Fudan IMBA (Collaborate with MIT Sloan)
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    Full-time, 2 years

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    Shanghai, with overseas study opportunity

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About Fudan IMBA

Study at one of the oldest and most selective universities in China, located in Shanghai at the heart of China’s economic engine.
Founded in 1905, Fudan University was the first institution of higher learning in China to set up a department of business education. The School of Management (FDSM) has grown into one of the top-class educational institutions in China.

The Fudan International MBA Program was launched in 1996 through a collaboration between Fudan University School of Management and MIT Sloan School of Management. This program, taught entirely in English, aims to cultivate professionals with an international perspective and entrepreneurial spirit, well-adjusted to the demands of economic globalization in China and the rest of the world. Fudan International MBA Program participants who complete all required courses and a thesis will be awarded an MBA degree from Fudan University and a certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management. FDSM ranked 76 globally, No.1 in Chinese mainland in the UTD Top business schools research rankings 2018-2022; Fudan MBA Program ranked 32nd in the Global Programs by Financial Times in 2022, 3rd in the Asia Pacific Region and No.1 among the Business Schools of Chinese Universities.

Program Highlights

  • 1. Collaboration between two leading business schools

    The close cooperation with MIT Sloan School of Management is embodied in the faculty training, curriculum development, student projects, and sharing of alumni networks.

  • 2. Internationalized faculties

    The faculty members (30-40% are international faculty) of the IMBA Program possess both rich academic backgrounds and extensive teaching experiences in business education. Students can also experience lectures by professors from MIT Sloan, industry experts and business executives, who bring cutting-edge ideas and real-world experiences into the classroom.

  • 3. Integrated Action Learning Projects

    Abundant action learning programs (such as iLab, international competitions, case development and simulations) provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in an international environment.

  • 4. International student exchange program

    As one of the only four member schools of the PIM Organization in China, the School offers about 100 exchange seats from over 90 renowned international business schools to the MBA students. Studying abroad can enhance cross-cultural communication skills and build up international exposure.

  • 5. Professional career development service

    The Fudan MBA Career Development Office, as the first of its kind in China, provides students with resources and professional service in career development and employment. Career services including career planning, workshops, personal counseling, and others help students to better plan their career paths and enhance competitiveness for future career development.

  • 6. Global alumni network

    Full-time study builds strong friendships among the students, which will extend through the two-year program and beyond. This alumni network is a lifelong resource for the Fudan IMBA Program participants. In addition, IMBA alumni are invited to be MIT Sloan affiliate alumni and become a part of the MIT Sloan alumni network.

  • 7. Best location in Shanghai, China

    The Fudan School of Management is located in Shanghai, one of the world's fastest growing business hub, and the most influential economic, financial, cultural and technological center in China. While living and studying in Shanghai, students will have ample opportunities to learn about globalization and capital formation in emerging markets along with an understanding of both Western and Chinese management practices.

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