Life in Shanghai

Shanghai at a Glance

Shanghai is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River and is the largest city in China in terms of population. Known as the Paris of the East, it is the centre of finance, international trade, research, and culture. Shanghai is considered one of China's most modern cities. The two words that make up the city's name each have unique meanings, "Shang" implying "on" and "hai" meaning water.

Shanghai at a Glance

Shanghai, so-called ever-bright city or the sleepless city, is the prime city in China for entertainment. The city not only has great restaurants and bars but also (outside of Hong Kong), has the biggest selection of theatre, film and art available anywhere in China. This selection is of a class and quality which is sophisticated enough to compete with most western cities. It is always worth checking out the magnificent Grand Theatre to see what is on. The Theatre regularly hosts Chinese and Western operas, classical music performances and various plays.


There are many choices of high quality sports facilities in Shanghai, both private and public, and there will never be short of people with whom to share your passion. Head over to Shen Yuan stadium and Jiangwan stadium to access their 5-5 football court. You can also head to Huangxin park stadium for a quick game with your friends.

There are two gym facilities around campus. One is located near the north student dorm zone and features cardio exercise facilities, ping pong tables etc. The other is located by the south student dorm zone near the stadium, where students can do cardio, play ping pong, badminton and swim. Running tracks by FDSM are open to the public between 5:30-7:30am, 11:30-13:30pm and 18:00-22:00pm. Students can also reserve this field for soccer, baseball and football games on regular school hours. Alternatively, if reservation times get tedious, it's best to go to Fudan Jiangwan Campus (Fudan School of Law), which is a 10-minute drive north during the weekend for a pickup game of soccer.

Eating Out

Eating out in Shanghai is an adventure in itself. You can find traditional Chinese cuisine right on the street, all the way to high-end five-course meals on the Bund.

A must-try is all the street food carts that come out at night. Try a fried pancake, or jianbing, and don't miss out on the famous Chinese "hamburger" called roujiamou.

For sit down dinner, be sure to go to Hai Di Lao hotpot, best known for its great food and superb service. You can also find a lot of international cuisine restaurants in Xintiandi or Kerry Plaza in Pudong.

For a quick bite near school, or coffee over homework, troop over to DaXue Lu for all its cafes and milk tea shops.


Shanghai has a great nightlife scene. Head on over to the Bund for a clubbing experience coupled with a fantastic view of the Huangpu River and Pudong skyline in clubs like Vue and Bar Rouge. Be sure to also check out all the M- clubs: M1NT, M2, Muse and Mook.

For a more laid-back time, Shanghai also has numerous sports bars and pubs to choose from. Head on to YongKang Road for an entire street of foreigner-friendly pubs, or to sports bars like The Camel, Big Bamboo, Malone's and O'Malley's.


There are many cinema theatres in Shanghai. The closest one to the Main campus is the Wanda International Cinema, located at the third floor of the Wanda Shopping Centre in Wujiaochang. The second nearest is The 17.5 Cinema, located at the seventh floor of YouYiCheng Shopping Centre, also in Wujiaochang. You can get discounted cinema tickets via

Public Transportation

Public Transportation The public transportation system in Shanghai consists of the Rail System, the Bus System and taxis.

The rail system includes Metro and Meglev, 12 lines in total. The bus system is composed of buses and airport expresses. Generally, wherever you would like to go in Shanghai, you can take a metro, get off at the nearest stop and take a bus or a taxi to the destination. The nearest metro station to the dormitory is Jiangwan Stadium Station of line 10(at Wujiaochang commercial center).

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