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Lu Xiongwen

Department of Marketing
Lidasan Building
Research Field:Chinese immature market, consumer behavior, service marketing, internet marketing and enterprise re-organization etc.

Educational Background
Ph.D, Economics, Fudan University
Master, Economics, Fudan University
Bachelor, Economics, Fudan University

Academic Background
2000.03--2001.01, Post-doctorate Research Fellow, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, USA
1997.01--1997.06, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
1995.03--1995.12, Visiting Scholar, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, USA

Awards on Research
2015.12, The 7th National Award to Excellent Academic Achievement of High Education Institutes (Humanities and Social Science), Third Prize Ministry of Education
2015.09, Citation of Excellence 2015, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
2014.10, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Excellent Research Award, First Prize Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science

Awards on Teaching
2007.07, University Recognition for Excellent Courses, Fudan University
2007.07, First Prize of Fudan University Teaching Award, Fudan University
2007.07, Municipal Recognition for Excellent Course, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2005.11, Second Prize of Shanghai Teaching Award, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Personnel Bureau

Title of Honour
2002.09, Shanghai Shuguang Scholar, Shanghai Education Development Foundation

Journal Papers
1. Zhiyu Cui, Xiaoya Liang, and Xiongwen Lu2015Prize or Price? Corporate social responsibility commitment and sales performance in the Chinese private sectorManagement and Organization Review 11(1) 25-44 
2. Yigang Pan, Lefa Teng, Mingyang Yu, Xiongwen Lu, and Dan Huang2014Host-country headquarters of U.S. firms in China: An empirical studyJournal of International Management 20(4) 379–389 
3. Yigang Pan, Lefa Teng, Atipol Bhanich Supapol, Xiongwen Lu, Dan Huang, and Zhennan Wang2014Firms’ FDI ownership: The influence of government ownership and legislative connectionsJournal of International Business Studies 45(8) 1029–1043 
4. Stephanie Lu Wang, Yadong Luo, Xiongwen Lu, Jinyun Sun, and Vladislav Maksimov2014Autonomy delegation to foreign subsidiaries: An enabling mechanism for emerging-market multinationals Journal of International Business Studies 45(2) 111-130 
5. Xiaoya Liang, Xiongwen Lu, and Lihua Wang2012Outward internationalization of private enterprises in China: The effect of competitive advantages and disadvantages compared to home market rivalsJournal of World Business 47(1) 134-144 
6. Guo, Zixiu, Xiongwen Lu, Yuan Li, and Yifan Li2011A framework of students' reasons for using CMC media in learning contexts: A structural approachJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 62(11) 2182-2200 
7. Ruby P. Lee, Qimei Chen, and Xiongwen Lu2009In search of platforms to increase market responsiveness: Evidence from foreign subsidiariesJournal of International Marketing 17(2) 59-73  
8. Steve Worthington, David Stewart, and Xiongwen Lu2007The adoption and usage of credit cards by urban affluent consumers in ChinaInternational Journal of Bank Marketing 25(4) 238-252 
9. Cheng Zhang, Qi Zhang, Furong Wang, Yuxin Chen, and Xiongwen Lu2020Spatial diffusion of service: An empirical study on Shanghai DisneylandJournal of Management Sciences in China 23(2) 3-16(in Chinese) 
10. Tianyang Lou, Jun Fan, Xiaoping Lv, Yifan Li, and Xiongwen Lu2014The influence of incentive mechanism of virtual communities on members' motivation of participation, reinforce of diminish?Journal of Marketing Science 10(3) 99-112(in Chinese) 
11. Xiao, Li, Xiaoya Liang, and Xiongwen Lu2012A literature review on research of power in organizationsForeign Economics & Management 34(3) 72-80(in Chinese) 
12. Lu, Xiongwen20125 Keywords of marketing in the futureChina Management Magazine (1) 36-37(in Chinese) 
