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Huang Lihua

Department of Information Management and Information Systems
Room 706, Siyuan Building
Research Field:Information Technology Adoption, E-business/Mobile Business Models

Educational Background
Ph.D, Management Science (Major in Management Information System), Fudan University
Master, Automation Control Theory and Application, Tsinghua University
Bachelor, Industrial Engineering and Automation, Tsinghua University

Academic Background
2001.01--2001.06, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
1997.07--1998.07, Senior Researcher, City University of Hong Kong, HK

Awards on Research
2021.01, Industry-University-Research Collaboration Innovation Achievement Prize, Second Prize China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association
2020.04, Science and Technology Progress Prize of Shanghai Municipal Government, Third Prize Shanghai Municipal Government
2019.10, Best Paper Award at Annual Conference of China Information Economics Society, China Information Economics Society
2007.07, Fudan University Master's Degree Thesis Award, - Fudan University
2007.01, The 6th Shanghai Decision-making Consultation Research Achievement Award, Third Prize Shanghai Municipal Government

Awards on Teaching
2008.12, Fudan University Forward Faculty Scholarship for Shanghai Municipal Distinguished Professor Award in 2008, Fudan University
2008.12, Fudan University Forward Faculty Scholarship for Distinguished Professor Award in 2008, Fudan University
2007.09, The 3rd Shanghai Municipal Distinguished Professor Award in 2007, Shanghai Education Commission
2007.07, Excellent Supervisor for Fudan University Excellent Master Dissertation in 2007, Fudan University
2007.07, The 3rd Fudan University Distinguished Professor Award in 2007, Fudan University
2005.11, Second Prize of Shanghai Teaching Award, Shanghai Education Commission
2004.12, Fudan University Forward Faculty Scholarship for Excellent Courses in 2004, National Educational Commission, China
2003.12, First Prize of Fudan University Teaching Award, Fudan University
2003.09, Award by Forward Teaching and Research Foundation in 2003, Fudan University
2002.01, Lu Tsung-lin Faculty Scholarship in 2001, Fudan University
2000.09, Fudan University Award of Youth Faculty For Teaching Excellence in Core Subjects, Fudan University
1999.12, Motorola Faculty Scholarship in 1999 Offered by Fudan University, Fudan University
1997.12, Fudan University, FIC research Grand Prize Teacher Award in 1997, Fudan University
1995.09, Shanghai Excellent University Young Teacher, Shanghai Education Commission
1995.04, First Prize of Citibank Faculty Scholarship in 1994 Offered by School of Management at Fudan University, The Committee of Citibank Faculty Scholarship, School of Management, Fudan University
1994.01, Award for Outstanding Achievements in Teaching and Educating, Fudan University
1993.12, Second Prize of Citibank Faculty Scholarship in 1993 Offered by School of Management at Fudan University, The Committee of Citibank Faculty Scholarship, School of Management, Fudan University
2012.03, Shanghai Graduate Outstanding Achievements ( Dissertation ), Shanghai Municipal Education Commission , Shanghai Academic Degree Committee
2003.11, Shanghai Excellent Course, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2018.05, Shanghai College Student's Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018, Shanghai Committee of the Youth League,Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2007.09, Third Prize of Fudan University Postgraduate Teaching Award, Fudan University
2005.12, Third Prize of Shanghai Teaching Award, Shanghai Education Commission

Title of Honour
2009.09, 100 excellent lady teachers of the 60-year new China history, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission & Shanghai Working Committee on Women of Education System
2006.03, National March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter, All-China Women's Federation
2005.03, 2003-2004 Fudan University March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter, Shanghai Women's Federation, Shanghai Municipal Personnel Bureau
2005.03, 2003-2004 Fudan University March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter, Fudan University, Women Commissions
2002.03, 2001 Shanghai Advanced Woman Worker, Shanghai Municipal Federation of Trade Unions
2001.03, Advanced Workers Title for National 863 Program CIMS Thematic, CIMS Theme Group of National 863 Plan
2001.03, 1999-2000 Shanghai March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter, Shanghai Women's Federation
2000.08, Shanghai Pacesetter of An ACWF-initiated Project, Shanghai March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter , Shanghai Women's Federation, Shanghai, a "Women's Meritorious" activities Leading Group
1999.10, Century Training Programme Foundation for the Talents of Humanities and Social Science, Ministry of Education
1995.03, Shanghai March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter, 1993-1994 Shanghai Women's Federation

