Students Activities

JOIN Orientation

The JOIN Orientation is a traditional activity of Fudan University MBA program. It is the first grant event for new Fudan MBA students to experience Fudan culture and spirit. It provides multiple opportunities to interact with the fellow full-time and part-time MBA students, senior MBA students as well as MBA alumni. Additionally, activities such as role playing, simulations, case studies and interactive sessions will help students to build social responsibility, team building spirit.

JOIN Start-up Competition

The School hosts the JOIN Start-up Competition for entrepreneurial MBA students. 74 start-up teams, attended by over 280 participants, took part in 2019 "JOIN" Start-up Competition. After a period of competition that spanned six months, nine start-up teams successfully entered the final competition. The teams entering the final competition covered a variety of sectors, including new technologies, new materials, AI, e-commerce, biopharmaceuticals, consultation, creative/cultural as well as public welfare, reflecting the ongoing trend towards industry integration, while showcasing the innovative vitality of the students.

JOIN Forums

The School has several reputed high-level business forums, such as MasterCard Masters Forum, Fudan University - Standard Chartered JOIN Forum, Fudan MBA Forum, etc. Here students can have face-to-face communication with out-standing Chinese entrepreneurs and senior executives of multinationals, so as to help students observe business management from the entrepreneurs' perspectives, internalize their knowledge with real-world business cases, and expand their business visions.

JOIN Study Trips

Every ear, the Fudan MBA students will organize study trips with the help of the MBA office; students contact companies, make visiting agenda, decide topics and finish reports by themselves. By attending the study trip, Fudan MBA students can have a better understanding of the development strategy and practical operations in various companies and industries.

School Enterprise Cooperation Courses

A series of School Enterprise Cooperation Courses such as Fudan-Citi Banking Courses and Lotus Retailing Courses are designed and offered to the Fudan MBA students. Instructors of these courses are all high-level managers and experts from their respective companies. The school and enterprises cooperate closely to develop talents in special fields.

International Students Association

The International Association offers international students an opportunity to meet and participate in cultural events. The association is open to both international and Chinese students, with the aim of encouraging integration and creating an atmosphere from which students will benefit.


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