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Zheng Qinqin

Department of Business Administration
Room 406, Siyuan Building
Research Field:International Business, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Educational Background
Ph.D, Business Management, Fudan University

Academic Background
2011.04--2012.03, Visiting Scholar, University of Miami, USA
2008.01--2008.06, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management

Awards on Research
2019.04, Huamin Scholar Paper Award, Third prize Huamin Charity Foundation
2016.12, Outstanding project achievements, Third Prize Shanghai Automotive Educational Foundation

Awards on Teaching
2010.08, First Prize of Teaching Award for MBA of 2009(09.9-10.7), Fudan University
2010.06, 2010 Model English-teaching Course Development Project, Shanghai Education Commission
2018.05, Quality Course of Fudan University, Office of registry of Fudan University

Title of Honour
2015.03, "March 8th Red Banner" Fudan outstanding woman pacemaker during 2013-2014, Education Trade Union Committee of Fudan University
2013.03, Excellent women cadres of Fudan University during 2011-2012, Education Trade Union Committee of Fudan University
2012.12, Excellent Unionists of Fudan University during 2011-2012, School of Management,Fudan University
2010.12, Excellent Unionists of Fudan University during 2009-2010, Education Trade Union Committee of Fudan University
2009.12, Excellent Unionists of School of Management in 2009, Education Trade Union Committee of Fudan University
2008.12, Excellent Unionists of Fudan University during 2007-2008, Education Trade Union Committee of Fudan University
2005.10, Third Prize of Virtue of Youth Teachers Speech Contest in Shanghai, 2005, Shanghai Science and Science and Technology Education, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission,etc
2005.06, Second Prize of "kindness, Love, Passion of Teachers" Speech Contest in Fudan University, Education Trade Union Committee of Fudan University

