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Qu Zhe

Associate Professor
Department of Information Management and Information Systems
Room 707, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Information Technology Strategy, Economics of Information Technology, Electronic Commerce, Information Technology Innovation

Educational Background
Ph.D, Management Information Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Master, Management Information Systems, University of South Carolina, USA
Bachelor, Merchandising, Renmin University of China

Academic Background
2012.01--2012.06, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA

Awards on Research
2011.11, Best Paper Award in 2011 International Workshop of Management Theory and Practice, School of Management, Fudan University, College of Management, National Taiwan University and School of Management, Fudan University
2011.06, General Best Paper in 2011 KMIS & Conf-IRM International Conference, KMIS & Conf-IRM

Awards on Teaching
2016.09, Fudan University Excellent Teaching Award for Courses in English, Fudan University
2017.11, 2016-2017学年(2016.9-2017.8)MBA教学评估二等奖, MBA,School of Management, Fudan University

Journal Papers
1. Xueming Luo, Yuchi Zhang, Fue Zeng, and Zhe Qu2020Complementarity and cannibalization of offline-to-online targeting: a field experiment on omnichannel commerceMIS Quarterly 44(2) 957-982 
2. Xinlin Yao, Cheng Zhang, Zhe Qu, and Bernard C.Y. Tan2020Global village or virtual balkans? Evolution and performance of scientific collaboration in the information ageJournal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 71(4) 395-408 
3. Xueming Luo, Siliang Tong, Zheng Fang, and Zhe Qu2019Frontiers: machines vs. humans: the impact of artificial intelligence chatbot disclosure on customer purchasesMarketing Science 38(6) 937-947 
4. Pei Sun, Zhe Qu, and Zhixiang Liao2018How and when do subnational institutions matter for R&D investment? Evidence from the Chinese pharmaceutical sectorIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 65(3) 379-391 
5. Youwei Wang, Zhe Qu, and Bernard Tan2018How do assurance mechanisms interact in online marketplaces? A signaling perspectiveIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 65(2) 239-251 
6. Jun Sun and Zhe Qu2015Understanding health information technology adoption:A synthesis of literature from an activity perspectiveInformation Systems Frontiers 17(5) 1177–1190 
7. Zhe Qu, Youwei Wang, Shan Wang, and Yanhui Zhang2013Implications of online social activities for e-tailers’ business performanceEuropean Journal of Marketing 47(8) 1190-1212 
8. Zhe Qu, Can Huang, Mingqian Zhang and Yanyun Zhao2013R&D offshoring, technology learning and R&D efforts of host country firms in emerging economiesResearch Policy 42(2) 502-516 
9. Qu, Zhe and Jun Sun2012Adaptive mobile web interface: User readiness in contextInternational Journal of Mobile Communications 10(2) 132-149 
10. Zhang, Cheng, Peijian Song, and Zhe Qu2011Competitive action in the diffusion of internet technology products in emerging markets: Implications for global marketing managersJournal of International Marketing 19(4) 40-60 
11. Qu, Zhe, Han Zhang and Haizheng Li2008Determinants of online merchant rating: Content analysis of consumer comments about Yahoo merchantsDecision Support Systems 46(1) 440-449 

Conference Proceedings
1. Xueqi Wei, Zhe Qu, Zhaoran Xu, and Lihua Huang2011Differentiation with shared features and cannibalization of information goods15th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems Brisbane, Australia 1-11 
2. Peijian Song, Cheng Zhang, and Zhe Qu2011Competitive action in diffusing of internet technology: Implications for local vendors defending their turf against multinational incursionKMIS & Conf-IRM International Conference 2011 Seoul, Korea 1-10 
3. Zhe Qu and Jun Sun2010Understanding health information technology adoption from a socio-technical perspective2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting Canada 1-27 

Research Projects
2017.09—2020.09, Principal Investigator, Value Co-Creation Through Social Media, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office
2013.01—2013.12, Principal Investigator, Patent Premium in Weak Protection Countries, Fudan Young Scholar Research Enhancement Program
2011.01—2013.12, Principal Investigator, Foreign R&D and Technological Innovation of Host Country Firms - Evidence from the ICT Industry, Youth Science Foundation Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Academic Conferences
2011.11—2011.11 2011 International Workshop of Management Theory and Practice, School of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
2011.10—2011.10 Academic and Business Research Institute International Conference, Las Vegas, United States
2010.07—2010.07 The Third Conference of the Overseas Chinese Scholars Association in Management Science and Engineering, Beijing
2010.06—2010.06 CSWIM 2010 The Fourth China Summer Workshop on Information Management, Wuhan

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