I. Introduction

Master of Finance Program was launched in September of 2010 at Fudan University, and includes two specializations of Financial Engineering and Financial Management. Professors from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and Princeton University are part of the faculty team to deliver the program. First-rate faculty and teaching facilities are contributed to the delivery of advanced knowledge in corporate finance, investment, capital market and financial tools, and ultimately to the cultivation of talented professionals who can meet up with demands for the establishment of international financial center in Shanghai, with global visions and competitiveness. 

II. Goal

The program is dedicated to cultivating application-oriented students who have professional ethics and global visions, master current mainstream financial theories and skills, and are able to solve practical problems. After graduation, they can work in the fields of corporate investment, risk management, financial analysis, quantitative research and financial information technology for leading companies in financial industry. 

III. Degree

Students have to finish this full-time program in 2 years, before they are granted a Master’s degree certificate by Fudan University and a study certificate by UCLA or a study certificate by Princeton University. 

IV. Curricula

The program's curricula are composed of two parts. The first part is basic courses. These courses are focused on providing crucial knowledge in mathematics, economics and finance. The second part is core courses and a wide range of elective courses, which are designed to help the students establish a complete structure of modern financial theories, with particular attention to practical application and the training of management capabilities for the students, so as to meet various interests and career development demands of the students. All courses are delivered in English. 

V. Extra-curricular Activities

Students are encouraged to actively participate in extra-curricular activities, including lectures delivered by industry experts, executives and professionals, company visits,  alumni mentor, and internship, which aims to help students build up their career goals. 

VI. Cooperation with Enterprises

The School has an extensive network of collaboration with enterprises, particularly with a lot of financial firms, which could establish a strong corporate link for students.