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Lim Jia Xin | Undergraduate Student from Singapore Management University, Spring 2018

"I enjoyed my exchange at Fudan because of the variety of courses offered. The entire experience was relatively great and I get to meet many students from other countries. Living on campus also allowed me to truly enjoy the experience since I get to live like a local students and I really like shopping online and ordering food online due to the convenience."

Elizabeth | Undergraduate Student from Singapore Management University, Spring 2018

"A great experience where you will make many new friends and discover the wonders of China. I wish I had more time there- An exchange experience with no regrets."

Enzo | Undergraduate Student from EAESP - FGV, Spring 2018

"Going to Fudan was one of the few decisions I made that were not just "because I could", or "because I need to". I wasn't complying to someone else's wishes or plans, I was just doing what I felt like would be, well, fun. It was quite the experience. Cycling through campus, reading by trees, grabing something interesting looking to eat at the canteen. It helped me slow down and enjoy my university life, something I was leaving aside in my home university. For that, I'm grateful."

Isabelle | MBA Student from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Spring 2018

"I would definitely recommend Fudan's Graduate program. You will be surprised by the quality of the courses, and will surely learn new things. You will also enjoy its wonderful campus, and of course, you will meet amazing people   - coming from so many different backgrounds - throughout your journey there."

Timo | MBA Student from University of Münster, Spring 2018

"As for me, the exchange semester at Fudan University was a complete success: studying in an international context at a prestigious university and living in an exciting city in a different culture was a highly valuable experience." 

吕凯 | MBA Student from IMBA, FDSM, Fall 2017

"Exchange study is really meaningful experience during my two years MBA time. The biggest challenge is how to go beyond yourself, when you study in totally new environment. In term of my exchange in University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, language is toughest obstacle. Especially this happened when I only understand 10% percentage in the first session of my most interested course. Other challenges includes culture gap, life style, even different internet tools. Although they give me troubles, but all of them are also opportunities for me to level up international view. So keep being bravely and insistence in mind, you will have the most memorable exchange experience. "

田苗 | MBA Student from IMBA, FDSM, Fall 2017

"Four months of exchange life in the States is one of the most precious experiences in my life. It was a great honor to spend the time with the professors and MBA students from one of the top Business Schools. Through the conversations and discussions, I realize our strengths and weakness as a Chinese student, which definitely helps me to understand where should my focus on areas of improvement should land. At the same time, it offers me an opportunity to broaden my vision and enables me to be more independent. The exchange program indeed adds value to the IMBA program and I would strongly recommend you to consider."

忽青夫 | MBA Student from IMBA, FDSM, Fall 2017

"Exchange program, like everything worth chasing in MBA, is a key component. For me, it’s about cultivating international vision, exploring something fresh, being friends, understanding cultures and infinite possibilities. I did my exchange program in Vienna, Austria, which, has been an unforgettable memory in my life. I gained a lot of noble things by learning and communicating with students form different cultures. It provides an available guide to connect with others. Moreover, exchange is not only about learning something; it’s also about seeing the world. I have to say, exchange is one of the most valuable things I got in Fudan! "

Bonnie | MBA Student from BI-Fudan, FDSM, 2016 Fall

"The exchange program in US is the most precious experience of my life. I feel so grateful that Fudan can provide this awesome opportunity to enrich my study journey. The life in US has really broaden my horizon and gave me strong sense of what diverse cultures really mean. I have explored a new world through the intense classes and various activities which is a true reflection of  "work hard and play hard”. Lastly, the most valuable thing for me is knowing myself much better than before!"

Siddharth | MBA Student from IMBA, FDSM, Fall 2016

"The NUS exchange study was indeed a great experience by all means. It opened up many avenues for me to explore and learn. It also gave me the opportunity to connect and engage with peers from multiple nationalities. The choice of electives offered by the NUS business school is elaborate and I also took part in a 10 week long Lean Launchpad, an entrepreneurial education program, offered by NUS Enterprise. I would strongly recommend an exchange study at NUS Business school for both the school and the Singapore city are truly dynamic."

杜翔 | MBA Student from HKU-Fudan, Spring 2018

"三个月去IE Business School的交换,是次脱胎换骨的重塑。于外,我减去了二十斤体重,这归功于欧洲规律而健康的生活方式。于心,领略过欧洲人文的强盛,也见识了基础设施的陈旧,我能更理性地评价中国的进步与不足。因此,我收获了一颗平和的心,去拥抱回国后转行的挑战与生活的磨练。"

张丽娜 | MBA Student from BI-Fudan, FDSM, Fall 2017


许婷婷| MBA Student from BI-Fudan, FDSM, Fall 2017


Zheng Shuo | MBA Student from IMBA 15, FDSM, Fall 2016


Aman | MBA Student from Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada, Fall 2016

“The exchange experience has been very valuable. I've met people from all over the world, learning new perspectives on life and appreciating diversity even more. Overall, this experience has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to develop further as a person. I made the right decision with Shanghai and Fudan, I have zero regrets.” 

Anna Mas | Undergraduate Student from ESADE, Fall 2016

“There is no doubt taking the exchange in Fudan University is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Fudan is a really good university, and you can meet people from all over the world, and it gives you the chance to learn about the other cultures. It has been an incredible experience. Moreover, I had the opportunity to attend to the Mobile Class 2016 and it was just perfect, the organizers were really hard-workers and always paying attention to our necessities. The professors are very accessible, probably 24/7 thanks to WeChat. Another thing that I will miss from the university is the campus life. Back in Spain, my country, we do not have big campuses like that, with many cafes, green areas, cantina, etc. Furthermore, I fell completely in love with Shanghai. Living in a big city as Shanghai gives you a lot of freedom and you know you will never be bored. There are tones of things to do, and every day you discover something new. Fudan University, and Shanghai, you have been nice to me. I will miss this so badly!”

HE Ting | MBA Student from HKU-Fudan 2013 EA, FDSM, 2015 Fall


Zhang Heng, IMBA 09, ESADE Business School, Spain

“The school culture is very open and friendly, promotes networking cooperation and teamwork. Very helpful to establish a solid network in Europe. Be open, get used to hang out with your classmates. ESADE students put great time on networking, don’t let yourself be isolated.”

Qiu Yi, IMBA 08, Bocconi University, Italy


Meng Ji, IMBA 09, HEC Paris, France

“It is a nice experience to study there, we can learn a lot of new ideas from people in western countries, because there I took courses with students from HEC and also exchange students from US, Europe and Asia. Professors also have a lot of practical examples to help us to learn about real business world.”

Andy, IMBA 09, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, USA

“My big piece of advice is to utilize your time there well. Clock ticks way faster than you thought. So never miss your class (though I did once); that’s first. Second, read, and learn, fast. The faster you can study, the more time you can free up, that is your lifetime big profit. Spend your hard-earned freed-up time wisely. Third, don’t be shy; get to socialize with different nationals and ethnics. It IS your time.”

Ruby, IMBA 09, National University of Singapore

“Career Office provides the whole life career instruction for student and systematically career path coaching, offer the student career advice, one on one mock interview, company campus talk, industry series talk, and give personal specific advice for the resume and cover letter for different companies.”

Amy, MBA 09, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada


Saili, IMBA 09, UCLA, USA