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    Full-time, 2 years

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    Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore

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About S3 Asia MBA

The growth engine of the 21st century is Asia. With Asia’s rapid development, there is an increase in the complexity of doing business in a region with substantial economic, business, cultural, institutional and socio-political differences. Accordingly, there is a growing need for a Pan-Asian MBA program that offers an in-depth understanding on theory and practice of business in Asia.

The tri-university colloquium between Fudan University, Korea University and National University of Singapore was the result of a powerful vision established by the S3 University Alliance (S3 UA) in 2008. With the aim of offering the first world-class pan-Asian MBA, which offers strong research and industry-driven framework, the S3 Asia MBA was born.


Tri-country, tri-university, tri-semester curriculum
Two MBA degrees, one Joint certificate

International Cooperation
With National University of Singarpore Buisiness School and Korean University Business School.
Language of instruction: English
Program duration: Full-time study in two years (from Monday to Friday every week). Participants who have completed all required courses and a thesis are conferred MBA Degree from Fudan University, an MBA degree from Korea University or National University of Singapore, and an Asia MBA Program Certificate signed by 3 deans.

Curriculum: Three semesters have to be completed under the S3 Asia MBA program. Students will start their first semester in Shanghai and spend their second semester in Seoul, finishing the last semester in Singapore. Students who intend to get a degree from Fudan need to register for a fourth semester to write their master thesis.

The S3 Asia MBA requires rigorous study, creativity and imagination, analytical thinking and teamwork. The curriculum is carefully designed to allow students to continually build on concepts and skills learned in earlier courses as they proceed through the program.
The credit hour for each course is aligned with the teaching system of the respective university; course credits will be directly accepted by the other S3 Asia MBA partner universities.

Faculty: A key strength of the S3 Asia MBA is the strong research track record, excellent teaching capabilities and significant industry experience of its faculty members. FU, KU and NUS business schools are renowned for producing top-tier research in Asia. Our faculty members create new knowledge, models and frameworks that are applied in the context of Asia and beyond, and are widely recognized for innovative research and case development. Furthermore, our faculty are equipped with effective teaching skills that provide rigorous education set against environmental changes in the world economy, and directly reward strong classroom performance. The S3 Asia MBA faculty members are also chosen for their extensive industry experience and outstanding track record in the businesses and governments of Asia and worldwide.
The expertise of each of our prominent faculty is synthesized and integrated to form a united, world-class educational resource. Their dedication and innovation add unparalleled value to the individual growth of students while deepening the global perspective and competitiveness of the S3 Asia MBA program.

Fudan University, School of Management Total of 150+ Faculty members
- Over 100 major research projects done by Fudan faculty
- Honored with dozens of prizes including the State-Level First Prize for R&D Progress
- Honored with state-Level First Prize for Excellent Education Accomplishment

Korea University Business School 84 Full-Time Top-Class Professors, Largest in Korea
- No.1 in Korea in the number of publications in top-tier journals
- No.2 in Asia in the number of publications in 4 leading finance journals

NUS Business School Total of 142 Faculty Members
- NUS Business School placed in Top 4 for Research (outside of North America) and Ranked 32nd worldwide
Class Profile
Average age at entry: 28.77
Average working experience: 4.9
Nationalities enrolled: 5 countries
Application & Degree
Entry Requirements: Applications are to be submitted to the following home universities according to the applicant's nationalities:
For citizens of China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan: Fudan University For citizens of North Asia: Korea University For citizens of South East Asia and India: National University of Singapore *Citizens from Europe, North America and South America can apply to either NUS or Korea University.
Start date: September every year Degree: Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded dual MBA degrees – a unique attraction of the S3 Asia MBA program. Each qualified candidate will be granted a “double degree” consisting of their 'home' degree, plus one of two host degrees based on his/her own preference. An Asia MBA program certificate signed by three deans from FU, KU and NUS business schools will be awarded.
Note: A student has to declare a preferred host degree at the beginning of the semester, since formal admission from the host school is required.
Contact Info
Tel: +86 21 65643935
E-mail: imba@fudan.edu.cn
Mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Applicants, please click Chinese webpage


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