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【新闻】3月6日聚劲论坛-China: Connection, Culture, Creators


Guest Speaker: Miguel Mckelvey

Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer of WeWork


With a great honor, we have a fireside chat with Mr. Miguel Mckelvey, Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer of WeWork, to have a fireside chat in Fudan MBA Join Forum this Monday, March 06, 2018.


本期聚劲论坛有幸请来全球领先的办公空间、互动社区及服务提供商WeWork的两位创始人之一Mr. Miguel Mckelvey,并且用围炉谈话的形式拉近观众与嘉宾之间的距离,希望观众能从多维度了解Miguel。






Establishment of WeWork



WeWork was established 8 years ago in New York City, as a platform for creators that is empowered by their global platform where they provide over 220,000 members globally with space, community, and services through both physical and virtual offerings. Growing from a single location, WeWork has grown into 230 physical locations in 77 cities and 22 countries around the world. At the early stage of their first company called Green Desk, there was one thing that they had an internet problem back in the day and their members actually came out from their offices and this led to conversations in the open area. Two co-founders actually found it was exciting to feel the buzz and vibe of people sharing resources and interacting rightt. By creating an atmosphere encouraging people to communicate and work with each other, WeWork not only provide a physical space, but are actually redefining success as measured by personal fulfillment.








It's a known fact that technology is playing an increasingly dominant role in today's age. Either we fear it or embrace it. At WeWork, they infuse technology into many facets - from operations to data analysis - such real time data in turn helps them better understand their members and community alike in improving our offerings. Miguel doesn't think technology is an orthodox. People aren't engaging with each other like we used to. As humans, we are social creatures, we should be talking to each other. That leads to WeWork's community concept. They want their members to put down their phones, computers, come out to open area, and have a coffee or beer together. Their aim is to revive that human spark with each other that's now lost and they are redefining how a company's culture should be built. Technology, design, architect, events, all of what they are doing only serves one purpose, that is to get people together, connect with each other and learn from each other. These are WeWork's tools, and they will leverage these tools to build a better culture for our members.


无论喜恶,科技在当下都愈发重要。从社区经营到数据分析,科技渗透在WeWork的方方面面。WeWork利用这些数据以更好的理解用户和社区状态,从而改善服务。但Miguel不认为这是正解,科技让人与人之间的交流大不如前,有悖于社会人面对面交流的需求。WeWork社区理念由此诞生。他们希望看到会员们放下手机、电脑,簇拥在开放的空间中,尝口咖啡、酌杯小酒。他们希望能重燃人与人之间消失的火花,重塑正确的企业文化。WeWork动用科技、设计、建筑、活动只为一个目标,那就是让人们联结在一起, 分享喜乐学习, 为每一位会员创造更好的文化体验。






Culture is the energy that surrounds us every day - it shapes who we are and how we work. To put it simply, it's more of an effect and output and it's not something that results from solely amenities like free lunch, football tables, and on-site massages, but primarily from inputs that are deeper and more profound. People's vision is to innovate across all dimensions of the Culture OS to help make WeWork and their member businesses the best possible places for people to make a life, and not just a living. Definitely, these enterprises have their own culture, but what WeWork is doing is helping them further enriching their culture and injecting more fresh passion, innovation and creation. If you look at the main force of current enterprise members, those millennials are now the driving force of this age. They are actually driving the growth of the company and at same time growing themselves as well. What WeWork is doing is humanizing the community that people work, play and live in. No matter a startups, SME or Fortune 500 companies, having a strong employee force that is happy will reflect in any company's success.






Anyone who has a new idea, who is trying to make a difference in the community, society can all be called creator, even is a mother who makes a new dish. All of us are creator. You don't need to be an artist, or a scientist to be called creator. WeWork wants to encourage people to stay creative and innovative, to reimagine, reshape, and re-humanize the architecture of people's space, buildings, and cities to support, at the same time, creating innovative culture and encouraging human connection and creativity. China is a country of creators, amazing creatives stuffs keep rising up from this country. There are so many great companies and creators, mobile payment, high-speed train, sharing bicycle, AI, VR, very impressive. Miguel knows Chinese government is also encouraging its people to be creative and focus on the development of new economy that is actually driven by creation and innovation. Miguel is excited for them to continue boosting this transformation in the local Chinese ecosystem. That's also the reason why WeWork bring Creator Awards to China this year. They want to help Chinese creators with their network and resources.





Q1: Why all the pets in WeWork are dogs and no cats?

Miguel:We also welcome cats, but may be they prefer outdoors, just like your college cats.

Q2: Besides 8 working hours, how WeWork connect members in other ways?

Miguel:We are looking for a more profound relationship among members, such as fitness, music, theme events. And there is a summer camp, which gathers our employees and member to have annual revel.

Q3:Are you a thrill seeker or do you think it is necessary for a creator?

Miguel:no, but yes. I will not do crazy things, but I like to put myself into an uncomfortable place, like this event. I do not know what the situation will be, I do not know that you audience will be nice to me. That's also terrify and thrill.

Q4: How does WeWork make money? Why are you interested in NGO?

Miguel:Our model is very simple, just for the membership, not yet for the investment. We are focusing on serving our members right now. And NGO is like any other business, they need place to work and employees to organize the working process.


As a recession baby, WeWork is the world's leading company in the sharing economy, a unicorn company rising in the VUCA era and also the tendency of future community. Work now no longer is confined to just being in your own cubicle, but more of casting a wider net through also including more open lines of communication with your colleagues and community. To be a creator in your daily life, enrich our culture and connecting people faster than ever.







观众2:你是thrill seeker或者你认为创造者的必要条件吗?








特约主持及撰稿人:2017级MBA 赵琳



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