Journal Papers
1. Chien-Chung Huang, Huiying Jin, Jieyou Zhang, Qinqin Zheng, Yafan Chen, Shannon Cheung, and Chuwei Liu2020The effects of an innovative e-commerce poverty alleviation platform on Chinese rural laborer skills development and family well-beingChildren and Youth Services Review 116 1-6 
2. Ajai Gaur, Koustab Ghosh, and Qinqin Zheng2019Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Asian firms: a strategic choice perspective of ethics and compliance managementJournal Of Asia Business Studies 13(4) 633-655 
3. Xueming Luo and Qinqin Zheng2018How firm internationalization is recognized by outsiders: The response of financial analystsJournal of Business Research 90 87-106 
4. Qinqin Zheng and Rosa Chun2017Corporate recidivism in emerging economiesBusiness Ethics: A European Review 26(1) 63-79 
5. Yadong Luo and Qinqin Zheng2016Competing in complex cross-cultural world Philosophical insights from Yin-YangCross Cultural & Strategic Management 23(2) 386-392 
6. Qinqin Zheng, Yadong Luo, and Vladislav Maksimov2015Achieving legitimacy through corporate social responsibility: The case of emerging economy firmsJournal of World Business 50(3) 389-403 
7. Pia Polsa and Qinqin Zheng2015Introduction to the special issue: China and Chinese communitiesJournal of Macromarketing 35(2) 163-166 
8. Xueming Luo, Heli Wang , Sascha Raithel, and Qinqin Zheng2015Corporate social performance, analyst stock recommendations, and firm future returnsStrategic Management Journal 36(1) 123-136 
9. Qinqin Zheng, Yadong Luo, and Stephanie Lu Wang2014Moral degradation, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility in a transitional economyJournal of Business Ethics 120(3) 405-421 
10. Qianqian Li and Qinqin Zheng2013Chinese customers' loyalty to international consulting firmsThe Service Industries Journal 33(5-6) 1495-1513 
11. Xueming Luo and Qinqin Zheng2013Reciprocity in corporate social responsibility and channel performance: do birds of a feather flock together?Journal of Business Ethics 118(1) 203-213 
12. Yadong Luo, Stephanie Lu Wang, Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, and Qinqin Zheng2013Governing business process offshoring: Properties, processes, and preferred modesJournal of World Business 48(3) 407-419 
13. Michael J. Gift, Paul Gift, and Qinqin Zheng2013Cross-cultural perceptions of business ethics: evidence from the United States and ChinaJournal of Business Ethics 114(4) 633-642 
14. Qiuzhi Xue, Qinqin Zheng, and Daniel W.lund2013The internationalization of service firms in China: A comparative analysis with manufacturing firmsThunderbird International Business Review 55(2) 137-151 
15. Luo, Yadong, Stephanie Lu Wang, Qinqin Zheng, and Vaidyanathan Jayaraman2012Task attributes and process integration in business process offshoring: A perspective of service providers from India and ChinaJournal of International Business Studies 43(5) 498-524 
16. Zheng, Qinqin, Miao Wang and Zhiqiang Li2011Rethinking ethical leadership, social capital and customer relationshipJournal of Management Development 30(7/8) 663-674 
17. Yadong Luo, Qinqin Zheng, Vaidyanathan Jayaraman2010Managing Business Process OutsourcingOrganizational Dynamics vol.39(3) 205-217 
18. Qinqin Zheng, Zhiqiang Li2010The Influence of Accounting Firms on Clients' Immoral Behaviors in ChinaJournal of Business Ethics vol.91(1) 137-149 
19. Qinqin Zheng and Yadong Lu2018To conform to the societal conventions or to make strategic decision? The response mechanism of corporate social responsibilityNankai Business Review 21(4) 169-181(in Chinese) 
20. Qinqin Zheng and Meng Chen2015The development of Chinese social enterprises and its performance antecedentEconomic Management Journal 37(Z1) 220-225(in Chinese) 
21. Li, Zhiqiang and Qinqin Zheng2012The influence of stakeholders on CSR implementationEnterprise Economy (3) 15-20(in Chinese) 
22. Zheng, Qinqin and Zhiqiang Li2012The research on BPO integrationReform of Economic System (1) 173-176(in Chinese) 
23. Li, Qian and Qinqin Zheng2011Capabilities and cost advantages: Regional development of KIBS in ChinaEast China Economic Management 25(9) 64-67(in Chinese) 
24. Qinqin Zheng2010Vertical Restraints of Multinational Consulting Firms on Customers in Host CountriesInternational Business—Journal of University of International Business and Economics (1) 74-78(in Chinese) 
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27. Qinqin Zheng2009The Value Network of Knowledge Intensive Business Service Industry in ShanghaiEconomic Management Journal(supplementary edition) Vol.31(Z1) 36-40(in Chinese) 
28. Qinqin Zheng2009From "Made in China" to "Served in China": The Reconsideration of Cost Advantage in Service Offshore OutsourcingInternational Business Research (5) 1-9(in Chinese) 
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Conference Proceedings
1. Xueming Luo and Qinqin Zheng2013Reciprocity in corporate social responsibility and channel performance: do birds of a feather flock together? 2013 AMA Winter Marketing Educators' Conference  1-38 
2. Qinqin Zheng, Yadong Luo, and Stephanie Lu Wang2012 Moral degradation, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility in a transitional economy2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting  1-29 
3. Zheng, Qinqin and Rosa Chun2011Testing corporate immoral recidivismBest Paper Proceedings of the 2011 Academy of Management Meeting San Antonio 1-6 
4. Li, Qianqian and Qinqin Zheng2011Customer loyalty on international consulting firms in China: Rational choice and irrational beliefAcademy of International Business 2011 Nagoya Conference Nagoya 1-30 
5. Yadong Luo, Stephanie C Lu, Qinqin Zheng, Vaidy Jayaraman2010Task Nature and Process Integration in Business Process Offshoring: Evidence from India and China2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting Montreal, Canada 1-41 
6. Qinqin Zheng, Zhiqiang Li2010Vertical Restraints of Multinational Consulting Firms in ChinaIEEE Computer Society Tokyo, Japan 867-872 
7. ZHENG Qin-qin2005The research on international expansion mode of professional service firms Vol.17  
8. Qinqin Zheng2010The Development of Chinese Consulting Industry and the Dominant Status of Multinational Companies  272-279(in Chinese) 
9. Qinqin Zheng2007The Development of Chinese Professional Service Companies in the Open MarketYeungnam University, Korea  1-6(in Chinese) 

Academic Works
Qinqin Zheng and Zhiqiang Li. 2018. Research on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in China. Fudan University Press, Shanghai.  (in Chinese)
ZHENG Qinqin. 2008. International Expansion of Service Multinational Company. Fudan University Press, Shanghai.  (in Chinese)

