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Jin Liyin

Professor/Department Chair
Department of Marketing
Room 613, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Service Marketing and Service Management, Consumer Behavior, Internet Marketing

Educational Background
Ph.D, Business Science, Paichai University(South Korea)

Awards on Research
2019.09, China Youth Prize of Distinguished Contribution in Management, Chinese Academy of Management
2018.10, The 14th Shanghai Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science, Second Prize The Committee of Shanghai Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science

Journal Papers
1. Yi Sun and Liyin Jin2021The impact of online platforms’ revenue model on consumers’ ethical inferencesJournal of Business Ethics forthcoming 1-15 
2. Shaoguang Yang, Qian Xu, and Liyin Jin2021Sweet or sweat, which should come first: How consumption sequences of vices and virtues influence enjoymentInternational Journal of Research in Marketing forthcoming 1-48 
3. Liyin Jin, Yunhui Huang, Yongheng Liang, and Qiang Zhang2021Who gets the ventilator? moral decision making regarding medical resource allocation in a pandemicJournal of the Association for Consumer Research 6(1) 159-167 
4. Zhengyu Shen, Qian Xu, and Liyin Jin2020Structured procedures promote placebo effectsJournal of Experimental Social Psychology (91) 1-11 
5. Xiaoyue Wu, Liyin Jin, and Qian Xu2020Expertise makes perfect: how the variance of a reviewer's historical ratings influences the persuasiveness of online reviewsJournal of Retailing forthcoming 1-13 
6. Liyin Jin and Yunhui Huang2019How power states influence the persuasiveness of top-dog versus underdog appealsJournal of Consumer Psychology 29(2) 243-261 
7. Qian Xu, Liyin Jin, and Ying Zhang2019The shifting preference for contingent rewards in goal pursuitJournal of Personality and Social Psychology 116(1) 33-45 
8. Liyin Jin and Yanqun He2018How the frequency and amount of corporate donations affect consumer perception and behavioral responsesJournal of the Academy of Marketing Science 46(6) 1072-1088 
9. Szu-chi Huang, Liyin Jin, and Ying Zhang2017Step by step: Sub-goals as a source of motivationOrganizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 141 1-15 
10. Szu-chi Huang, Jordan Etkin, and Liyin Jin 2017How winning changes motivation in multiphase competitionsJournal of Personality and Social Psychology 112(6) 813-837 
11. Echo Wen Wan, Rocky Peng Chen, and Liyin Jin2017Judging a book by its cover? The effect of anthropomorphism on product attribute processing and consumer preferenceJournal of Consumer Research 43(6) 1008-1030 
12. Liyin Jin, Yunhui Huang, and Yanqun He2016When does a service guarantee work? The roles of the popularity of service guarantees and firm reputationTourism Management 57 272-285 
13. Liyin Jin, Qian Xu, and Ying Zhang2015Climbing the wrong ladder: The mismatch between consumers’ preference for subgoal sequences and actual goal performanceJournal of Marketing Research 52(5) 616-628 
14. Liyin Jin, Bingyan Hu, and Yanqun He2014The recent versus the out-dated: An experimental examination of the time-variant effects of online consumer reviewsJournal of Retailing 90(4) 552-566 
15. Liyin Jin and Yunhui Huang 2014When giving money does not work: The differential effects of monetary versus in-kind rewards in referral reward programsInternational Journal of Research in Marketing 31(1) 107-116 
16. Liyin Jin, Yanqun He, and Ying Zhang2014How power states influence consumers' perceptions of price unfairnessJournal of Consumer Research 40(5) 818-833 
17. Liyin Jin, Szu-chi Huang, and Ying Zhang2013The unexpected positive impact of fixed structures on goal completionJournal of Consumer Research 40(4) 711-725 
18. Liyin Jin and Yanqun He2013Designing service guarantees with construal fit: Effects of temporal distance on consumer responses to service guaranteesJournal of Service Research 16(2) 202-215 

Research Projects
2018.01—2021.12, Principal Investigator, The Effect of Nudge on Consumer Behavior: The Perspective of Observer, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2015.07—2016.05, Co-PI, A Study on the Marketing Strategy for Business and Individual Customers of China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd., China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd.
2015.04—2017.03, Principal Investigator, Designing Customer Loyalty Program: A Goal Structure Perspective, Shuguang Project by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Education Development Foundation
2015.01—2019.12, Principal Investigator of Sub-project, Welfare-oriented Analysis of Consumer Decision Making, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2013.01—2016.12, Principal Investigator, Social Transmission and Consumer Engagement of Marketing Communication in the New Media Environment: Collective Motivation, Social Interaction and Market Response, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Academic Posts
2019.09—, Associate Editor, The Journal of Consumer Affairs
2008.11—, Reviewer, Acta Psychologica Sinica
2008.10—, Reviewer, Management World
2008.10—, Reviewer, Journal of Marketing Science
2008.01—2011.12, Member of Editorial Review Board, Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship

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