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Zhang Zhe

Associate Professor
Department of Marketing
Room 630, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Marketing Modeling, Product Innovation, Network Marketing, Channel Management and Customer Relationship Management

Educational Background
Ph.D, Management Science and Engineering, Northeastern University

Academic Background
2017.08--2018.07, Visiting Scholar, University of California, Riverside, USA

Awards on Research
2015.12, Award for Excellence Achievement Prize in Shanghai Education Science Research, Third Prize Shanghai Metropolis Education Commission
2015.10, Best Paper Award, 2015 International Conference of Asian Marketing Associations (2015 ICAMA)

Awards on Teaching
2011.05, The certificate of Endowment Project of Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Fudan University
2010.06, The certificate of Endowment Project of Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Fudan University
2013.05, Fudan's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Academic Affairs Office, Fudan University
2015.07, The certificate of "Chun-Tsung scholar" for scientific research, Organizing Committee of the "Chun-Tsung Endowment"
2015.07, The certificate of Endowment Project of Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Fudan University

Title of Honour
2010.02, Top Ten Mentor of Fudan University, Fudan University
2006.03, Outstanding Post-doctoral of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Journal Papers
1. Zhe Zhang and Yue Dai2020Combination classification method for customer relationship managementAsia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 32(5) 1004-1022 
2. Zhe Zhang2019Sustained participation in virtual communities from a self-determination perspectiveSustainability 11(23) 1-18 
3. Zhe Zhang, Yuansi Hou, and Yongmin Zhu2019Applying complexity theory to understand Chinese consumers’ decision-making in innovative productsInternational Studies of Management & Organization 49(2) 191-212 
4. Zhe Zhang and Yuansi Hou2017The effect of perceived risk on information search for innovative products and services: the moderating role of innate consumer innovativenessJournal of Consumer Marketing 34(3) 241-254 
5. Zhe Zhang and Chenyan Gu2015Effects of consumer social interaction on trust in online group-buying contexts: An empirical study in ChinaJournal of Electronic Commerce Research 16(1) 1-21 
6. Zhang, Zhe and Bin Han2012The framing effect of coupon value for new products: An empirical study in ChinaThe International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research 22(2) 209-222 
7. Zhang Zhe and Huang Pei2006Approach to conceptual data integration for multidimensional data analysis in e-commerceJournal of Systems Engineering and Electronics 17(3) 635-641 
8. Zhe, Zhang, Matthew K.O. Lee, Pei Huang, Liang Zhang, and Xiaoyuan Huang2005A framework of ERP systems implementation success in China: an empirical studyInternational Journal of Production Economics 98( 1) 56-80 
9. Yuxin Chen, Zhe Zhang, and Hanfang Yang2018The recent developments in international management research with China data source: An analysis based on publications in UTD-24 and FT-45 journals with data visualizationJournal of Management Sciences in China 21(11) 61-75(in Chinese) 
10. Zhe Zhang, Tingting Bao, and Yongmin Zhu2015Online consumer behavior: An empirical study in ChinaJournal of Fudan University (Natural Science) 54(3) 327-355(in Chinese) 
11. Zhe Zhang and Mutian Wang2015Consumption values in MMORPG from the perspective of generalized virtual economyResearch on the Generalized Virtual Economy 6(2) 21-32(in Chinese) 

Research Projects
2020.01—2023.12, Principal Investigator, The Effectiveness of Advanced Sale Announcement in Electronic Commerce, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2017.01—2020.12, Principal Investigator, Consumers' Observational Learning in Online Group Buying, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2015.01—2016.12, Principal Investigator, Social Network-based Dynamic Consumer Behavior and Firm Marketing Strategy: Empirical Analyses of Chinese Firm Online Marketing Activities, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2014.07—2016.07, Principal Investigator, Consumption Values for Virtual Goods in Online Game Based on The Generalized Virtual Economy, China Aviation Publishing & Media Co.,Ltd.
2014.01—2016.12, Principal Investigator, The Effect of Perceived Risk on Information Search in Innovative Products Context: The Moderating Role of Consumer Innovativeness, Innovation Program of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2013.07—2015.06, Principal Investigator, The Psychological Mechanism of Sustaining Participation in Virtual Communities: Social Identity Theory, Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science
2010.01—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Analysis on Consumer Demand Aggregation for Web-based Group-buying , National Natural Science Foundation of China
2010.01—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Coupon Value and Framing Effect for Innovative Products , Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of Ministry of Education of China
2009.01—2012.12, Member, Research on the Chinese Urban Consumer Behavior - Exploration from the Perspectives of Social Identity and Social Identification, National Natural Science Fund of China
2007.09—2010.09, Principal Investigator, Training general education-based scientific literacy of undergraduate , Project of General National Educational Science Fund
2007.09—2009.09, Principal Investigator, Perceived risk effect on pricing of innovative product, Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund in Shanghai
2005.07—2006.07, Principal Investigator, A study of adaptive channel network model, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

Academic Posts
2015.01—, Reviewer, Management Review
2013.12—, Reviewer, Journal of Management Sciences in China
2012.07—, Reviewer, Nankai Business Review
2011.10—, Reviewer, Journal of Marketing Science
2010.04—, Reviewer, Management Science Department, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2009.07—, Reviewer, Journal of Systems & Management
2009.02—, Reviewer, International Journal of Production Economics
2008.06—, Reviewer, Chinese Journal of Management
2006.09—, Reviewer, Periodical “Research & Development Management”
2006.09—, Member, American Marketing Association (AMA)
2006.01—, Member, Marketing Science Institute (MSI)

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