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Lu Xianghua

Department of Information Management and Information Systems
Room 705, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Information System Management, Virtual Community, IT Outsourcing Management

Educational Background
Ph.D, Management Science and Engineering, Fudan University

Academic Background
2012.01--2013.01, Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California, USA
2007.01--2007.06, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA

Awards on Research
2020.11, 2020 Wujiapei Prize of China Information Economics Society, China Information Economics Society
2019.10, Excellent Achievement Award of Chinese Information Economics Society in 2019, Chinese Information Economics Society
2019.06, Best Workshop Paper, The 13th China Summer Workshop on Information Management (CSWIM2019)
2011.06, Best Scholar, Huoshui Program / Young Scholar Training Program (2nd term), Alibaba Group (China)

Awards on Teaching
2010.07, The First National Top 100 MBA Teaching Case Award, China National MBA Education Committee
2017.12, The best MBA thesises of 2017 Shanghai, Shanghai MBA Education Steering Committee, The Society of Shanghai Graduate Education

Title of Honour
2020.11, 2020 Wujiapei Prize of China information economics society, China information economics society

Journal Papers
1. Xianghua Lu, Tian Lu, Chong (Alex) Wang, and Ruofan Wu2021Can social notifications help to mitigate payment delinquency in online peer‐to‐peer lending?Production and Operations Management forthcoming 1-22 
2. Jing Li, Xueming Luo, Xianghua Lu, and Takeshi Moriguchi2020The double-edged effects of e-commerce cart retargeting: does retargeting too early backfire?Journal of Marketing forthcoming 1-18 
3. Sulin Ba, Yuan Jin, Xinxin Li, and Xianghua Lu2020One size fits all? The differential impact of online reviews and couponsProduction and Operations Management 29(10) 2403-2424 
4. Xianghua Lu, Shu He, Shaohua Lian, Sulin Ba, and Junjie Wu2020Is user-generated content always helpful? The effects of online forum browsing on consumers' travel purchase decisionsDecision Support Systems 137 1-10 
5. Xinlin Yao, Peiran Zhang, Xianghua Lu, and Lihua Huang2020Early or late? entry timing in online it service markets and the moderating effects of market characteristicsJournal of Business Research 114 265-277 
6. Xianghua Lu and Yuxin Chen2020Situations matter:understanding how individual browsing situation routineness impacts online users' advertisement clicks behaviorJournal of Electronic Commerce Research 21(2) 113-129 
7. Yuanqiang Ye, Xianghua Lu, and Tian Lu2020Examining the spillover effect of sustainable consumption on microloan repayment: A big data-based researchInformation and Management forthcoming 1-18 
8. Ninghua Du, Lingfang Li, Tian Lu, and Xianghua Lu (Equal Contribution)2020Prosocial compliance in P2P lending: a natural field experimentManagement Science 66(1) 315-333 
9. Xueming Luo, Xianghua Lu, and Jing Li2019When and how to leverage e-commerce cart targeting: The relative and moderated effects of scarcity and price incentives with a two-stage field experiment and causal forest optimizationInformation Systems Research 30(4) 1203-1227 
10. Cheng Yi, Zhenhui (Jack) Jiang, Xiuping Li, and Xianghua Lu2019Leveraging user-Generated content for product promotion: The effects of firm-Highlighted reviewsInformation Systems Research 30(3) 711-725 
11. He (Michael) Jia, Sha Yang, Xianghua Lu, and C. Whan Park2018Do consumers always spend more when coupon face value is larger? the inverted u-shaped effect of coupon face value on consumer spending levelJournal of Marketing 82(4) 70-85 
12. Xianghua Lu, Chee Wei Phang, Sulin Ba, and Xinlin Yao2018Know who to give: Enhancing the effectiveness of online product samplingDecision Support Systems 105 77–86 
13. Xinlin Yao, Xianghua Lu, Chee Wei Phang, and Sulin Ba2017Dynamic sales impacts of online physical product samplingInformation & Management 54(5) 599–612 
14. Lei Huang, Xianghua Lu, and Sulin Ba2016An empirical study of the cross-channel effects between web and mobile shopping channelsInformation & Management 53(2) 265–278 
15. Xianghua Lu, Xia Zhao, and Ling Xue2016Is combining contextual and behavioral targeting strategies effective in online advertising?ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems 7(1) 1-20 
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17. Barney Tan, Shan L. Pan, Xianghua Lu, and Lihua Huang2015The role of IS capabilities in the development of multi-sided platforms: The digital ecosystem strategy of alibaba.comJournal of the Association for Information Systems 16(4) 248-280 
18. Chee Wei Phang, Chuan-Hoo Tan, Juliana Sutanto, Fabio Magagna, and Xianghua Lu2014Leveraging O2O commerce for productpromotion:An empirical investigation in mainland ChinaIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 61(4) 623-632 
19. Xianghua Lu and Xia Zhao2014Differential effects of keyword selection in search engine advertising on direct and indirect salesJournal of Management Information Systems 30(4) 299–325 
20. Lihua Huang, Sulin Ba, and Xianghua Lu2014Building online trust in a culture of Confucianism: The impact of process flexibility and perceived controlACM Transactions on Management Information Systems 5(1) 1-23 
21. Sha Yang, Shijie Lu, and Xianghua Lu2014Modeling competition and its impact on paid-search advertisingMarketing Science 33(1) 134–153 
22. Xianghua Lu, Sulin Ba, Lihua Huang, and Yue Feng2013Promotional marketing or word-of-mouth? Evidence from online restaurant reviewsInformation Systems Research 24(3) 596–612 
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Conference Proceedings
1. Chenghong Zhang,Shuaiyong Xiao,Tian Lu,and Xianghua Lu2019Who Borrows Money from Microloan Platform? - Evidence from Campus E-card. Orlando, Florida, USA (11589) 295-304 
2. Barney Tan,Shan L Pan,Xianghua Lu,Lihua Huang2009Leveraging Digital Business Ecosystems for Enterprise Agility: The Tri-Logic Development Strategy of USA,Phoenix 1-18 
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4. Xianghua Lu,Yue Feng2009Does Price Matter for Online Word-of-Mouth Value---Evidence from Online Restaurants' Reviews Incheon, Korea 938-944 
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15. Lu Xianghua, Lihua Huang2003The active value realization of information systemsScience of Science management of S&T  28-32(in Chinese) 