13. Lou, Tianyang, Rongwei Chu, Yifan Li, and Xiongwen Lu2011A literature review study on the psychological mechanisms of virtual community membersForeign Economics & Management 33(5) 33-40(in Chinese) 
14. Lu, Xiongwen and Jinyun Sun2011A study on core competence and innovation path---From the perspective of emerging economyEconomic Theory and Business Management (4) 64-71(in Chinese) 
15. Lou, Tianyang and Xiongwen Lu2011An empirical research on the connected mechanism model between virtual community and its members: From the perspective of identity and bondingNankai Business Review 14(2) 14-25(in Chinese) 
16. Xiongwen Lu2010Shanghai Should Strive to Develop "Good" Service International Business & Technology (4) 17-19(in Chinese) 
17. Tianyang Lou and Xiongwen Lu2009Connected mechanism model between members in virtual community: Based on the perspective of identity and bondingJournal of Marketing Science 5(3) 50-59(in Chinese) 
18. Xiongwen Lu and Xiaoya Liang2009Chinese private entrepreneurs' views on social responsibilitiesJournal of Economic Management 31(8) 64-68(in Chinese) 
19. Lu, Xiongwen and Jinyun Sun2009A literature review on firm performance measureEconomic Management Journal 31(Z1) 264-268(in Chinese) 
20. Xiaoya Liang, Xiongwen Lu2009Market, Opportunity, and Entrepreneurship: A Contingent Resource-based Perspective on Business Model Innovation of Chinese Private EnterprisesMarketing Herald (3) 67-73(in Chinese) 
21. Xiongwen Lu, Tianyang Lou, Jun Yan2009Business Mode, Value Proposition and Strategic Approach of the B2B Electronic MarketTrade & Economic (4) 41-47(in Chinese) 
22. Xiongwen Lu, Tianyang Lou, Jun Yan2008A Review of Business Modes, Value Propositions and Strategy Approaches of B2B E-marketplaceR&D Management 20(6) 23-29(in Chinese) 
23. Dongli Jia, Xiongwen Lu2008Financial Consumption of Affluent Consumers in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou and Its Implications for Marketing StrategyMarketing Herald (2) 68-73(in Chinese) 
24. Ling Zhu, Xiongwen Lu2008The Research and Its Implications of Brand Origin Knowledge of Urban Consumers in the Transitional Economy in ChinaMarketing Herald  (1) 51-57(in Chinese) 
25. Yifan Li and Xiongwen Lu2007An empirical study on the participatioin motivation of virtual community membersNankai Business Review 10(5) 55-60(in Chinese) 
26. Xiongwen Lu2007Survey of the boards of leading enterprises in ChinaDirectors & Boards (3) 42-43(in Chinese) 
27. Zhu, Ling, Xiongwen Lu, and Rongwei Chu2006The influences of consumers' personal characteristics and influence of consumer characteristics and ethnocentric tendency on brand origin recognition accuracy: An empirical study on urban Chinese consumersJournal of Marketing Science 2(4) 8-21(in Chinese) 
28. Yifan Li and Xiongwen Lu2006How Could Swatch Become Global Leading BrandMarketing Herald (6) 51-54(in Chinese) 
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43. ling Zhu, Sheng Wang, and Xiongwen Lu2003Study on Chinese urban consumers' preference of Chinese and international brandsManagement World (9) 233-239(in Chinese) 
44. Xiongwen Lu, Li Zhuang2002Benefit Analysis of Customer LoyaltyMarketing Herald vol.2 (in Chinese) 
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46. Li Zhuang and Xiongwen Lu2000Employee stock plan versus executives stock plan: From the U.S. to ChinaEconomic Theory and Business Management (3) 11-15(in Chinese) 

Conference Proceedings
1. Ruby P. Lee, Qimei Chen, Xiongwen Lu2008Setting a Platform to Enhance Foreign Subsidiaries' Market Responsiveness2008 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference  1-31 
2. Hongjie Zhu and Xiongwen Lu2003Moderator Research on Customer Orientation: Evidences from Chinese FirmsThe 3rd Sino-France Economy Forum 7  

Academic Works
Yujian Wang,Xiongwen Lu,Zhigang Tao,Qingyun Jiang,Qifa Shao,Yimin Sun. 2007. Retaking Economic Center Stage: Transformation and Integration of Yangtze Delta Economy. Shanghai People's Press, Shanghai .  

