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Fudan MBA iLab

The Fudan MBA iLab is a 3-credit course given within the Fudan IMBA curriculum. Established in 2005, this unique program is designed to create an academic and social atmosphere which cultivates experiential and dynamic learning. Under the guidance of school faculty, the iLab teams work on real problems partner companies want to fix and help companies to grow their businesses in China and other global markets. The mission of the iLab is two-fold:  to provide exceptional learning value to Fudan MBA students and to offer innovative, strategic plans which add value to clients.

iLab Overview

Global iLab

A Fudan China-Lab project with MIT sloan

Initiated by MIT Sloan School of Management in 2008, each Fudan China Lab team composed of 2 MIT Sloan MBA students and 2 Fudan IMBA students works on what is essentially a 3-month, mini-consulting project. With entrepreneurship and innovation as its themes, China Lab offers professional advice for companies on subjects including but not limited to: Initial Setup and Development, Internationalization, Marketing Development, Capital-raising Strategies, Organizational Structure Plans, Commercialization Strategies, and Landscape Competing Strategies.

B Fudan-Business Finland iLab

Launched in 2013, the Fudan-Business Finland iLab is a joint program with Business Finland, the Finnish Innovation Funding Agency. The Fudan-Business Finland iLab team composed of 4 Fudan IMBA students and 1 part-time MBA student consults with a Finnish company interested in entering or expanding its position in the Chinese market. The purpose of the Fudan-Business Finland iLab is to provide students with an enriching educational experience that will increase their understanding of current issues and further their career aspirations, while on the other hand, to assist companies from Finland with their international expansion efforts.

C Portugal-China Lab Collaborated with the Lisbon MBA

Launched in 2011, the Portugal-China Lab provides students with a breadth of academic curriculum and a unique learning experience in an overseas environment. Each year, a company in Portugal selects a business project to be developed by MBA students and sponsors the initiative. The project team is composed of 3 Fudan MBA students and 3 Lisbon MBA students who are to work together in summer for 7 or 8 weeks (the first two weeks in China, next three or four weeks of virtual work, and the final two weeks in Portugal). They are mentored by the faculty both from Lisbon MBA and Fudan School of Management.

D Australia – China Lab Collaborated with the University of Queensland

Launched in 2014, the Australia – China Lab offers the MBA students access to a global experience that involves approaching an actual business problem. Five IMBA students from Fudan School of Management and five MBA students from University of Queensland Business School work together in order to develop a strategic plan for an Australian company looking to enter or consolidate in the Chinese market. The project will be conducted under the guidance of faculty mentors from Fudan School of Management and UQ Business School

E Thailand-China Lab Collaborated with Chulalongkorn University

In the year of 2018, we initiated the collaboration on the Thailand – China Lab between Sasin School and Fudan School of Management. In 2019, Sasin School selected 4 Thai companies expecting to expand their business in the Chinese market. The project team is composed of 3 Fudan MBA students and 3 Sasin MBA students who are to work together in spring for 7 or 8 weeks. They are mentored by the faculty both from Sasin and Fudan School of Management.

F Wharton - Fudan Global Consulting Practicum (closed)

Launched in 2005, the Wharton-Fudan Global Consulting Practicum (GCP) is designed to bridge the academic and international business worlds as teams execute marketing and strategy consulting engagements for fee-paying clients. The project cycle is 8 months (Oct.- May). Teams comprising 5 Fudan MBA students and 5 Wharton MBA students consult with client companies (either profit making or non-profit social impact) interested in entering or expanding its position in the U.S. market or in the Chinese markets.

Local iLab

The goal of the local iLab projects is to engage students with senior management of successful companies and to challenge them to develop an understanding of the kinds of strategic and business objectives that are involved in solving a variety of business problems. The students will learn to apply the concepts, methods and paradigms from their classes to a specific business circumstance, as they do in the global iLab, but in this case the clients are local or multinational companies based in Shanghai and the iLab teams are consisted of only Fudan IMBA students.  The partner companies we’ve worked with include Bosch, IBM, Intel, Chia Tai Group, ExxonMobil, YHD, Shanghai Real Estate Group, Michelin China, MSD China, McDonald’s China, Pfizer, LG, DNV GL, PPG, CICC, SEPHORA, Symrise, Wyeth Nutrition and Beijing Superstar Group etc. The range of topics covers internationalization strategies, sales and marketing strategies, new market entry analysis, digital marketing, innovative relationship mode, organizational structure plans, distribution & service model, risk management recommendations and new e-commerce business model, etc.

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