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Li Lingfang

Professor/Vice Department Chair
Department of Industrial Economics
Room 319, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Information Economics, Industrial Organization, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics

Educational Background
Ph.D, Economics, University of California, Irvine, USA

Awards on Research
2018.09, Excellent Paper Award, 2018 Academic Annual Meeting of China Association of Game Theory and Experimental Economics, Committee of China Association of Game Theory and Experimental Economics
2018.04, Research Award of China's digital trade, China's cross-border e-commerce research institute of Zhejiang University
2014.10, The 12th Shanghai Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science, Second Prize The Committee of Shanghai Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science
2007.04, Sanli Pastore & Hill Excellence in Economics Writing Award, The Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences University of California, Irvine

Title of Honour
2006.12, 2006 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad, China Scholarship Council

Journal Papers
1. Lingfang Li, Steven Tadelis, and Xiaolan Zhou2020Buying reputation as a signal of quality: Evidence from an online marketplaceThe RAND Journal of Economics 51(4) 965-988 
2. Ninghua Du, Lingfang Li, Tian Lu, and Xianghua Lu2020Prosocial compliance in P2P lending: a natural field experimentManagement Science 66(1) 315-333 
3. Luis Cabral and Lingfang (Ivy) Li2015A dollar for your thoughts: Feedback-conditional rebates on eBayManagement Science 61(9) 2052-2063 
4. Lingfang Li and Erte Xiao2014Money talks: Rebate mechanisms in reputation system designManagement Science 60(8) 2054-2072 
5. Anna E. Bargagliotti and Lingfang Li2013Decision making using rating systems: When scale meets binaryDecision Sciences 44(6) 1211-1137 
6. Ninghua Du, Hailiang Huang, and Lingfang Li2013Can online trading survive bad-mouthing? An experimental investigationDecision Support Systems 56 419-426 
7. Lingfang Li2010What is the cost of venting? Evidence from eBayEconomics Letters 108(2) 215-218 
8. Lingfang Li2010Reputation, trust, and rebates: How online auction markets can improve their feedback mechanismsJournal of Economics & Management Strategy 19(2) 303-331 
9. Lingfang Li and Donald G. Saari2008Sen‘s theorem: Geometric proof, new interpretationsSocial Choice and Welfare 31(3) 393-413 
10. Xiaoying Li and Lingfang Li2018A study on mechanism design for reducing risk in “the belt and road” International trades under internet circumstancesChina Industrial Economics (12) 97-113(in Chinese) 
11. Lingfang Li and Zhangqing Hong2015Efficiency of bilateral online reputation systemJournal of Management Sciences in China 18(2) 1-12(in Chinese) 
12. Lingfang Li and Siyuan Xu2014Can "consumer protection plans" really protect consumers? A game theoretical analysisJournal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (1) 2-17(in Chinese) 
13. Lingfang Li, Siyuan Xu, and Zhanqing Hong2013E-commerce in rural China: Issues and solutions Journal of Fujian Provincial Committee Party School of CPC (5) 70-74(in Chinese) 
14. Lingfang Li2001ERP and Chinese Enterprises Study and Practice (10) 61-62(in Chinese) 

Research Projects
2017.08—2020.08, Principal Investigator, Application of Mechanism Design in Online Platforms, Shanghai Shuguang Project
2015.01—2017.12, Principal Investigator, How Incentive Mechanisms Affect Consumer Behavior and Market Efficiency in Online Market, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2015.01—2019.12, Member, Research on Business Behaviors and Patterns in the Context of Big Data, The Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
2014.08—2016.08, Principal Investigator, Pricing Strategy, Reputation, and Firm Dynamics - Empirical Investigation of, The University of Hong Kong- Fudan University IMBA Joint Research Fund
2013.01—2015.12, Principal Investigator, A Study on Building a Trustworthy Online Market, Innovation Program of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2010.05—2011.04, Member, Communication Value of Monetary Incentives in Enforcing Cooperation, National Science Foundation of U.S.A.

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