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Sun Qian

Department of Finance
Room 201, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Corporate Finance and International Finance

Educational Background
Ph.D, Economics, Arizona State University, USA
MBA, , William Paterson College, USA
Bachelor, Economics, Peking University

Awards on Research
2017.07, Korean Finance Association Best Paper Awards, The 29th Asian Finance Association Annual Conference 2017 Seoul
2014.06, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Best Paper Award, 2014 Asian Finance Association Annual Conference

Journal Papers
1. Bo Li, William L. Megginson, Zhe Shen, and Qian Sun2019Privatization effect versus listing effect: Evidence from ChinaPacific-Basin Finance Journal 56 369-394 
2. Xiuping Hua, Ying Jiang, Qian Sun, and Xinyi Xing2019Do antidumping measures affect Chinese export-related firms?Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 52(3) 871-900 
3. Song Shi, Qian Sun, and Xin Zhang2018Do IPOs affect the market price? Evidence from ChinaJournal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 53(3) 1391-1416 
4. Yuanpeng Li, Qian Sun, and Shu Tian2018The impact of IPO approval on the price of existing stocks: evidence from ChinaJournal of Corporate Finance 50 109–127 
5. Fang Lou, Qian Sun, and Hongqi Yuan2017Voluntary disclosure of internal control and auditor’s attestation: evidence from ChinaFrontiers of Business Research in China 11(1) 208-241 
6. Tiandu Wang, Chenghu Ma, and Qian Sun2017The interaction between security lending market and security trading marketPacific-Basin Finance Journal 46(part B) 309-322 
7. Yan Dong, Zhentao Liu, Zhe Shen, and Qian Sun2016Does state ownership really matter in determining access to bank loans? Evidence from China's partial privatizationPacific-Basin Finance Journal 40(A) 73-85 
8. Yibiao Chen, Steven Shuye Wang, Wei Li, Qian Sun, and Wilson H.S. Tong2015Institutional environment, firm ownership, and IPO first-day returns: Evidence from ChinaJournal of Corporate Finance 32 150-168 
9. Tiandu Wang and Qian Sun2015Why Investors Use Technical Analysis? Information Discovery Versus Herding BehaviorChina Finance Review International 5(1) 53-68 
10. Zhe Shen, Limin Chen, and Qian Sun2014Do Chinese IPOs really underperform in the long run?The Journal of Portfolio Management 41(5) 84-91 
11. Yan Dong, Zhentao Liu, Zhe Shen, and Qian Sun2014Political patronage and capital structure in ChinaEmerging Markets Finance and Trade 50(3) 102-125 
12. Bo Li, Qian Sun, and Changyun Wang2014Liquidity, liquidity risk, and stock returns: Evidence from JapanEuropean Financial Management 20(1) 126–151 
13. Qian Sun, Wilson H. S. Tong, and Xin Zhang2013How cross-listings from an emerging economy affect the host market?Journal of Banking & Finance 37(7) 2229-2245 
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17. Huang, Juanjuan, Yifeng Shen, and Qian Sun2011Nonnegotiable shares, controlling shareholders, and dividend payments in ChinaJournal of Corporate Finance 17(1) 122-133 
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20. Qian Sun, Wilson H.S. Tong, Yuxing Yan2009Market Liberalization within a CountryJournal of Empirical Finance Vol.16  18-41 
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29. Qian Sun, Wilson H.S. Tong2002Another New Look at the Monday EffectJournal of Business Finance and Accounting Vol.29(7&8) 1123-1147 
30. Qian Sun, Yuen-Kin Tang, Wilson H.S. Tong2002The Impacts of Mass Delisting: Evidence from Singapore and MalaysiaPacific-Basin Finance Journal  Vol.10(3) 333-351 
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39. Tiandu Wang and Qian Sun2018Can traditional regulatory measures control the financial market volatility?Journal of Financial Research (9) 187-202(in Chinese) 
40. Shu-na Sun and Qian Sun2018Investor attention and market performance: Evidence based on "xueqiu at-tension"Journal of Management Sciences in China 21(6) 60-71(in Chinese) 
41. Sun, Qian and Wei Qiang2011Audit quality in ChinaAccounting Research  (8) 79-86(in Chinese) 

Academic Works
Qian Sun. 1996. Asian and United States Market Reactions to Trade Restrictions. Garland Publishing, Inc, New York & London.  

Research Projects
2020.01—2023.12, Principal Investigator, The Causes and Effects of the Mixed Ownership Reform, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2016.01—2019.12, Principal Investigator, Do Antidumping Measures Affect Chinese Export-related Firms, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2013.04—2013.09, Principal Investigator, The Evolution of Financing Alternatives for Urbanization- A Comparison of Different Investment-Financing Mechanisms, China Development Bank Co.,Ltd
2012.01—2015.12, Principal Investigator, The Market Pressure of IPO: Evidence from China , National Natural Science Foundation of China
2012.01—2014.12, Principal Investigator, Financial Services for Small-and-medium High-tech Firms: an Application, Ministry of Science and Technology
2009.01—2011.12, Principal Investigator, Overseas Listing of Chinese Firms: Causes and Effects, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2008.11—2011.12, Principal Investigator , Earnings Continuity and Firm Value, Ministry of Education

Academic Posts
2018.01—, Associate Editor, Journal of Corporate Finance
2014.01—, Vice President (Program), Asian Finance Association
2012.12—, Editor, Frontiers of International Accounting
2008.01—, Board Member, Asian Finance Association
2008.01—, Member of Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Frontiers of Business Research in China
2008.01—, Editorial Board Member, Contemporary Accounting Review
2007.01—, Member of Associate Editorial Board, International Review of Financial Analysis
2007.01—, Member, Asian Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee

Academic Conferences
2014.06—2014.06 2014 Asian Finance Conference, Bali, Indonesia
2012.11—2012.11 Council on Business and Society's Forum 2012, Paris, France
2012.07—2012.07 2012 FMA Asian Conference, Phuket
2012.07—2012.07 Asian Finance Association and Taiwan Finance Association 2012 Joint International Conference, Taiwan
2011.10—2011.10 2011 FMA Annual Meeting, Denver, USA
2011.07—2011.07 2011 China International Conference in Finance, Wuhan, China
2011.06—2011.06 International Conference on Financial Intermediation, Competition and Risk, Rome
2011.06—2011.06 2011 FMA European Conference, Portugal
2011.04—2011.04 2011 FMA Asian Conference, Queenstown, New Zealand
2010.12—2010.12 The 23rd Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, Sydney, Australia
2010.07—2010.07 2010 China International Conference in Finance, Beijing, China
2010.06—2010.06 Asian Finance Association International Conference 2010, Hong Kong
2010.06—2010.06 2010 FMA European Conference , Hamburg, Germany

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