Translated Works
Xiongwen Lu, Li Zhuang, Service Marketing(Third Edition), Beijing, China Renmin University Press, 2001.05 (in Chinese)

Teaching Materials, etc.
Xiongwen Lu etc.. 2013. Advanced Dictionary of Management. Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, Shanghai(in Chinese)
Editorial Board of Grand Lexicon (Management Volume). 2011. Grand Lexicon (Management Volume). Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, Shanghai(in Chinese)
Christopher Lovelock, Jochen Wirtz, Hean Tat keh, Xiongwen LU. 2005. Services Marketing in Asia, Second Edition. Prentice Hall, Singapore
Jianji Hu, Xiongwen Lu. 2004. Corporate Strategic Management (3rd Edition). Fudan University Press, Shanghai(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2013.01—2013.04, Principal Investigator, Development of Small-and-Medium-Size Private Enterprises: The Evaluation Model for Small-Size Growth Enterprises in Dongguan, Small-and-Medium-Size Enterprises Bureau of Dongguan
2012.06—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Development of Small-and-Medium-Size Private Enterprises: The Evaluation Model for Small-and-Medium-Size Enterprises Growth in Dongguan, Small-and-Medium-Size Enterprises Bureau of Dongguan
2012.06—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Development of Small-and-Medium-Size Private Enterprises: The Growth of Private Enterprises in Dongguan, Small-and-Medium-Size Enterprises Bureau of Dongguan
2011.11—2012.03, Principal Investigator, Industrial Distribution and Investment Guide of Small-and-Medium-Size Private Enterprises in Dongguan: Development of Small-and-Medium-Size Private Enterprises, Small-and-Medium-Size Enterprises Bureau of Dongguan
2011.10—2013.10, Principal Investigator, Research on SME Growth Index, Bank of Communications Co., Ltd
2010.07—2010.08, Principal Investigator, Research on Visitors’ Experience of the United States Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010, The United States Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010
2010.07—2011.01, Principal Investigator, Research on Customers’ Segments and Service Improvement Strategy, Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company
2009.01—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Research on the Chinese Urban Consumer Behavior - Exploration from the Perspectives of Social Identity and Social Identification , Key Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2005.01—2007.12, Member, A Study on the Factors and Modeling on Enterprises' Marketing Ethical Decision-making in Immature Market of China, General Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2002.06—2006.05, Project Leader, Study on Catching-up Path and Strategy of Internet Marketing in China, "Dawn" Program of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2001.03—2004.12, Project Leader, Study on Internet Marketing Strategy of Chinese Enterprises in the Era of New Economy, Excellent Young Scholars Project Granted by Ministry of Education of China
2001.03—2004.12, Project Leader, Philosophic Thinking of Internet Marketing Innovation in China and Its Application, Social Science Key Research Project, Fudan University
2001.02—2004.02, Project Leader, Study on Dynamics of Consumer Behavior in Immature Market of China and Its Impact on Marketing Innovation, General Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China
1999.01—1999.12, Project Leader, Study on Management of Shanghai Overseas State-owned Enterprises, Shanghai Municipal Government Decision-making Advisory Project
1998.02—2001.01, Project Leader, Study on Innovation of R&D Organizational Regime of High-tech Companies in China, the 9th Five-Year Plan Project, Ministry of Education of China

Academic Posts
2013.10—, Member, The International Observatory of Sports Consumption's Scientific Committee, ESSEC Business School
2010.11—, Vice President, Chinese Society for Management Modernization
2007.01—, Director, China University Marketing Research Association
2006.01—, Vice Chairman, Standing Director, Shanghai Marketing Association
2005.01—, Review Board Member, Journal of Marketing Science
2001.12—, Standing director, China Marketing Association

Enterprise Positions
2013.08— Shanghai Young Entrepreneurs Association, Honorary Director
2011.08— Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Board of Directors, Director
2008.09— National MBA Education Supervision Committee of China, Vice Chairman

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