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Research Projects
2020.10—2020.12, Principal Investigator, Project on Evaluation of Shanghai Public Data Resources' Development and Utilization Work, Office of CPC Shanghai Cyberspace Affairs Commission
2020.06—2020.08, Principal Investigator, 《A Case Set of Artificial intelligence in Xuhui District (2020)》, Shanghai Xuhui District Science and Technology Commission
2020.06—2020.06, Principal Investigator, Innovation and Development of Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai: Cases of Exploration and Practice, Shanghai Economy and Information Technology Commission
2019.03—2020.10, Principal Investigator, Digital Reshape of Management Information System Course towards Students' Active Learning and the Development of Creative Ability, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
2018.01—2021.12, Principal Investigator, Business-oriented Big Data Resource Pool and the Integrated Application Platform, National Natural Science Foundation of China
2017.11—2017.12, Principal Investigator, Data Management Solution Consulting, SinoPharm Group Co. Ltd.
2017.09—2017.12, Principal Investigator, 2017Shanghai Integration of Informatiization and Industrialization Development Report, Shanghai Municipal Commission Economy and Informatization
2016.05—2016.12, Principal Investigator, 2016 Shanghai Integration of Informatiization and Industrialization Development Report, Shanghai Municipal Commission Economy and Informatization
2015.01—2019.12, Principal Investigator of Sub-project, Research on Business Behaviors and Patterns in the Context of Big Data, The Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
2014.10—2014.12, Principal Investigator, 2014 Shanghai Integration of Informationization and Industialization Cases & Smart City Forum Speeches Collection, Shanghai Municipal Commission Economy and Informatization
2014.09—2014.12, Principal Investigator, Shanghai R&D Resources Big Data Center Planning Project, The Management Center of Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform
2014.03—2014.08, Principal Investigator, 2014 Shanghai Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Development Report, Shanghai Municipal Commission Economy and Informatization
2013.03—2014.12, Principal Investigator, The Control Systems, Organizational Functions and Performance Evaluation Design of Shanghai Tobacoo Group, Shanghai Tobacco Group Co.,Ltd
2013.02—2013.05, Principal Investigator, Annual Report on Shanghai Industry and Informatization Development: Convergence of Informatization and Industrialization, Shanghai Municipal Commission Economy and Informatization
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2012.06—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Application of the Internet of Things,Cloud Computing in The Field of Vehicle, Shanghai Automotive Industry Education Foundation
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2011.12—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Application Planning of Enterprise Resource Planning, Shanghai Tobacco Group Limited Liability Company
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2011.06—2011.11, Principal Investigator, The Theory,Method and Technology of Integration of Information and Industrialization, CPC Shanghai Municipal Party School of Economic
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2010.06—2011.12, Principal Investigator, Supply Chain Management and Decision Support Systems of Shanghai Tobacco Group Company, Shanghai Municipal Economic and Informatization Commission
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2010.01—2012.12, Principal Investigator, Internet Information on Unconventional Emergency Cognition, Dissemination and Early-warning Mechanism, National Natural Science Foundation of China
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2009.10—2010.07, Principal Investigator, Materials Procurement Supply Chain Management Information System in Shanghai Tobacco (Group ) Company, Shanghai Toacco (Group) CORP
2009.01—2010.12, Principal Investigator, Electronic-commerce Online Trust Mechanisms Research under Chinese Confucianism Culture, National Natural Science Foundation of China Oversea Cooperative Study Funds
2006.01—2008.12, Principal Investigator, Modeling and Empirical Research on Information Technology Adoption and Infusion in Chinese Enterprise, Nature Science Foundation of China
2004.11—2005.08, Member , Shanghai E-business Public Service System, Shanghai E-business Association
2004.07—2004.12, Member, Development of Shanghai Business Informatization Public Service Platform, Shanghai Xince Software Corporation
2004.06—2004.08, Member, Shanghai Minor Enterprises Information Service Systems Development Program Ⅱ, Minor Enterprise Development Office of Shanghai Municipality
2004.05—2005.12, Principal Investigator, Research on Information System Facilities of Shanghai Manufacturing Industry, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality
2004.02—2004.04, Principal Investigator, Informatization Support and Gridded Management, Shanghai Municipality Informatization Development Special Funds
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2000.08—2001.06, Principal Investigator, ERP Feasibility Report of Shanghai Electric Power Corporation, Shanghai Electric Power Corporation Limited
2000.06—2000.09, Principal Investigator, Information Service Organization Strategy of Shanghai Port Container Corporation , Shanghai Port Container Corporation
1998.11—1999.04, Principal Investigator, Business Process Reengineering, Information System Planning and System Analysis, Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Corporation
1998.08—2000.08, Principal Investigator, Research of CIM-BPR Implement Strategy and its Decision Support System, 863 High-Tech Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
1996.12—1997.12, Principal Investigator, Development of Rural Area Individual Social Old-age Insurance Account, Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau Old-age Insurance Department
1996.11—1997.09, Principal Investigator, Information Systems Planning and Analysis of Civil Affairs of Shanghai Municipal, Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau
1996.08—1998.08, Principal Investigator, Research of BPR-based Horizontal Organisation Structure and Information System, 863 High-Tech Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
1996.01—1996.12, Member, Decision Support of Parallel Operation Based on Neural Network, 863 High Technology Research and Development Program, The Ministry of Science and Technology of The People's Republic of China
1995.01—1997.01, Member, Business Processes Redesign and Integration for CIMS Enterprise, 863 High-Tech Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
1993.01—1996.01, Principal Investigator, OOCIM---The Methodology of Global Information Modeling for CIMS Enterprise, 863 High-Tech Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
1991.01—1995.01, Member, Environment Analysis and Strategic Planning Support System for CIMS Enterprise, 863 High-Tech Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