Teaching Materials, etc.
Laura P. Hartman, Joe DesJardins, Yong Su, Qinqin Zheng, and Qianni Gu. 2011. Business Ethics: Decision-Making for Personal Integrity & Social Responsibility. China Machine Press, Beijing(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2021.03—2023.03, Principal Investigator, Innovative Education Mode Design for Management Courses, Educational Reform Project by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry Of Education
2020.05—2020.05, Principal Investigator, Research on the Innovation and Strategy of Municipal State-Owned Enterprises Serving Key Public Projects in Shanghai, Major Special Projects of the 14th Five Year Plan for the Reform and Development of State Owned Enterprises in Shanghai
2017.09—2020.09, Principal Investigator, Ethics and Responsible Management in the International Operation of Chinese Companies, Based On the Analysis of Companies in Shanghai Area, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office
2015.07—2015.12, Principal Investigator, The Impact of Large Sponsored Projects on the Brand Value Promotion of SAIC Motor, Shanghai Automtive Educational Foundation
2014.09—2014.12, Principal Investigator, The Organization Structure Optimization of Shanghai Yidian Holdings (Group) Ltd, Shanghai Yidian Holdings (Group) Ltd
2013.01—2016.12, Principal Investigator, Ethical Analysis on the Vertical Restraints of Multinational Management Consulting Firms in China, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2013.01—2015.12, Principal Investigator, Research on CSR Implement in Business Operation, Outstanding Scholar Plan of Fudan University
2011.06—2013.12, Principal Investigator of Sub-project, Theory and Mechanism of the Support System for Overseas Investment of Chinese Enterprises, Social Science Key Construction Program of Fudan University “985” Project 3rd Period
2011.06—2013.12, Member, The Reputation of Corporate Misconduct and Countermeasures, National Social Science Foundation of China
2011.01—2013.12, Member, The Impact of Host Country Corruption on the Strategy of Multinational Companies, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2010.01—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Vertical Restraints of Multinational Management Consulting Firms to Chinese Customer - From the Perspective of Value Chain, National Natural Science Foundation
2009.10—2010.10, Principal Investigator, Vertical Restraints of Multinational Management Consulting Firms to the Customer Value Chain——Based on Empirical Analysis in Shanghai, Philosophy and Social Science Planning Foundation of Shanghai
2009.01—2012.12, Member, The Growth Strategy of Chinese Firms in High Technology Industry: The Interplay of the Government, the Market and the Social Sector, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2009.01—2012.12, Member, Research on Governance Strategy of Blockholders: Empirical and Experimental Analyses of Blockholders Counterbalance and External Supervision, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2008.06—2009.06, Principal Investigator, Enhancement of the Development of Knowledge Intensive Service in Shanghai, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality
2008.01—2010.12, Member, Research on rejuvenating the country through science and education and the strategy of strengthening the nation with human resource, China National Philosophy and Social Science Fund Major Issue
2006.12—2009.12, Principal Investigator, International transfer orientation and mode of Chinese service industry, Social Science Program fund by Ministry of Education
2006.04—2007.04, Principal Investigator, The knowledge diffusion effect of professional service multinational company in China, Asia Research Center, Fudan University
2006.01—2007.09, Principal Investigator, Development of Chinese Local Professional Service Company Interacting with Multinational Company under the Customer Demand Effect, Youth Science Fund by Fudan University
2005.09—2007.09, Principal Investigator, Development of Shanghai professional service company with customer selection mode, social science promotion plan of Fudan University
2005.01—2007.12, Member, The Study of Controlling, Positioning and Coordination of Chinese Overseas Branches, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2004.12—2005.12, Principal Investigator, Expansion mode of service multinational companies, Youth foundation of School of Management, Fudan University
2002.01—2004.06, Member, New research work on modern multinational theory, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Academic Posts
2012.03—, Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Business Ethics
2010.09—, Member of Editorial Board, Asian Journal of Business Ethics

Academic Conferences
2010.06—2010.06 IACMR 2010 Shanghai Conference, Shanghai
2009.12—2009.12 The First Academic Symposium of Founding a Country of High-Quality Human Resources in China, Shanghai

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