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Hu Jianqiang

HongYi Chair Professor
Department of Management Science
Room 508, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Monte Carlo Simulation, Stochastic Optimization, Healthcare, Financial Derivative Pricing and Risk Management, Supply Chain Management

Educational Background
Ph.D, Applied Mathematics, Harvard University, USA
Bachelor, Applied Mathematics, Fudan University

Awards on Research
2020.11, 2020 Best Working Paper Award, Second Place Virtual 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting
2020.10, 2020 OR Research Award from Operations Research Society of China, Operations Research Society of China, Science Press
2019.12, 2019 Outstanding Simulation Publication Award, INFORMS Simulation Society

Awards on Teaching
2011.09, The Second Selection of Top 100 Excellent Management Cases , China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee

Title of Honour
2011.12, "Excellent Instructor" of Fuhua Award of Fudan Univeristy, Fudan University

Journal Papers
1. Tianxiang Wang, Jie Xu, and Jian-Qiang Hu2021A study on efficient computing budget allocation for a two-stage problemAsia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research 38(2) 1-20 
2. Yijie Peng, Chun-Hung Chen, Michael C. Fu, Jian-Qiang Hu, and Ilya O. Ryzhov2021Efficient sampling allocation procedures for optimal quantile selectionINFORMS Journal on Computing 33(1) 230-245 
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4. Jianqiang Hu, Tianxiang Wang, Wenwei Hu, and Jun Tong2020The impact of trading restrictions and margin requirements on stock index futuresJournal of Futures Markets 40(7) 1176-1191 
5. Chenbo Zhu and Jianqiang Hu2020Revenue management games with government mandateOmega 93 1-17 
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Conference Proceedings
1. Xiangyu Yang, JianQiang Hu, Jiaqiao Hu, and Yijie Peng2020Asynchronous value iteration for Markov decision processes with continuous state spacesProceedings of the 2020 Winter Simulation Conference Orlando, USA 2856-2866 
2. Yijie Peng, Michael Fu, Jian-Qiang Hu, and Lei Lei2020Estimating quantile sensitivity for financial models with correlations and jumpsProceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference National Harbor, USA 962-973 
3. Yijie Peng, Michael C. Fu, Peter W. Glynn, and Jianqiang Hu2017On the asymptotic anlysis of quantile sensitivity estimation by monte carlo simulationProceedings of the 2017 Winter Simulation Conference Las Vegas, USA 2336-2347 
4. Yijie Peng, Michael C. Fu, and Jianqiang Hu2016On the Regularity Conditions and Applications for Generalized Likelihood Ratio MethodThe 2016 Winter Simulation Conference Washington D.C, USA 919-930 
5. Yijie Peng, Chun-Hung Chen, Michael Fu, and J.Q. Hu2015Non-monotonicity of probability of correct selectionProceedings of the 2015 Winter Simulation Conference  3678-3689 
6. Chenbo Zhu, Jie Xu, Chen, Chun-Hung, Loo Hay Lee, and Jianqiang Hu2013Determining the optimal sampling set size for random searchProceedings of 2013 Winter Simulation Conference  1016-1024 
7. Yijie Peng, Chun-Hung Che, Michael Fu, and J.Q. Hu 2013Policy perspective of statistics selection procedureProceedings of the 2013 Winter Simulation Conference  908-921 
8. Hu, Yingjie, Jianqiang Hu, Yifan Xu, Fengchun Wang, and Rongzeng Cao2010Contamination control in food supply chain Baltimore 2678-2681 
9. Hu, Jianqiang, Jun Tong, Tie Liu, Rongzeng Cao, and Bo Yang2010A two-level loan portfolio optimization problem Baltimore 2614-2619 

Papers in Books
Hu, J.Q..Mathematical Programming Approaches.In Rudra Dutta, Ahmed E. Kamal, George N.Rouskas etc..Springer.USA,2008

Research Projects
2021.01—2025.12, Principal Investigator, Simulation in Market Design: Theory and Application, Major Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
2018.01—2022.12, Principal Investigator, Simulation Optimization Theory and Its Applications in Complex Management Systems, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2017.11—2018.07, Co-PI, Big Data Analysis in Airline Flight Management, China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd.
2016.01—2019.12, Principal Investigator, Simulation Optimization: Theory and Applications, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2015.11—2018.12, Co-PI, Big Data Driven Treatment for Heart Disease, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group
2014.06—2015.05, Principal Investigator, Simulation Based Methods and Their Applications to Manufacturing Systems, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
2011.12—2012.06, Principal Investigator, Implementation of Supplier Diversity Program, IBM Engzneering Technology(Shanghai)Co.,LTD.
2011.01—2013.12, Principal Investigator, Simulation Based Risk Management and Portfolio Optimization, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2011.01—2013.12, Principal Investigator, Combining Simulation and Optimization with Applications in Financial Risk Management, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2011.01—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Simulation Based Model Reference Adaptive Search Method: Theory and Applications, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2010.06—2011.06, Principal Investigator, Risk Detection and Control in Food Supply Network, IBM China Research Institute
2009.10—2010.08, Principal Investigator, Risk Detection in Food Chain, IBM China Research Institute
2009.08—2010.08, Principal Investigator, Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry, IBM
2008.10—2009.08, Principal Investigator, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in China: Challenges and Opportunities, CAPS Research Web site
2008.08—2009.08, Principal Investigator, Travel Service Ecosystem, IBM China Research Laboratory

Academic Posts
2008.01—2008.11, associate editor, Automatica

Academic Conferences
2009.08—2009.08 2009 INFORMS International Conference on Service Science, Hong Kong SAR
2005.10—2005.10 2005 MILCOM, Atlantic City, NJ
2004.12—2004.12 2004 43rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Nassau,Bahamas
2004.03—2004.03 2004 Winter Simulation Conference,, Hong Kong
2004.03—2004.03 INFOCOM 2004 23 Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, Hong Kong
2003.10—2003.10 3rd IEEE Workshop on IP Operations and Management,
1999.12—1999.12 Proceedings of the 38th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Phoenix, AZ
1999.04—1999.04 Proceedings of the 1999 Enabling Technology for Simulation Science III, Orlando, FL

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