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Feng Xiangnan

Associate Professor
Department of Statistics
Room 311, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Latent Variable Models, Functional and Imaging Data Analysis, Big Data and Complex Data Analysis using Bayesian Methods, Statistical Modeling in Word of Mouth, Crowdfunding, and Mobile Marketing

Educational Background
Ph.D, Statistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK
Master, Risk Management Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK
Bachelor, Econometric Finance & Risk Management Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

Awards on Research
2017.11, 2017 Annual Conference of China Marketing Science (CMS), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Journal Papers
1. Xiangnan Feng, Tengfei Li, Xinyuan Song, and Hongtu Zhu2020Bayesian scalar on image regression with nonignorable nonresponseJournal of the American Statistical Association 115(532) 1574-1597 
2. Xiaoqing Wang, Xiangnan Feng, and Xinyuan Song2020Joint analysis of semicontinuous data with latent variablesComputational Statistics and Data Analysis 151 1-20 
3. Yan Zhao, Lingling Wen, Xiangnan Feng, Ran Li, and Xiaolin Lin2020How managerial responses to online reviews affect customer satisfaction: An empirical study based on additional reviewsJournal of Retailing and Consumer Services 57 1-11 
4. Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Xiaolin Lin, and Yijian Ning2020Mobile targeting in industrial marketing: Connecting with the right businessesIndustrial Marketing Management 86 65-76 
5. Xiangnan Feng, Bin Lu, Xinyuan Song, and Shuang Ma2019Financial literacy and household finances: A Bayesian two-part latent variable modeling approachJournal of Empirical Finance 51 119-137 
6. Weiwei Cao, Xiangnan Feng, Jianmin Jia, and Hong Zhang2019Characterizing the structure of the railway network in China: a complex weighted network approach Journal of Advanced Transportation 2019 1-11 
7. Tengfei Li, Fengchang Xie, Xiangnan Feng, Joseph G. Ibrahim, Hongtu Zhu, and the Alzheimers Disease Neuroimaging Initiative2018Functional linear regression models for nonignorable missing scalar responsesStatistica Sinica 28(4) 1867-1886 
8. Ping Hou, Xiangnan Feng, Jie Liu, Xiaopeng Wang, Yaojun Jiang, Leigang Dong, and Jianbo Gao2018Low tube voltage and iterative model reconstruction in follow-up CT angiography after thoracic endovascular aortic repair: ultra-low radiation exposure and contrast medium doseAcademic Radiology 25(4) 494-501 
9. XiangNan Feng, HaoTian Wu, and XinYuan Song2017Bayesian adaptive lasso for ordinal regression with latent variablesSociological Methods & Research 46(4) 926-953 
10. Ping Hou, Xiangnan Feng, Jie Liu, Yue Zhou, Yaojun Jiang, Xiaochen Jiang, and Jianbo Gao2017Iterative reconstruction in single-source dual-energy CT angiography: feasibility of low and ultra-low volume contrast medium protocolsBritish Journal of Radiology 90(1075) 1-8 
11. Xiangnan Feng, Haotian Wu, and Xinyuan Song2017Bayesian regularized multivariate generalized latent variable modelsStructural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal 24(3) 341-358 
12. Ge Xu, Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Xiaohong Chen, and Jianmin Jia2017Environmental risk perception and its influence on well-beingChinese Management Studies 11(1) 35-50 
13. Xiang-Nan Feng, Yifan Wang, Bin Lu, and Xin-Yuan Song2017Bayesian regularized quantile structural equation modelsJournal of Multivariate Analysis 154  234-248 
14. Christoph Heinrich Houben, Xiangnan Feng, Kin Wai Edwin Chan, Jennifer Wai Cheung Mou, Yuk Him Tam, and Kim Hung Lee2016Spontaneous intestinal perforation: the long-term outcomeEuropean Journal of Pediatric Surgery 27(4) 346-351 
15. Christoph Heinrich Houben, Xiang-Nan Feng, Sheung-Ho Tang, Edwin Kin Wai Chan, and Kim Hung Lee2016What is the role of laparoscopic surgery in intussusception?ANZ Journal of Surgery 86(6) 504-508 
16. Yifan Wang, XiangNan Feng, and XinYuan Song2016Bayesian quantile structural equation modelsStructural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal 23(2) 246-258 
17. Guochang Wang, Xiangnan Feng, and Min Chen2016Functional partial linear single-index modelScandinavian Journal of Statistics 43(1) 261-274 
18. Guochang Wang, Yan Zhou, Xiangnan Feng, and Baoxue Zhang2015The hybrid method of FSIR and FSAVE for functional effective dimension reductionComputational Statistics & Data Analysis 91 64-77 
19. Xiangnan Feng, Guochang Wang, Yifan Wang, and Xinyuan Song2015Structure detection of semiparametric structural equation models with Bayesian adaptive group lassoStatistics In Medicine 34(9) 1527-1547 
20. Xinyuan Song, Zhaohua Lu, and Xiangnan Feng2014Latent variable models with nonparametric interaction effects of latent variablesStatistics in Medicine 30(10) 1723-1737 
21. Xin-Yuan Song, Jing-Heng Cai, Xiang-Nan Feng, and Xue-Jun Jiang2014Bayesian analysis of the functional-coefficient autoregressive heteroscedastic modelBayesian Analysis 9(2) 371-396 
22. Weiwei Cao, Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Wei Geng, and Jianmin Jia2020Investigating passengers’ choice behavior of intercity rails with large-scale ticketing dataSystems Engineering — Theory & Practice 40(4) 989-1000(in Chinese) 
23. Ge Xu, Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei LI, Xiaohong Chen, and Jianmin Jia2017Empirical study on the perceived risk of smog and public coping behaviorJournal of Management Sciences in China 20(9) 1-14(in Chinese) 
24. Xiaohong Chen, Ge Xu, Xiangnan Feng, and Jianmin Jia2016Analysis of the public's attitude, willingness and behavior towards the construction of two-oriented societyManagement World (12) 90-101(in Chinese) 

Research Projects
2019.01—2021.12, Principal Investigator, Empirical Studies on Social Influence in Online Crowdfunding, National Natural Science Foundation of China

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