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About Fudan-MIT International MBA Program

The Fudan-MIT International MBA (IMBA) Program was launched in 1996 through collaboration between the Fudan University School of Management and the MIT Sloan School of Management. This program, taught entirely in English, aims to cultivate professionals with an international perspective and entrepreneurial spirit, well-adjusted to the demands of economic globalization in China and the rest of the world. The Fudan-MIT International MBA Program participants who complete all required courses and a thesis will be awarded a MBA degree from Fudan University and a course certificate from the MIT Sloan School of Management. It ranks 89th global MBA by Financial Time in 2013, and No.1 of a university-based MBA in Shanghai.

Quick Facts

ProgramType:Full-time MBA, taught entirely in English

Start Dates: End of August every year

Second Degree Options:MIT Sloan MSMS Program, Yale SOM MAM Program

Program Duration: 18 months Courses +6 months Dissertation

Tuition Fee (2014 entry):RMB 198000 for two years


Why Fudan-MIT International MBA Program

1. Collaboration between two leading business schools:

The close cooperation with MIT Sloan School of Management is embodied in the faculty training, visiting professors, curriculum development, student projects, and sharing of alumni networks.


2. Internationalized faculties:

The faculty members (30-40% are international faculty) of the IMBA Program possess both rich academic backgrounds and extensive teaching experiences in business education. Students can also experience lectures by professors from MIT Sloan, industry experts and business executives, who bring cutting-edge ideas and real-world experiences into the classroom.


3. Integrated Action Learning Projects (iLab):

Abundant project-based learning programs (such as business plan competitions, the Fudan-MIT China-Lab project, the Fudan-Wharton GCP project, case development and simulations) provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in an international environment.


4. International student exchange program:

As one of the only four member schools of the PIM Organization in mainland China, the School offers about 100 exchange seats from over 40 renowned international business schools to the MBA students. Studying abroad can enhance cross-cultural communication skills and build up international exposure.


5. Professional career development service:

The Fudan MBA Career Development Office, as the first of its kind in China, provides students with resources and professional service in career development and employment. Career services including career planning, workshops, personal consulting, and others help students to better plan their career paths and enhance competitiveness for future career development.


6. Global alumni network:

Full-time study builds strong friendships among the students, which will extend through the two-year program and beyond. This alumni network is a lifelong resource for the Fudan-MIT IMBA Program participants. In addition, IMBA alumni are invited to be MIT Sloan affiliate alumni and become a part of the MIT Sloan alumni network.


7. Best location in Shanghai, China:

The Fudan School of Management is located in Shanghai, one of the world’s fastest growing business hub, and the most influential economic, financial, cultural and technological center in China. While living and studying in Shanghai, students will have ample opportunities to learn about globalization and capital formation in emerging markets along with an understanding of both Western and Chinese management practices.

Entry Requirements 

        A bachelor’s degree or above from a recognized university

       At least two years of full-time work experience

        Acompetitive GMAT score within the period of validity or other equivalent tests

Fees and Expenses

The all-inclusive fee of the two-year Fudan-MIT IMBA Program is USD 33000, which includes tuition, text books, action learning projects, seminars, events, dissertation. Additional costs will be housing, entertainment, transportation and other personal expenses such as laundry, dining or travelling fees.

Scholarship Opportunities

The IMBA program offers first year and second year student scholarship based on student’s GMAT score, academic performance, leadership potential and contributions to the program

Application Rounds & Deadlines


Application  Deadline


Decision  Release


Nov.  15, 2013

End  of November



Jan.  15, 2014

End  of January



Mar.  15, 2014

End  of March



May.  31, 2014



Application Procedure

An application is not completed until you process all the application steps according to the following instruction.

Step 1 Complete the online application via

To complete the online application, you will also need to upload all required documents to your application center and pay the application fee online (wire transferring is also acceptable). A list of the application documents can be found as follows:

1. Certified copy of undergraduate diploma/degree

2. Original or certified copy of full undergraduate transcripts

3. Photocopy of main pages of passport

4. Official GMAT Report sent by the test center (if applicable), or other equivalent tests

5. Organizational chart indicating the current position held by the candidate

6. Digital copy of passport-sized photo

7. Most updated resume

8. Two references

9. A nonrefundable application fee: RMB 800 or USD 120

Please note: We will not be in a position to process your application until your supporting documentation has been received.

Step 2 Application evaluations by the Admission Committee

The Admission committee will start the application evaluation after receiving the completed application package. An interview invitation will be sent to the qualified applicant.

Step 3 Interview Scheduling

After receiving the interview invitation, the applicant can make an interview appointment. While making the appointment, the applicant can choose the preferred interview type.

There are three interview types.

a. Face to face interview

b. Online interview

c. Telephone interview (in case the online interview does not work)

Step 4 Interview taking
Applicant takes the interview with the Fudan Admission Committee members.

Step 5 Result release

The admission result will be released in two weeks after the interview.

Step 6Enrolled as a Fudan IMBA student at the end of the August or the beginning of September


We look forward to receiving your application. Please contact us if you have any questions. You can call +86-21-55664640 or send an email to for assistance.