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Liu Shengming

Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration
Room 217, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Leadership, Individual Difference, Career Development

Educational Background
Ph.D, Business Administration, Peking University
Bachelor, Human Resources Management, Renmin University of China

Academic Background
2017.09--2018.09, Research Assistant, The University of Iowa, USA

Journal Papers
1. Di Cai, Shengming Liu, Jia Liu, Li Yao, and Xingze Jia2021Mentoring and newcomer well-being: a socialization resources perspectiveJournal of Managerial Psychology 36(3) 285-298 
2. Lifan Chen, Shengming Liu, Yue Wang, and Xiaoli Hu2021Humble leader behavior and team creativity: the team learning perspectiveJournal of Managerial Psychology 36(3) 272-284 
3. Chen Chen, Xin Qin,Russell E. Johnson, Mingpeng Huang, Mengyun Yang and Shengming Liu2021Entering an upward spiral: Investigating how and when supervisors' talking about abuse leads to subsequent abusive supervisionJournal of Organizational Behavior 42(3) 407-428 
4. Yanjun Guan, Shengming Liu, Michael Jie Guo, Mengyu Li, Mengyi Wu, Sylvia Xiaohua Chen, Sabrina Lingxiao Xu, and Lin Tian2018Acculturation orientations and Chinese student sojourners' career adaptability: The roles of career exploration and cultural distanceJournal of Vocational Behavior 104 228-239 
5. Yan Bai, Zhilin Dong, Haiyang Liu, and Shengming Liu2017We may be different, but i can help you: the effects of leaders’ political skills on leader–follower power distance value incongruence and withdrawal behaviorJournal of Leadership and Organizational Studies 24(2) 216-229 
6. Shengming Liu, Ye Zhang, Lifan Chen, Li Guo, and Dongling Yu2015Enterprise WeChat groups: Their effect on work-life conflict and life-work enhancementFrontier of Business Research in China 9(4) 516-535 
7. Shengming Liu,Lifan Chen, and Simai Wang2018Modesty brings gains: The effect of humble leader behavior on team creativity from a team communication perspectiveActa Psychologica Sinica 50(10) 1159-1168(in Chinese) 
8. Haiyang Liu,Shengming Liu, Hui Wang, and Minya Xu2016The influence of leader-follower value congruence in power distance on follower’s performance and its mechanismNanKai Business Review 19(5) 55-65(in Chinese) 
9. Haoyu Zhang,Hui Wang,Li Guo, and Shengming Liu2016Empowering leadership, organization based self-esteem, and employee performance: The moderating effect of perceived insider statusEcnomic Science (2) 118-128(in Chinese) 

Research Projects
2021.05—2021.12, Principal Investigator, The Application and Practice of Virtual Communities in Business Students Education in A Digital Age, The First Batch of Undergraduate Teaching Research and Reform Projects at Fudan University in 2021
2021.01—2023.12, Principal Investigator, Is a Grasp of Mundane Affairs Always a Good Thing?A Research on the Negative Effects of Political Skill and Its Causes from an Intra-Comparison Perspective, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2021.01—2024.12, Member, Bottom Line and Top Line: The Nature of Preventive and Promotive Ethical Leadership and Their Differentiated Impact on Employee Behavior, National Natural Science Foundation of China

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