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Xu Yunjie

Department of Information Management and Information Systems
Room 701, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Electronic Commerce, Knowledge Management, Social Network Analysis, Information Behavior, Research Methodology

Educational Background
Ph.D, Management Information Systems, Syracuse University, USA
Master, Management Information Systems, Fudan University
Bachelor, Management Information Systems, Harbin Institute of Technology

Awards on Research
2011.03, William J. Gies Award in Clinical Research, American Association for Dental Research 40th Annual Meeting

Journal Papers
1. Hui Li, Yunjie Xu, and Lihua Huang2021When less is more? The contingent effect of product supply limitation in the release of new electronic productsJournal of Retailing and Consumer Services 60 1-9 
2. Yueyue Zhang, Cheng Zhang, and Yunjie Xu2021Effect of data privacy and security investment on the value of big data firmsDecision Support Systems forthcoming 1-12 
3. Chenyan Gu, Yunjie Calvin Xu, and Minghui Yao2020Effect of appeal orientation in sponsored ad forwarding on a microblog platformInternet Research 30(6) 1835-1856 
4. Xiaolun Wang, Yunjie Calvin Xu, Tian Lu, and Chenghong Zhang2020Why do borrowers default on online loans? An inquiry of their psychology mechanismInternet Research 30(4) 1-26 
5. Yue Wu,Yunjie Xu,and Jiaoyang Li2019Feature construction for fraudulent credit card cash-out detectionDecision Support Systems 127(2019) 1-11 
6. Shaohua Lian, Yunjie Xu, and Cheng Zhang2019Family profile mining in retailingDecision Support Systems 118 102-114 
7. Shaohua Lian, Tingting Cha, and Yunjie Xu2019Enhancing geotargeting with temporal targeting, behavioral targeting and promotion for comprehensive contextual targetingDecision Support Systems 117 28-37 
8. Tian Lu, Yunjie Xu, and Scott Wallace2018Internet usage and patient’s trust in physician during diagnoses: A knowledge power perspectiveJournal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 69(1) 110-120 
9. Jie Gu, Yunjie Xu, Heng Xu, Cheng Zhang, and Hong Ling2017Privacy concerns for mobile app download: An elaboration likelihood model perspectiveDecision Support Systems 94 19–28 
10. Cheng Zhang, Chee Wei Phang, Xiaohua Zeng, Ximeng Wang, Yunjie Xu, Yun Huang, and Noshir Contractor2015Circadian rhythms in socializing propensityPLoS ONE  1-8 
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12. Jin Chen, Wenjie Ping, Yunjie (Calvin) Xu, and Bernard C.Y. Tan2015Information privacy concern about peer disclosure in online social networksIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 62(3) 311-324 
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15. Jin Chen, Jing Chen, Khim-Yong Goh, Yunjie Xu, and Bernard C.Y. Tan2014When do sellers bifurcate from electronic multisided platforms? The effects of customer demand, competitive intensity, and service differentiationInformation & Management 51(8) 972-983 
16. Yunjie Xu, Shun Cai, and Hee-Woong Kim2014Examining the channels to form initial online trustAsian Journal of Information and Communications 6(2) 6-23 
17. Yunjie Xu, Yinping Yang, Zengyan Cheng, and John Lim2014Retaining and attracting users in social networking services: An empirical investigation of cyber migrationJournal of Strategic Information Systems 23(3) 239-253 
18. Xiaolun Wang, Zhijuan Hong, Yunjie Xu, Chenghong Zhang, and Hong Ling2014Relevance judgments of mobile commercial informationJournal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 65(7) 1335-1348 
19. Yunjie Xu, Shun Cai, and Hee-Woong Kim2013Cue consistency and page value perception: Implications for web-based catalog designInformation & Management 50(1) 33-42 
20. Yinping Yang, Sharad Singhal, and Yunjie Xu2012Alternate strategies for a win-win seeking agent in agent-human negotiationsJournal of Management Information Systems 29(3) 223-255 
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22. X.L. Gao, C.Y.S. Hsu, Y.C. Xu, T. Loh, D. Koh, H.B. Hwarng2012Promoting positive health behaviours - 'Tooth Worm' phenomenon and its implicationsCommunity Dental Health 29(1) 55-61 
23. Song, Peijian, Cheng Zhang, Yunjie Xu, Ling Xue, Ke Wang, and Chenghong Zhang2011Asymmetric interaction in competitive internet technology diffusion: Implications for the competition between local and multinational online vendorsJournal of Global Information Management 19(3) 45-64 
24. Naresh Kumar Agarwal, Yunjie Xu, and Danny C.C. Poo2011A context-based investigation into source use by information seekersJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 62(6) 1087-1104 
25. Cai, Shun and Yunjie Xu2011Designing not just for pleasure: Effects of web site aesthetics on consumer shopping valueInternational Journal of Electronic Commerce 15(4) 159–187 
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Conference Proceedings
1. Xiaolun Wang, Jie Gu, Jing Tian, and Yunjie Xu2017Ambidexterity in mobile collaboration: Balancing task- and socialization-oriented communication in team member interaction19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCI International 2017 Vancouver, BC, Canada 588-595 
2. Yumei Luo, Cheng Zhang, and Xunjie Xu2015Usage diversity, task interdependence and group innovation2nd International Conference on HCI in Business, HCI International 2015 Los Angeles, CA, United states 717-726 
3. Zhang, Cheng, Yunjie Xu, Xu Liu, and Heng Xu2012Who will be your next friend: The bonding role of linkage influence in social networks14th Annual International Conference Electronic Commerce Singapore 76-82 
4. Yi Wu, Zheng Wang, Klarissa Chang, Yunjie Xu2010Why People Stick to Play Social Network Site based Entertainment Applications: Design Factors and Flow Theory Perspective Taipei,Taiwan 1041-1050 
5. Yunjie Xu, Shun Cai2010Social Goals in Communication Media Choice Taipei,Taiwan 1664-1671 

Teaching Materials, etc.
Yunjie Xu. 2011. Survey Research Design and Data Analysis: From Proposal to Publication. Chongqing University Press, Chongqing(in Chinese)

Research Projects
2019.04—2020.03, Principal Investigator, Modeling and Analysis of Healthcare Data for Huiziwankong Co. Ltd, Huiziwankong Co. Ltd
2016.10—2018.12, Principal Investigator, Area-based Modeling of Health Risk in Collaboration with BaiShiWeiKang Ltd, BaiShiWeiKang Information Technology Ltd.
2016.01—2020.12, Principal Investigator, Precision Targeting of Ads in E-Commerce and Managerial Strategies, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2012.11—2015.11, Principal Investigator, Product Competition in Online Social Network, Program for Professor of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning
2012.01—2015.12, Principal Investigator, From Traffic to Sales: The Critical Resource Factors for Online Vender’s Competitive Advantage, General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China

Academic Posts
2012.01—2013.12, Associate Editor, Information and Management
2010.06—2013.06, Member of Editorial Review Board, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

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