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Qiu Lijin

Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing
Room 628, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Service Marketing, Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, Luxury Brand Management, Chinese Consumer Behavior Analysis

Educational Background
Ph.D, Business Management , Fudan University

Academic Background
2014.09--2015.02, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
2009.02--2010.01, Visiting Scholar, Arizona State University, USA
2005.03--2005.04, Visiting Scholar, Bocconi University, Italy
2003.01--2003.03, Visiting Scholar, University of Oregon, USA
2000.09--2001.03, Visiting Scholar, University of Oregon, USA

Awards on Research
2015.12, The 7th National Award to Excellent Academic Achievement of High Education Institutes (Humanities and Social Science), Third Prize Ministry of Education
2008.05, Shanghai Sports Social Science Research Award, 2007, Third Prize Shanghai Sports Administration Bureau

Awards on Teaching
2011.09, Model English-teaching Course Development Project, Shanghai Education Commision
2008.01, Third prize of 2007 Shanghai sport science and strategic research project, Sport administrative bureau of Shanghai
2007.11, Education Bureau-IBM Excellent Courses, Ministry of Education of China
2007.07, University Recognition for Excellent Courses, Fudan University
2007.07, Municipal Recognition for Excellent Course, Shanghai Education Commission
2005.07, National excellent Course of 2005, Ministry of education of China
2012.07, Internationalization of Service Marketing Course, Fudan University
2011.11, Third Prize of 2011 Fudan University Teaching Competition(Natural Science), Fudan University
2013.11, Shanghai College Oversea Students English teaching demonstration course 2013—Service Marketing, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2014.09, Shanghai Young College Teachers Teaching Competition ( Humanities and Social Sciences Group), Shanghai Education Council
2010.06, Second Prize of Fudan University Teaching Award, Fudan University
2010.06, Third Prize of Fudan University Teaching Award, Fudan University
2010.10, Ministry of Education—IBM Excellent Course, 教育部

Title of Honour
2013.11, Excellent Faculty Mentor, Shanghai College Student’s Summer Social Practice Activities 2013, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2012.03, 100m Breaststroke, University Women Group,“TianAn” Swimming Competition , The 7th Shanghai Teaching and Administrative Staff Games
2012.03, 100m Freestyle, University Women Group,“TianAn” Swimming Competition, The 7th Shanghai Teaching and Administrative Staff Games

Journal Papers
1. Liyin Jin, Deqiang Zou, Lijin Qiu2010Strategic Presentation of Option under the Condition of Service Customization: Effects of Presentation Framework on Consumers' ChoiceMarketing (5) 60-70(in Chinese) 
2. Liyin Jin, Deqiang Zou, Lijin Qiu2009The Effect of Option Framing on Consumer Choice in Service Customization ContextNankai Business Review Vol.12(6) 90-100(in Chinese) 
3. Liyin Jin, LijinQiu, Deqiang Zou2008Review and prospect of service guarantee Foreign economics and management Vol.30(5) 42-47(in Chinese) 
4. QIU Lijin, XU Minglei, LI Ruoshan2004Compelled Disclosure of Accounting Information and Protection of Business SecretModern Finance (11) 100-103(in Chinese) 
5. QIU Lijin, QIN Dong2003How to define the legal status of independent auditing rulesFinance and Accounting (8) 39-40(in Chinese) 

Conference Proceedings
1. Du, Yanyan, Lijin Qiu, and Yunhui Huang2012The impacts of employees’ emotions on service responsibility attribution when customers participate in services2012 International Joint Conference on Service Sciences Shanghai 164-168 

Translated Works
QIU Lijin, Fundamentals of Sports Marketing, Second Edition, Shenyang, Liaoning Science and Technology Press, Inc., 2005.08 (in Chinese)

Teaching Materials, etc.
Xiucheng Fan, Zhanbo Zhao, Lijin Qiu, Huawei Zhu, and Yi Xie. 2018. Service Marketing. Capital University of Economics and Business Press, Beijing(in Chinese)
Xiongwen Lu etc.. 2013. Advanced Dictionary of Management. Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, Shanghai(in Chinese)
Editorial Board of Grand Lexicon (Management Volume). 2011. Grand Lexicon (Management Volume). Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, Shanghai(in Chinese)
. 2010. Cihai. Shanghai Cishu Press, Inc., Shanghai(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2013.01—2017.12, Member, Research on Theories and Models of Service Value Co-creation from Customer Participation Perspective, Major Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
2013.01—2016.12, Member, Social Transmission and Consumer Engagement of Marketing Communication in the New Media Environment:Collective Motivation, Social Interaction and Market Response, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2010.01—2012.12, Member, Interactive Mechanism Analysis of Customer Value Co-creation, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2010.01—2012.12, Member, Consumer Decision Making of Product Configuration in Customization Context: Psychological Mechanism and Management Strategy , National Natural Science Foundation of China
2008.01—2008.12, Principal Investigator, Operational Mechanism Analysis of Sport Event in Shanghai, 2008 Shanghai Sport Science and Strategic Research Project
2008.01—2008.12, Principal Investigator, Industrial Analysis and Consumer Behavior Research of Chinese Textile Market, Shanghai Chuangqiao Import and Export Trading Co.
2008.01—2008.12, Principal Investigator, Consumer Behavior Research of Chinese Health Product Market, Ohio State University
2007.06—2007.12, Principal Investigator, Marketing Strategy of Stadiums and Arenas in Shanghai, Shanghai Sports Administration Bureau}

Academic Conferences
2012.06—2012.06 21st Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, USA
2012.05—2012.05 2012 International Joint Conference on Service Sciences, Shanghai

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