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Ren Mingchuan

Associate Professor
Department of Accounting
Room 306, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Accounting in the UK and US, Accounting Profession, Corporate Reporting

Educational Background
Ph.D, Accounting and Finance, University of Hull, UK
Master, Accounting, Xiamen University
Bachelor, Accounting, Anhui University of Finance & Economics

Academic Background
2004.01--2004.06, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
2002.01--2002.06, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
1992.11--1993.12, Visiting Scholar, Business School, The University of Hull, UK

Awards on Teaching
, 2010 Model English-teaching Course Development Project, Shanghai Education Commission
2003.12, First Prize of Kodak Faculty Scholarship in 2003, Fudan University
2002.12, Third Prize of Esquel IMBA Faculty Scholarship in 2002 Offered by School of Management at Fudan University, School of Management, Fudan University
2012.10, First Prize of Teaching Award 2011 for MBA Programme, MBA Programme, School of Management, Fudan University

Journal Papers
1. Ronald R.King and Mingchuan Ren2012Why care about China's reporting system?Financial Executive 28(3) 20-23 
2. Noel Harding and Mingchuan Ren 2007The importance in accounting of ambiguity tolerance at the national level: The evidence from Australia and ChinaAsian Review of Accounting 15(1) 6-24 
3. Ren, Mingchuan and David Alexander2000Issues in developing accounting standards in China: A contextual perspectiveChina Accounting & Finance Review 2(3) 93-125 
4. Mingchuan Ren, Yanling Zhang2010A Few Basic Theoretical Questions Related to Audit IndependenceThe Chinese Certified Public Accountant vol.134(7) 30-35(in Chinese) 
5. Mingchuan Ren2009Two Dilemmas about Accounting EthicsJournal of Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce vol.23(4) 31-35(in Chinese) 
6. REN Mingchuan2008Harvard Case Teaching: Its "Forms" and "Substance"China University Teaching (4) 91-92,61(in Chinese) 
7. REN Mingchuan, YU Fei2007Litigation Storm and CPA Negligence Liability in the USThe CICPA Journal (12) 80-83(in Chinese) 
8. REN Mingchuan2007The Sociology of Accounting ProfessionalisationThe CICPA Journal  66-70(in Chinese) 
9. REN Mingchuan2006FRC: A Stop-mark to the Self-regulation in the UKAccounting & Finance Monthly (10) 89-90(in Chinese) 
10. REN Mingchuan, AO Man2006An Analysis on KPMG's Abusive Tax ShelterFinancial Affairs & Accounting  71-73(in Chinese) 
11. REN Mingchuan, LIU Qianyin2006Merge of Professional Bodies in UK: Traditions & ProblemsThe CICPA Journal  74-77(in Chinese) 
12. REN Mingchuan, AO Man2006An Analysis on KPMG's Abusive Tax ShelterThe CICPA Journal  74-77(in Chinese) 
13. REN Mingchuan, LIU Dandan2005Two Professions in US: Accountants and LawyersThe CICPA Journal  63-66(in Chinese) 
14. REN Mingchuan2005PCAOB and Its CriticsThe CICPA Journal  67-70(in Chinese) 
15. REN Mingchuan2004The Greatest SEC Chief Accountants in the USThe CICPA Journal  62-64(in Chinese) 
16. REN Mingchuan2004The Most Recognized Accountants in the USThe CICPA Journal  62-64(in Chinese) 
17. REN Mingchuan2004Arthur Andersen's Debacle and the LessonsFinancial Affairs & Accounting  59-60(in Chinese) 
18. REN Mingchuan2003A Reform to the Professional Complaining and Disciplinary System in the UKThe CICPA Journal  41-43(in Chinese) 
19. REN Mingchuan2003Arthur Andersen's Debacle and the LessonsFinance & Accounting (4) 42-44(in Chinese) 
20. REN Mingchuan2002Enron and the Oversight of Accounting ProfessionThe CICPA Journal  57-59(in Chinese) 
21. REN Mingchuan2002Enron and Audit IndependenceThe CICPA Journal  19-21(in Chinese) 
22. REN Mingchuan2002Enron and Its Impact on American Accounting SystemThe CICPA Journal  54-56(in Chinese) 
23. REN Mingchuan2002The Impact of Legal System on AccountingFinance & Accounting (1) 21-23(in Chinese) 
24. REN Mingchuan2001The Essence of Accounting International HarmonizationThe CICPA Journal  48-49(in Chinese) 
25. REN Mingchuan2001An "Independence" War in the US: SEC Vs AICPAAccounting & Finance Monthly (3) 26-28(in Chinese) 
26. REN Mingchuan2000The FRRP in the UKThe CICPA Journal  50-51(in Chinese) 
27. REN Mingchuan1999A Radical Reform to the Self-regulation of Accountancy in the UKAccounting & Finance Monthly (12) 48-49(in Chinese) 
28. REN Mingchuan1999The Financial Reporting Review Panel in the UKAccounting Research (5) 57-58(in Chinese) 
29. REN Mingchuan1999IASC and Its Accounting HarmonizationAccounting & Finance Monthly (1) 46-49(in Chinese) 
30. REN Mingchuan1993Accounting Import & Export: Lessons from the UKForeign Economics & Management (12) 37-40(in Chinese) 
31. REN Mingchuan, ZHANG Yanling1991The Limitations of Financial Information in Business DecisionsModernization of Management  (in Chinese) 

Conference Proceedings
1. Ren Mingchuan、David Alexander、Moryer Kedslie1995The Trend of Accounting Reform in China: Issues and Environment   

Academic Works
Mingchuan Ren. 2010. Professional Accounting Ethics in the United States. Press of People's University of China, Beijing.  (in Chinese)

Teaching Materials, etc.
Editorial Board of Grand Lexicon (Management Volume). 2011. Grand Lexicon (Management Volume). Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, Shanghai(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2001.10—2002.10, Chief researcher, Study on accounting ethics, Ministry of Education's Research Fund for Scholars Returning from Abroad
2001.01—2002.12, Member researcher, Listed companies' manipulation of financial information in China: case and empirical evidence, National Social Science Research Fund

Ren, Mingchuan, A "Big Bath" in China: Accounting and Corporate Governance, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies,
Ren, Mingchuan and Yanling Zhang, Arthur Anderson: from Glory to Disgrace, Selected Cases of Fudan University,

Academic Conferences
2011.07—2011.07 International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
2010.07—2010.07 2010 Melbourne Conference on China, Melbourne, Australia

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