to fulfill our due responsibility to China’s economic growth by providing outstanding management education, cultivating excellent talents, and developing leading management ideas.

Bearing the belief and mission in mind, through several generations of unremitting pursuit, FDSM is firmly positioned to become a leading business school in the world.

Let’s join hand in hand to wish all the best!

Xiongwen LU

Dean, School of Management,

Fudan University