Academic Works
Xianghua Lu. 2005. Information System Value Management. Economy Management Press, Beijing.  (in Chinese)

Teaching Materials, etc.
Wenbiao Fu,Jian Liu,Lihua Huang,Huiqiang Zheng,Zhengshu Zhou,Xianghua Lu,Changguo Yu,Defa Zhao,Kejin Hu,Zhongchao Guo,Xiaoyin Zhang,Yue Zhang,Zhengchuan Xu,Yan Cheng,Zhijia Wang,Ning Bai,Shixiong Zhu,Chunhua Huang,Gao Li,Longzhang Xu. 2007. Informationization Programming and Project Management (Ⅰ). Shanghai, Shanghai Century Press, Shanghai(in Chinese)
Wenbiao Fu,Jian Liu,Lihua Huang,Huiqiang Zheng,Zhengshu Zhou,Xianghua Lu,Changguo Yu,Defa Zhao,Kejin Hu,Zhongchao Guo,Xiaoyin Zhang,Yue Zhang,Zhengchuan Xu,Yan Cheng,Zhijia Wang,Ning Bai,Shixiong Zhu,Chunhua Huang,Gao Li,Longzhang Xu. 2007. Informationization Programming and Project Management (Ⅱ). Shanghai, Shanghai Century Press, Shanghai(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2020.11—2021.08, Principal Investigator, The Relationship between Working Load and Working Quality: An Empirical Research in Food Delivery Industry,
2019.01—2022.12, Principal Investigator, The Borrowers' Repayment Behavior and Market Mechanism Research over Internet Microloan Platform: From the Perspective of Pro-Social Theory, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2015.12—2016.11, Principal Investigator, Information System Architecture Planning Consulting Service for Ouyeel Logistic Business, Shanghai OuyeelLogostic Ltd.
2015.01—2016.01, Principal Investigator, 2015 Shanghai Integration of Informatiization and Industrialization Development Report, Shanghai Municipal Commission Economy and Informatization
2012.01—2013.12, Principal Investigator, The Dynamic Impact of Online WOM on Consumer Behavior: Based on Consumer Learning Model, Oversea Cooperative Study Funds of National Natural Science Foundation of China
2012.01—2015.12, Principal Investigator, Keywords Selection and Bidding Strategy in Search Engine Advertising: Theoretical Model and Empirical Study after Considering the Multi-constraints, General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China
2011.09—2013.06, Principal Investigator, Corporate Innovation Driven by Social Media: Customer Management, Internal Operation and Product R&D, Shanghai Social Science Fund
2006.09—2009.12, Principal Investigator, Research on the behavior of ASP and ASP clients and their contract building process, Chinese National Science Fund Project
2005.09—2007.09, Principal Investigator, Research on Chinese traditional organization's IT governance mechanism, Fudan University
2005.03—2005.06, Principal Investigator, ISP project of GSP auto parts company, GSP
2004.06—2004.12, Principal Investigator, Shanghai enterprise informationization Public Service System Plan and design, Shanghai Government
2004.06—2004.08, Principal Investigator, Shanghai SME IT service platform plan, Shanghai Government
2004.01—2004.06, Principal Investigator, Land Corporate Information Systems Planning Project, Land Corporate

Academic Conferences
2009.06—2009.06 CSWIM 2009 The Third China Summer Workshop on Information Management, Guangzhou, China

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