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Lorna Doucet

Associate Professor
Department of Business Administration
Room 403, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Emotional Intelligence, Cross-Cultural Interactions, Chinese Culture

Educational Background
Ph.D, Management, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Master, Management, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Bachelor, Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, Canada

Journal Papers
1. Michael W. Morris, Zhen Xiong (George) Chen, Lorna Doucet, and Yaping Gong2017A giant of cultural research: seeing further from the shoulders of Kwok LeungManagement and Organization Review 13(4) 703-711 
2. Lu Wang, Lorna Doucet, Mary Waller, Karin Sanders, Sybil Phillips2016A laughing matter: patterns of laughter and the effectiveness of working dyadsOrganization Science 27(5) 1142–1160 
3. Lorna Doucet, Bo Shao, Lu Wang and Greg R. Oldham2016I know how you feel, but it does not always help: Integrating emotion recognition, agreeableness, and cognitive ability in a compensatory model of service performanceJournal of Service Management 27(3) 320-338 
4. Bo Shao, Lu Wang, David Cheng, and Lorna Doucet2015Anger suppression in negotiations: the roles of attentional focus and anger sourceJournal of Business and Psychology 30(4) 747–758 
5. Bo Shao, Lorna Doucet, and David R. Caruso2015Universality versus cultural specificity of three emotion domains: Some evidence based on the cascading model of emotional intelligenceJournal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 46(2) 229-251 
6. Lorna Doucet, Karen Jehn, and Guorong Zhu2012Intra- and inter-cultural conflicts in China: An exploratory studyFrontiers of Business Research in China 6(4) 475-495 
7. Lorna Doucet, Sherry M.B. Thatcher, and Matt E. Thatcher2012The effects of positive affect and personal information search on outcomes in call centers: An empirical studyDecision Support Systems 52(3) 664-673 
8. Lorna Doucet, Karen A. Jehn, Elizabeth Weldon, Xiangming Chen, and Zhongming Wang2009Cross-cultural differences in conflict management: An inductive study of Chinese and American managersInternational Journal of Conflict Management 20(4) 355-376 
9. Anat Rafaeli, Lital Ziklik, and Lorna Doucet2008The impact of call center employees’ customer orientation behaviors on service qualityJournal of Service Research 10(3) 239-255 

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