Academic Posts
2010.01—2011.12, The Evaluation Expert of the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, State Education Ministry
2009.12—2009.12, Associate Editor, International Conference on Information Systems 2009
2009.10—2013.12, Vice President & Standing Council Member, China Association for Information Systems, ISWorld China Page
2009.09—2010.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
2009.07—2013.07, Evaluation Expert, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation
2009.03—2009.03, Review Expert of 09' National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center
2008.12—, Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Global Information Management
2008.12—2009.12, Member, the 6th Discipline Assessment Group on Management Science, Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, Academic Degree Committee of the State Council
2008.09—2009.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
2007.11—2007.11, Chairman, CNAIS2007
2007.09—2008.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
2007.07—2007.08, Co-chair, First China Summer Workshop on Information Management(CSWIM'07)
2006.12—2009.12, Member, Advisory Committee for Information Management Talents, Shanghai Government, IT Committee of Shanghai Municipality
2006.10—2006.10, Program Vice Chair, IEEE Computer Society
2006.10—2008.10, Member, Evaluation Expert Committee of “New Subjects of Undergraduates”, Shanghai Conservatory of Music
2006.01—2010.12, Executive Editor, International Journal of Electronic Business
2005.12—2007.12, Member, Informationization Expertise Committee, Shanghai Government, Shanghai Government
2005.09—2006.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
2004.09—2005.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
2004.07—2007.06, Member, Postgraduate Education Advisory Committee, Fudan University
2004.03—2004.03, Program Co-Chair, The 10th Cross-Strait Conference in Information Management Development Strategy, Cross-Strait Conference in Information Management Development Strategy
2004.01—2006.12, board director serving, China Association of Information Systems (CNAIS)
2003.09—2003.09, Program Co-Chair, The 9th Cross-Strait Conference in Information Management Development Strategy, Cross-Strait Conference in Information Management Development Strategy
2003.09—2004.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
2002.09—2003.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
2002.01—2002.12, Member, Expert Committee, “Top 10 IT-tech of Accounting”, National Accounting Institute
2001.09—2002.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
2000.09—2001.08, Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong
1998.02—2001.02, Member of Expertise Committee of National 863 Plan on CIMS Program, Expertise Committee of National 863 Plan on CIMS Program, Ministry of Science and technology, China
1995.01—1997.01, Member of Expertise Committee of National 863 Plan on CIMS Program, Expertise Committee of National 863 Plan on CIMS Program, Ministry of Science and technology, China
1993.01—2010.12, Member of Editorial Committee, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research

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2020.07— Ouyeel Co., Ltd., Independent Director

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