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Iris Hung

Department of Marketing
Room 519, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Consumer Behavior

Educational Background
Ph.D, Marketing, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
Master, Marketing, Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK
Bachelor, Marketing, Information System, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK

Academic Background
2016.08--2016.12, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA

Awards on Research
2017.10, 2017 JCR Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Consumer Research
2017.05, IJRM Outstanding Senior Editors, International Journal of Research in Marketing

Journal Papers
1. Zheshuai Yang and Iris W. Hung2021Creative thinking facilitates perspective takingJournal of Personality and Social Psychology 120(2) 278–299 
2. Hannah H. Chang and Iris W. Hung2018Mirror, mirror on the retail wall: self-focused attention promotes reliance on feelings in consumer decisionsJournal of Marketing Research 55(4) 586-599 
3. Iris W. Hung and Robert S. Wyer Jr.2014Effects of self-relevant perspective-taking on the impact of persuasive appealsPersonality and Social Psychology Bulletin 40(3) 402-414 
4. Iris W. Hung and Anirban Mukhopadhyay2012Lenses of the heart: How actors' and observers' perspectives influence emotional experiencesJournal of Consumer Research 38(6) 1103-1115 
5. Michel Tuan Pham, Iris W. Hung, and Gerald J. Gorn2011Relaxation increases monetary valuationsJournal of Marketing Research 48(5) 814-826 
6. Iris W. Hung and Aparna A. Labroo2011From firm muscles to firm willpower: Understanding the role of embodied cognition in self-regulationJournal of Consumer Research 37(6) 1046-1064 
7. Iris W. Hung and Robert S. Wyer Jr.2011Shaping consumer imaginations: The role of self-focused attention in product evaluationsJournal of Marketing Research 48(2) 381-392 
8. Iris W. Hung and Robert S. Wyer Jr.2009Differences in perspective and the influence of charitable appeals: When imagining oneself as the victim is not beneficialJournal of Marketing Research 46(3) 421-434 
9. Robert S. Wyer Jr., Yuwei Jiang, and Iris W. Hung2008Visual and verbal information processing in a consumer context: Further considerationsJournal of Consumer Psychology 18(4) 276-280 
10. Robert S. Wyer Jr., Iris W. Hung, and Yuwei Jiang2008Visual and verbal processing strategies in comprehension and judgment Journal of Consumer Psychology 18(4) 244-257 
11. Iris W. Hung and Robert S. Wyer Jr.2008The impact of implicit theories on responses to problem-solving print advertisementsJournal of Consumer Psychology 18(3) 223-235 

Research Projects
2018.01—2021.12, Principal Investigator, Effects of Self on Consumer Information Processing and Decision Making, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Academic Posts
2018.08—, Co-Editor, International Journal of Research in Marketing

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