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Li Xuhong

Professor/Department Chair
Department of Business Administration
Room 414, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Organizational behaviors, Organizational Development, Behavioral Decision Making in Management, Human Resource Management

Educational Background
Ph.D, Business Management, Fudan University
Master, Business Management, Fudan University
Bachelor, Psychology, East China Normal University

Academic Background
2016.09--2017.08, Fulbright Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
2008.01--2008.04, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
2005.08--2006.04, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
1999.09--2000.08, Visiting Scholar, Tulane University, USA

Awards on Research
2020.12, Excellent Award for National Scientific Research (Humanities and Social Science), 2nd grade Ministry of Education
2019.03, 2018-2019 Second IACMR-RRBM Award for Responsible Research in Management, International Association for Chinese Management Research
2016.11, The 13th Shanghai Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science, First Prize Committee of Shanghai Philosophy & Social Science Outstanding Achievements Award
2010.12, The 10th Shanghai Philosophy & Social Science Outstanding Achievements Award, Second Prize Awarding Committee of Shanghai Philosophy & Social Science Outstanding Achievements Award

Awards on Teaching
2014.09, Teaching Award 2012-2013 for MBA(International) Programme, The University of Hongkong, Fudan University

Journal Papers
1. Jialin Zhao, Xuhong Li, and John Shields2019Managing job burnout: the effects of emotion- regulation ability, emotional labor, and positive and negative affect at workInternational Journal of Stress Management 26(3) 315–320 
2. Xuhong Li and Xiaoya Liang2015A Confucian social model of political appointments among Chinese private-firm entrepreneursAcademy of Management Journal 58(2) 592-617 
3. Li, Xuhong and Yongjian Chen2012Transformational leadership and group organizational citizenship behavior: The role of team identification and goal sharingEconomic Management Journal (Z1) 161-165(in Chinese) 
4. Li, Xuhong, Zhongxing Luo and Qing Qu2011How person-organizational fit affects employee's job-related attitude?Economic Management Journal 33(Z2) 111-114(in Chinese) 
5. Xuhong Li2010Undercovering is for Effective CommunicationManaMaga (8) 40-42(in Chinese) 
6. Xuhong Li, Zhongxing Luo2009A Study on Human Resource Needs in Shanghai Financial Industry for the Construction of a Global Financial CentreShanghai Journal of Economics (10) 86-94(in Chinese) 
7. Xuhong Li2009The Strategy of Improving Financial Environment in Shanghai Based on a Comparison among Four Major Global Financial Centres - London, New York City, Singapore and HongkongEconomic Management Journal(supplementary edition) Vol.31(Z1) 45-49(in Chinese) 
8. Xuhong Li, Wen Xu2009Empirical Research on Influential Factors of Knowledge Workers' Turnover Intention and Their Functional Mechanism——From the Perspective of the New EmployeesR & D Management Vol.21(1) 79-86, 94(in Chinese) 
9. LI Xuhong, XU Wen2008Organizational Socialization Tactics and Turnover Intention: An Empirical Study on Organizational Entry ProcessShanghai Management Science vol.30(3) 57-60(in Chinese) 
10. LI Xuhong2004A Self-serving Agent or a Steward: a Cross-cultural Analysis of the Role of Executives in State-owned EnterprisesJournal of Fudan University (Natural Science Edition) Vol.43(3) 443-449(in Chinese) 
11. LI Xuhong, ZHOU Jun2004The Critical Problems and Solutions in Project Management for Chinese Venture Capital Enterprises: Analysis from the view of Organization Control and Human Resource Management.Shanghai Management Science (2) 51-53(in Chinese) 
12. LI Xuhong2004CEO Compensation: the Practice in Western Countries and Lessons for Chinese State-owned EnterprisesInformation Center for Social Science, RUC.(volume Management of Industrial Enterprises) (3) 153-155(in Chinese) 
13. LI Xuhong2002Organizational Justice: From Theory to PracticeEconomic Theory and Business Management, (7) 57-61(in Chinese) 

