Student Testimonial
  • Sagar Chaudhary Nepal, Class of 2018 2016 Intake, Full-time

    "During my study in Fudan, the professors and mates help me to improves myself to take the step forward.”

  • Tharn Tantitham Thailand, Class of 2018 2016 Intake, Full-time

    "The reason why I chose Fudan MBA Program is that it gives the chance to observe and enjoy the Chinese culture here. "

  • Heegol Lee South Korea, Class of 2017 2015 Intake, Full-time

    "Due to its reputation, Fudan MBA possesses tremendous social capital that is made available to its students, including relationships with top local and multinational companies for recruitment and partnerships with top universities such as MIT and Yale for dual-degree and international exchange. "

  • Siddharth Manoharan india, Class of 2017 2015 Intake, Full-time

    "My time in Fudan IMBA program has been a life-changing experience. The curriculum and interactions have helped me to enrich my understanding of China. It is a chance to receive world-class education at one of China’s top university, and gain an understanding of the world’s 2nd largest economy."

  • Miguel L'Heureux Canada, Class of 2017 2015 Intake, Full-time

    "During our MBA study, we put learning into action through the iLab program, and participate in real consulting projects for local and international companies. "

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