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Dai Yue

Department of Management Science
Room 506, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management, Logistics Management, Game Theory, Inventory Control

Educational Background
Ph.D, Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA
Master, Systems Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Bachelor, Testing Technology and Instruments, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Academic Background
2009.08--2009.09, Visiting Scholar, City University of Hong Kong, HK
2005.08--2006.01, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
2004.10--2005.02, Visiting Scholar, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore

Awards on Research
2013.01, Outstanding Research Award, School of Management, Fudan University
2009.12, Most Cited Articles By Chinese Mainland Authors 2004-2008, Elsevier Economics Journals

Awards on Teaching
2020.10, The second place in MBA teaching, School of Management, Fudan University

Title of Honour
2014.04, Vision Plan, 复旦大学
2011.12, Program for New Century Excellent Talents, Education Ministry

Journal Papers
1. Fuqiang Zhang, Xiaole Wu, Christopher S. Tang, Tianjun Feng, and Yue Dai2020Evolution of operations management research: from managing flows to building capabilitiesProduction and Operations Management 29(10) 2219-2229 
2. Ziteng Wang, Yue Dai, Shu-Cherng Fang, Zhong-Zhong Jiang, and Yifan Xu2020Inventory transshipment game with limited supply: Trap or treatNaval Research Logistics 67(6) 383-403 
3. Zhe Zhang and Yue Dai2020Combination classification method for customer relationship managementAsia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 32(5) 1004-1022 
4. Wenzhu Zhang, Yue Dai, and Lin Tian2020Pricing strategies for competitive firms with indirect network effectsFlexible Services and Manufacturing Journal 33 547–581 
5. Yue Dai, Tianjun Feng, Christopher S. Tang, Xiaole Wu, and Fuqiang Zhang2020Twenty years in the making: The evolution of the journal of Manufacturing & Service Operations ManagementManufacturing & Service Operations Management 22(1) 1-10 
6. Yuelin Shen, Sean P. Willems, and Yue Dai2019Channel selection and contracting in the presence of a retail platformProduction and Operations Management 28(5) 1173-1185 
7. Yuelin Shen, Xiaodong Yang, and Yue Dai2019Manufacturer-retail platform interactions in the presence of a weak retailerInternational Journal of Production Research 57(9) 2732-2754 
8. Yue Dai and Xiuli Chao2016Price delegation and salesforce contract design with asymmetric risk aversion coefficient of sales agentsInternational Journal of Production Economics 172 31-42 
9. Yue Dai and Xiuli Chao2013Salesforce contract design and inventory planning with asymmetric risk-averse sales agentsOperations Research Letters 41(1) 86-91 
10. Yue Dai, Sean X. Zhou, and Yifan Xu2012Competitive and collaborative quality and warranty management in supply chainsProduction and Operations Management 21(1) 129-144 
11. Gangshu (George) Cai, Yue Dai, and Sean X. Zhou2012Exclusive channels and revenue sharing in a complementary goods marketMarketing Science 31(1) 172-187 
12. Yanming Ge, Yifan Xu, and Yue Dai2010Overbooking with bilateral transference in parallel flightsInternational Journal of Production Economics 128(2) 577-585 
13. Yue Dai, Shu-Cherng Fang, Xiaoli Ling, and Henry L.W. Nuttle2008Risk pooling strategy in a multi-echelon supply chain with price-sensitive demandMathematical Methods of Operations Research 67(3) 391-421 
14. Yue Dai, Xiuli Chao, Shu-Cherng Fang, and Henry L.W. Nuttle2006Capacity allocation with traditional and internet channelsNaval Research Logistics 53(8) 772-787 
15. Yue Dai, XiuLi Chao, Shu-Cherng Fang, and Henry L.W. Nuttle2006Capacity allocation and inventory policy in a distribution system Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research 23(4) 543-571 
16. Yue Dai, Xiuli Chao, Shu-Cherng Fang, and Henry L.W. Nuttle2005Pricing in revenue management for multiple firms competing for customersInternational Journal of Production Economics 98(1) 1-16 
17. Yue Da, Xiuli Chao, Shu-Cherng Fang and Henry L. W. Nuttle2005Game theoretic analysis of a distribution system with customer market searchAnnals of Operations Research 135(1) 223–228 
18. Wenzhu Zhang, Lin Tian, and Yue Dai2019The impact of gig economy on service product line designJournal of Marketing Science 15(3) 94-117(in Chinese) 
19. Yue Dai and Chao He2017Influence of disconfirmation and word-of-mouth on advertising strategyJonrnal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 31(3) 67-83(in Chinese) 
20. Yue Dai, Ying Dai, and Wenzhu Zhang2016Screening under multi-task franchising systemJournal of Fudan University (Natural Science), 55(3) 275-283(in Chinese) 

Translated Works
Vivien Yang, Yue Dai, Qi Zhang, The Resilient Enterprise: Overcoming Vulnerability for Competitive Advantage , Shanghai, Sanlian Shanghai Press, 2008.01 (in Chinese)

Papers in Books
Gangshu (George) Cai, Yue Dai, and Wenzhu Zhang.Modeling multichannel supply chain management with marketing mixes: a survey.In .Handbook of Research on Distribution Channels.Edward Elgar Publishing,2019

Research Projects
2015.01—2019.12, Member of Sub-project, Research on Business Behaviors and Patterns in the Context of Big Data, The Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
2010.01—2012.12, Principal Investigator, The Study of Interface between Distribution Channels, Promotion Activities and Supply Chain Management Strategies, National Natural Science Foundation
2009.01—2012.12, Member, Study of the Theory of Service Operations Management and its Application, The Key Project of National Science Foundation of China
2008.09—2009.09, Principal Investigator, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in China: Challenges and Opportunities, USA CAPS research institute
2006.01—2008.12, Principal Investigator, Software Focused Product and Service Supply Chain, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Academic Posts
2010.01—2013.12, Peer Reviewer, The Scientific Research Foundation for Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars of State Education Ministry
2007.05—2008.05, Deputy Secretary-General , Queueing Theory and Applications Committee, the Operations Research Society of China

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