Conference Proceedings
1. Jialin Zhao, Xuhong Li, and John Shields2014Positive affectivity and individualism as moderators of the EI to work well-being relationship74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management  Philadephia, U. S. 1-38 
2. Chen, Xiaoping, Xuhong Li and Xiaoya Liang2011Why do business leaders pursue political connections in China? Economic benefits or psychological placebo?2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting San Antonia, USA 1-39 
3. Xuhong Li, Zhongxing Luo, Qing Qu2010How Person-Organizational Fit Affects Employee's Job-related Attitude: the Moderationg Effect of Firm Ownership Shanghai 1-23(in Chinese) 
4. LI Xuhong2006The Incentive Mechanism for Top Management in Chinese SOEs - A Study based on Cross-cultural Differences  (in Chinese) 

Academic Works
XIANG Baohua, LI Xuhong. 2005. Behavioral Decision Making in Management: Preferences, Judgments and Choices. Fudan University Press, Shanghai.  (in Chinese)

Papers in Books
Xuhong Li.Understanding job incumbents in new era: the slash effect.In .Management Insights.(13),2018(in Chinese)
Xuhong Li and Xiaomei Dong.What shall you ask for: Order the national life or preserve the world peace?.In .Management Insights.(3),2015(in Chinese)

Teaching Materials, etc.
Shuying Xu, Xuhong Li, Liangding Jia, Jian Liang, Weiguo Zhong, Runtian Jing, and Heather Douglas. 2018. Responsible Research in Management: Philosophy and Practice. Peking University Press, Beijing(in Chinese)
Editorial Board of Grand Lexicon (Management Volume). 2011. Grand Lexicon (Management Volume). Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, Shanghai(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2020.01—2023.12, Principal Investigator, Pay Inequality within Organizations, Employee and Citizen Well-Being: A Study in Chinese Institutional and Cultural Context, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2017.01—2018.12, Principal Investigator, CEO’s Values and Their Impacts on Corporate Governance and Strategic Decisions: A Study based on Chinese Cultural Traditions, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2014.01—2017.12, Principal Investigator, A Study on the Economic and Social Psychological Motives of Corporate Elite‘s Political Embeddedness, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2013.05—2016.05, Principal Investigator, Psychological Motive of Entrepreneur's Political: Institutional and Cultural Determinants, Ministry of Education of China, Humanities and Social Sciences Fund
2010.11—2010.12, Principal Investigator, Human Resource Development for Shanghai Financial Industry: Objectives and Measurements during the Period "the 12th National 5-Year-Plan", Shanghai Financial Working Committee
2008.09—2009.01, Principal Investigator, A Study of Human Resource Development Strategy for Shanghai Financial Industry, International Financial Centre Assessment Indicators for Affracting Talents and Financial Human Resource Demand Forecasting for Shanghai, Shanghai Financial Working Committee (Shanghai Municipal Government)
2008.01—2010.10, Principal Investigator of Sub-project, Human Resource Development in China based on a Strategy of International Talents Recruiting, National Social Science Foundation
2005.01—2007.03, Principal Investigator, A theoretical and empirical study based on cross-cultural variables of managerial incentive and monitoring mechanism in Chinese SOEs, National Social Science Foundation
2004.08—2006.12, Principal Investigator, A study of the constraints variables and their motivating effects for executives in Chinese SOEs, Shanghai Social Science Foundation

Academic Posts
2020.05—2022.05, Member, International Association of Chinese Management Research, Education Committee
2018.01—2022.12, Member, International Association of Chinese Management Research, Publication Committee
2018.01—2022.12, Member of Editorial Review Board, Management and Organization Review
2018.01—2022.12, Board member (the 9th Board), Chinese Association of Social Psychology
2017.12—2022.12, Vice President , Shanghai Social Psychology Academy
2017.04—2022.04, Committee Member, Shanghai Federation of Social Science Association
2012.01—2017.12, Board member (the 7th Board), Shanghai Social Psychology Academy
2007.11—2012.11, Board member(the 6th Board), Shanghai Social Psychology Academy
2002.04—2007.11, Board member (the 5th Board) , Shanghai Social Psychology Academy

Enterprise Positions
2003.04—2009.04 Shanghai Jielong Industry Corporation Limited, Independent Director

Academic Conferences
2012.06—2012.06 2012 IACMR Conference, Hongkong
2010.07—2010.07 The 7th Conference of the International Test Commission, Hong Kong

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