Comments from Clients

Fudan-Business Finland iLab
Freeport Cobalt: Juha Järvi-Technology Director
The quality of the work and final presentation is really good. It is a strong package about the market and market trends. It supports our earlier assumptions about Chinese xEVmarket but also brings several new perspectives to our attention.
The team performance was excellent. They were motivated and focused to deliver a good result. On the top of the several strengths I especially appreciate the group's focus on team work, skill to listen and passion to deliver the result over the expectations.
Kuudes: Niina Hietalahti-Strategist
The team has provided us valuable information and brought us understanding that has helped in future planning and development of our own product that we will offer to our customers. We have worked tightly and spent a lot of time together with the team and that working method has given mutual trust when learning to know each other. Due to that the final outcome of the project was much more than we expected.
Thailand-China Lab Collaboration with Chulalongkorn University

PTT: Thien Thanapornpvh, Acting Manager, PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited

"The Fudan – Sasin team's performance was excellent with great improvement from the beginning of the project. Many recommendations are in line with our study and very practical, for southern China such as sugar land, ice level, delivery channels, payment methods, etc., we need to explore further how to implement them effectively. The most impressive work for me is how the team delivered their final presentation in a concise, thorough and compelling way with high confidence."


Fudan-MIT China Lab Collaborated with MIT

Medtronic: David Xu-Market Development Manager
Members from different industries with various backgrounds can give us more open and fresh ideas - think out of insiders' box. For example, the physician recruiting strategy is very attractive and innovative. Faculty mentor helped guide students to be more focused on what we needed and expected. And the team provides us a good direction on the project with deep understanding and analysis.
Fudan Local iLab
Symrise: Joyce Zhu-Accument Management
The iLab team thoroughly studied the space fragrance industry. Students really deeply dug into market and spend time and energy to talk with industry experts to summary with the data. Deliverables and the recommendations provided by the team are optional and practical as the space fragrance has been put into presentation and it will be introduced and promoted to potential clients and new segmentation.
McDonald's China: JIANG Hongyi- McCafé Senior Branding Manager
The iLab team conducted deep consumers analysis based on the understanding of the target group and comments absorbed from online platforms. We especially appreciate the proposal finally provided by the team which differs from any of those from our internal department. Actually one of the recommendations from the final proposal is just the one we are actively working on. And hence, the deliverables and the recommendations provided by the team are really practical. 


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