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Lv Changjiang

Professor/Associate Dean
Department of Accounting
Room 320, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Accounting and Capital Market, Managerial Accounting

Educational Background
Ph.D, Quantitative Economics, Jilin University

Academic Background
2004.08--2005.08, Advanced Research Scholar, University of California, Los Angeles/California State University, Northridge, USA
1999.01--1999.09, Visiting Scholar, Nyenrode University, Netherlands

Awards on Research
2008.10, The 9th Shanghai Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science, Paper Category, Second Prize The Committee of Shanghai Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science
2007.07, Eric Pan 2007 Excellent Paper Award for Young Scholars, Accounting Society of Shanghai
2006.12, Chinese Universities Humanities and Social Science Excellent Research Award, Third Prize Ministry of Education
2003.12, Chinese Universities Humanities and Social Science Excellent Research Award, Second Prize Ministry of Education

Awards on Teaching
2010.10, Fudan University Forward Faculty Scholarship for Distinguished Professor Award in 2010, Fudan University
2009.07, The 5th Fudan University Distinguished Professor Award, Fudan University
2009.03, Second Prize of 2009 Shanghai College Teaching Award, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Title of Honour
2006.12, The State Council Special Allowance, State Council
2005.08, Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education

Journal Papers
1. Changjiang Lyu, Kemin Wang, Frank Zhang, and Xin Zhang2018GDP management to meet or beat growth targetsJournal of Accounting & Economics 66(1) 318-338 
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15. Haijie Huang, Changjiang Lv, and Edward Lee2016The influence of "four trillion investment" policy on firm investment efficiencyAccounting Research (2) 51-57(in Chinese) 
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17. Shao shuai and Changjiang Lv2015Can the actual controllers' directly holding stocks increase the company's value?: A study from the evidence of China's private listed companiesManagement World (5) 134-146(in Chinese) 
18. Changjiang Lv and Huibo Han2014VAM, synergy and distribution of gains from M&AJournal of Audit & Economics (6) 3-13(in Chinese) 
19. Shuai Shao, Tao Zhou, and Changjiang Lu2014Stock incentive design between SOEs and private firms-case study on Shanghai Jahwa Accounting Research (10) 43-50(in Chinese) 
20. Changjiang Lv and Shuai Shao2014The effect of the sticky knowledge on the economic growth in China: Based on spatial econometrics models using Chinese provincial dataChina Management Review (1) 25-49(in Chinese) 
21. Xiaowei Wong, Keming Wang, and Changjiang Lv2014The influence of the family involvement in management on IPO under-pricingManagement World (1) 156-166(in Chinese) 
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23. Changjiang Lv and Haiping Zhang2012The effect of listed company's incentive plan for stock option on the policy about the distribution of the money paid for sharesManagement World (11) 133-143(in Chinese) 
24. Zhou, Xianhua, Qingquan Fan, Changjiang Lv, and Xin Zhang2012Foreign shareholder and dividend payout: Based on China's empirical evidenceThe Journal of World Economy 35(11) 112-140(in Chinese) 
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Translated Works
Liyan Wang, Changjiang Lv, Zhiyuan Liu, Yunguo Liu, Guliang Tang, Zezhong Xiao, Wei Luo, Yuming Hu, Jianqiao Hong, Yuanlue Fu, Fei Pan, Handbook of Management Accounting Research (Volume 1), Beijing, China Renmin University Press, 2009.12 (in Chinese)
LV Changjiang, Advanced Management Accounting, Dalian, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Press, 2007.05 (in Chinese)
LV changjiang, Financial Accounting: Reporting & Analysis, Beijing, Economic Science Press, 2007.03 (in Chinese)

Teaching Materials, etc.
LV Changjiang, HAN Huibo and ZHAO Yan. 2006. Management Accounting. Fudan University Press, Shanghai(in Chinese)
LV Changjiang, WANG Kemin, HAN Huibo and ZHAO Yan. 2004. Financial Management. Nankai University Press, Tianjin(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2017.01—2020.12, Principal Investigator, The Effect of Investor Sophistication on Market Efficiency under Environment of Information Technique, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2015.07—2018.07, Principal Investigator, , Accounting Expert Training Project
2014.01—2017.12, Principal Investigator, Family Firm Governance Structure, Executives Incentives Mechanism and Accounting Information Quality, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2010.03—2010.12, Member, Study on Capital of Project "South to North Water Diversion", Construction Committee of Project" South to North Water Diversion" in State Council
2009.01—2011.12, Principal Investigator , Study on the Negative Effect of Corporate Executives Stock Option---Based on Accounting Choices and Insider Tradings, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2008.08—2010.07, Principal Investigator, Study on Corporate CEO Stock Option System, Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science
2007.01—2010.12, Member, The Theory and Methodology of Evaluate Investor Interest Protection, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2006.01—2008.12, Principal Investigator, Ownership Structure, Expropriation of Minority Shareholders and Firm Value, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2006.01—2008.12, Principal Investigator, Research on Corporate Executive Incentive and Compensation, Ministry of Education of China
2004.03—2005.12, Principal Investigator, Research on Corporate Financial Position Classification and Early Forecasting, Ministry of Finance of China
2002.05—2003.12, Principal Investigator, Research on Two Stages of Corporate Financial Early Forecasting, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science

Academic Posts
2007.01—2015.12, Editor Board, Accounting Research
2007.01—2010.12, Editor Board, Contemporary Accounting Review
2007.01—2010.12, Member of Editorial Board, China Journal of Accounting Research
2002.01—2015.12, Associate Editor, Chinese Accounting Review

Academic Conferences
2009.04—2009.04 The Fourth "5 University" Accounting Young Faculty Forum, Beijing

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