Message from the Dean

Professor Xiongwen LU

Deeply rooted in the rich soil of Fudan’s century-long history of humanities and arts, the Fudan MBA Programs have embodied the ideals and missions of the founders and is heading towards a brighter future. Now gaining momentum from Shanghai’s economic and financial development with globalization in full swing, the Programs, supported by their extraordinary faculty and professional administration team, stride to meet the expectations from enterprises at home and abroad as well as from all parts of the society.

The development of the Fudan MBA Programs is the fruit of gathering and digesting the experiences and successes of top business educational institutions from all over the world. This is also part of an innovative path aimed at becoming a top-tier program in Asia with worldwide prominence that cultivates management elites and business leaders with both global competitiveness and local insights.

Today’s rapidly developing economy is witnessing an increasing shift of weight towards the Asia-Pacific Region. Here, China is playing a significant role as the largest and most globalized player and Shanghai is a major engine powering the growth of its economy. This has placed an urgent need for highly qualified business leaders. Following an old Chinese saying that one has to possess the proper tool for the accomplishment of a task, business leaders need to update their management ideals, knowledge and skills to address challenges, seize opportunities and realize their dreams.

Fudan is traditional but looking ahead, rigorous but open-minded, and located in China but taking a global perspective. In line with the times and in step with current trends, the Fudan School of Management launched a sci-tech innovation strategy in 2020 and quickly carried out a specific series of researches on sci-tech innovation management. Faculty members and scholars and experts from all walks of life have joined forces to resolve the challenges faced in sci-tech innovation enterprise management and conduct, frontier research of this concentration. Looking to the future, Fudan School of Management will continue to develop profound research on sci-tech innovation and nurture leaders in the field.

Young talents with vision, passion and potential and others who are full of ideas, ready to take responsibilities, and tackle problems, are all welcome to gather in Shanghai and join us at Fudan. Here you can enjoy the culture and spirit of “being rich with knowledge, having a clear purpose, learning actively and constant by improving through self-reflection”. You can expect to receive a complete business education on a global standard that will help you unfold a promising future in your personal development.

We look forward to meeting you at Fudan!

Professor Xiongwen LU
School of Management, Fudan University


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